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Review of Wicked Allure by Leslie C. Ferdinand

Wicked Allure by Leslie C. Ferdinand

Contemporary Erotica Romance

Available Now

Rating: 5

How can you describe a man like Zach Steele or his woman, Madigan De Leon? How about with the word HOT. This is the first I have read from this author and have to say very good. Yes there were parts that seemed a little confusing but overall it got to the point which is them getting back their love.

Zach Steele has been hitting his head on a wall for the last three years for messing up the only real, stable and loving relationship he ever had. He knew as soon as she left he was going to mess up and boy did he ever. His mother would be disappointed in him but none worse like Madigan. She was his everything and when love came around he got scared. Zach knew the stuff he has done lately, womanizing and drugs is not the type of man his mother would have wanted him to be or his father. Everything of course changed when Madigan left and the pain in his heart has not stopped to heal except for one night. One night that he seemed like his ultimate fantasy with his Madigan that sometimes he still remembers the whole thing in quite detail. The thing is that something about that dream seemed so real. Was it a dream? Or his second chance that he messed up again? He knows he’s not good enough for Madigan but a life without is just too much for him. She is like personal drug addicting, loving, and sensuous and he will do anything he can to get her back in his life.

Madigan De Leon is known as the wild one of the three De Leon Girls. In a way she knew that a man like Zach Steele will never be able to tame her yet something about him made her mature in a way she never expected. Zach throwing her and their love away three years ago was too much for her. Yet through all the pain there is one night that stands out. It felt so real from his passionate lovemaking, his caresses and most of all him declaring his undying love too her. She knows it was a dream but something about it just felt so real that working with him now seems hard to accomplish. He says he can’t live without her anymore but the stories of his womanizing and drugs are just too much to take for her. Can she trust Zach with her whole heart again after seeing him with another woman? Can she ever feel loved again and cherished?

Sex, drugs, an evil mother willing to do anything to keep them apart and two sisters willing to do anything to get them together is just the small part of this book. Leslie C. Ferdinand did a beautiful job in showing so much heartache, passion, betrayal and sex in this book I didn’t know whether I liked Zach, Madigan, Dakota or the evil mother. Everybody had a part in this book to the point where they could have been the main characters instead of just Zach and Madigan. The sad part was that everybody seemed to have a story in this book that I wanted to know more about them for instance Dakota and his past, Briana and her lost love and even Kelly. I loved it and seriously hope there is a book two coming or something from this talented author. Leslie C. Ferdinand is definitely one to keep a look out for from this mother/daughter author.

Review of The Cowboy Takes a Bride by Lori Wilde

The Cowboy Takes a Bride

 Contemporary Romance

Available Now

Rating: 4 ½

Joe Daniels is tired of living. All he knows is that alcohol takes away all his sadness, troubles and memories. So it comes as a surprise that his last drinking binge has him naked and in front of a tantalizing, beautiful sexy woman name Mariah Callahan. He’s seen her from the picture frames his best friend has in his house but the real thing is sexier. Something about Mariah has him feeling alive for the first time in years and he has no idea how a little spitfire like her can handle him. She wants nothing to do with her father or the ranch he’s worked so hard to maintain. A city girl through and through something in Joe keeps going to her in a way he’s never done before with a woman. Can he convince her that her life is now at the ranch with him and not alone in the city?

Mariah Callahan loves the city and now the small town Jubilee, Texas where the father that doesn’t love has lived all these years. She has no idea why her father left her years ago just knows now that any love she had felt for him is gone. Yet Joe Daniels is a man who is just like her father all into horses and ranching but with less flair. Mariah has no idea why she is attracted to Joe only knows that for the first time she feels loved and cherished. Coming to Jubilee, Texas was a bad idea but she needs to get her business back up before it’s too late. As a wedding planner her main concern is the brides yet Joe is making her wonder about love and marriage for the first time. Can she just leave Jubilee, Texas with her heart intact?

One word for Lori Wilde’s new series of Jubilee, Texas is wow. I fell in love with Joe Daniels for here is a man with so much heartache it is no wonder he is drinking now. Yet in comes a city slicker like Mariah and everything is turned upside down from him. These two together are missing something in one another’s life and it takes a friend to get them together. Lori Wilde truly knows romance and man the cowboy’s wow. This is definitely a series that is worth reading and can’t wait for more from Jubilee, Texas.

Review of Seduced by a Pirate by Eloisa James

Seduced by a Pirate by Eloisa James

Historical Romance

October 2012

Rating: 4

Sir Griffin Barry has not been to London since fourteen years ago and now that he’s back he’s determined to get what was lost to him. Fourteen years ago due to unexpected circumstances he left his wife. It wasn’t his fault and Griffin is determined to make things right for his bride. Poppy was an innocent back then and he, well a young boy eager to be with his arranged wife. Now that he’s back he is seeing that not all as it appears. Gone is the young, timid wife and instead is strong, beautiful and a mother. He has no idea why the thought of another man touching his wife bothers him when they never consummated the marriage but it does. As a pirate he is known for being dangerous, ruthless and demanding. Yet with his Poppy he is none of those but a man who wants to love his long lost wife. Can he prove to Poppy that he is more of a pirate but just a man willing to love her forever?

Lady Phoebe Barry a.k.a Poppy is in turmoil and full of nerves. Fourteen years ago she married out of obedience and relieved in a way that her husband disappeared. Seeing him now after all these years she can’t understand why he would want her in any way. She has three children now and according to him touched from another man. Yet after all these years she expected a young skinny guy not a big, strong, handsome and tattooed man like he is now. Something about the way he looks at her makes her feel like a woman and wanting to be loved. Can she fall for a pirate after all these years and throw caution to the wind after guarding her heart for a long time?

Eloisa James has done it again in a short tale that packed with passion, seduction and second chances all in a small book. This novella may have been short but Eloisa James did a beautiful job in showing us that a pirate can change with the right woman in his life. I fell in love with Griffin. Here is a man who fourteen years ago had no choice but to leave his wife but now wants her more than anything. It is this determination and patience he has that made me fall for him. All in all it was quick read but definitely had a lot of story in it to make it worth reading. Great job to Eloisa.

Review of Dominated Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley

Dominated by Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley

Paranormal Romance

Available Now

Rating: 5

Heather is good at her job as an Earth soldier and takes her job seriously. She knows she excels at everything but doesn’t understand why she was chosen to protect the Ambassador of Vespia Storm. Here is a man who reeks of sexuality and totally alpha. Storm may be the leader of Vespia and every woman is throwing themselves at him but for Heather he is something else. She is known for her strong willpower but something about Storm has her doing things she’s never done before. Her love life has now skyrocketed to places she never thought of going to. Storm brings out the woman in her and in some ways it scares her feelings she has towards him. As a female from Earth learning about his heritage and trying to close a treaty at the same time is getting hard to do. Every time she is close to understanding him he gets deeper into her heart. Yet even though they have known each other a short time she knows her life belongs with him.

Storm, Ambassador of Vespia is smitten. His sister Toki is in awe at these feelings he has for the Earth woman, Heather and his mother is amused at how in love he is becoming for the woman. No one is more surprised than Storm himself. He is known for being a ladies’ man and something about Heather has him feelings things he’s never felt before for a woman of any species. Yet through all the courting her someone is after his mate. He doesn’t know who or what but someone wants to tear them apart. Knowing her for a short time he can’t lose her or see her harmed in any way. As the Ambassador of Vespia he must maintain a reputation that others have known for years yet this one human female has him feelings and doing things that are so unlike him. Can he protect his mate from the people who want to take her away from him?

First of all to Barbara is WOW. I love reading and there are some genres that sometimes confuse or bewilder me mainly from other planets lol but this one was very good. I loved the fact that you have this man from Vespia who has never interacted with a human female that good get all lusty, loved and smitten with Heather was great to read. Storm is a man who has had many women before totally opposite from Heather yet he cannot live without her. Heather is making him feel things he’s never felt before. There were scenes in the book that were funny from him figuring out what a garter was to men wanting Heather for her beauty. Now Heather kind of reminds like a present day Sandra Connor from Terminator. She’s tough, has combat skills but when a man like Storms gets her with passion and confessing his love for her she is all womanly. All in all I loved it and best part it is Part One of a four book series. Great book.

Review of Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

Contemporary Romance

Simon and Schuster

Available Now


First of all I have to say this is an author that you have to be updated. This first book not only came alive to me but has stayed in my mind for the last four days. I’m like what else is Ryan going to do? What’s going to happen now to Taryn? All these questions from this one book that has captured my heart.

Ryan Christensen is not your typical actor. He started of humble, naïve and somewhat unaware of what his life would become now as an actor. Everything turns upside down when he meets bartender owner Taryn Mitchell. Taryn is not in awe with his popularity or even cares that he’s the next hot thing besides Brad Pitt. No instead Taryn treats him like a normal person. Normalcy is something Ryan misses the most right now in his life. Each day with Taryn is making him see that maybe she is the one. Can she be the one who completes him and keeps him sane? As an actor he is known to be around beautiful, seductive and sophisticated women totally opposite from what Taryn is. As he works in Seaport for the next movie that is kickstarting his career again he can’t help but wonder what a life with Taryn will be really like. Can he prove to her that he is more than an actor and not all the stuff the tabloids write are true?

Taryn Mitchell has no idea who Ryan Christensen is or why there is so much hoopla about this one man. Her whole life has been nothing but heartache and pain since her last boyfriend didn’t feel accommodating to tell her about his cheating ways. So it comes as a surprise that she is starting to feel something for this actor. Something about Ryan brings out her motherly instincts and womanly desires. One minute she wants to protect him from the paparazzi and the next wants to rip off his clothes. She has no idea why a man like him would pay attention to her. Yet his kisses and undying love starts to make her melt but the paparazzi and some ex’s just won’t leave them alone. She knows in her heart Ryan is the one for her but how can she compete with the other women who been in his life. Can she a bartender own steal the most eligible bachelors heart and make something of him?

Tina Reber’s Love Unscripted definitely a book that packs with passion, romance, villain’s a.k.a paparrazi and most of all one man’s determination to prove to the woman he loves that he’s more than an actor. I fell in love with Ryan and how hard he works to be a good actor but everybody else doesn’t see that in him. Except of course Taryn. Now here is a woman who not only balances him but knows what he feels and needs in life. Tina Reber did a beautiful job in this book that I have read it three times already. That is how good this book is. Don’t let the page count scare you for it is worth reading it. The story flows so easily and Ryan is a man you want to get to know including Taryn. Now I just have to wait for Love Unrehearsed the sequel from this imaginative, talented and worth reading author, Tina Reber.