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The Secret Santa Wishing Well by Nikki Lynn Barrett


The Secret Santa Wishing Well by Nikki Lynn Barrett
Contemporary Romance
Available Now
5 bouquets

There comes a story that when you start reading the author gets your attention right away. Well Nikki Lynn Barrett did this in a sweet romantic holiday theme story that will melt your heart.

Single mother of two beautiful children Cheyenne is barely struggling to make ends meet. Her children are her life yet sometimes she wishes she had someone to lean on. Ben, her little boy knows his mother is tired so he makes a wish. It is a wish that his mother desperately needs but one he has dreamed of having someday. Can Santas helper help him?

Jacob is tired of Christmas. There’s no reason to celebrate when his sister, Ada can’t this year. Just when he gives up on hope, faith and the holiday he meets Ben. Not only is he smitten with the boy but Cheyenne makes him see that anything is possible. He knows Christmas is for kids but he wants to show her that everything is magical with love. Can he help Ben and Cheyenne that they need him?

In one word Wow. For a book that is 87 pages it touched my heart. There were times I laughed, cried and just awed by how this book came out. Jacob is having a hard time but when it comes to Ben he is seeing that with love and faith anything can be healed. Now Cheyenne may seem strong but with the right person in your life it can be magical. I applaud Nikki Lynn Barrett for creating such a beautiful, romantic and magical story making it highly recommended from this reviewer.

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Addicted to Fangs: Intoxication by Dena De Paulo


Addicted to Fangs: Intoxication by Dena De Paulo

Paranormal Erotic Romance

Rating: 3 ½

Ella Hustad is different and her best friend Kay knows it. As a succubus she has so much sexual energy that she feels like every man would jump her any moment. Being near Dominic Sebastian is making her libido go haywire in every way. She knows vampires are virile in every way but never experience hard core passion like she does with Dominic. As vampire governor he must watch over all the blood donors and non-donors but something about Ella gets more than his protective side towards her. Someone wants Ella and it’s more than just for her sexual heat. She knows it is weird to feel more than lust for him but she wants more than his fangs. Everybody says he’s crazy to fall for Ella for she is not registered in his city and this is tearing him apart. Can he fall for a non-donor and live in bliss with Ella?

Sex, passion, betrayal created all by one author that will blow your mind away in the first book series of Addicted to Fangs. My only problem with the book was it felt too quick for me. I would have loved a little foreplay between Dominic and Ella. Right away you can tell they have the chemistry and man talk about chemistry. Dena De Paulo knows when to put sex in the book and when to make Dominic beg for Ella’s touch on him. These two was hard to see them apart for they belonged to one another right in the first chapter. I wanted more of Ella and there were some parts that just seemed a little hard to take. Don’t get me wrong the story line was good but wanted to know more about Dominic and what brought him into this position he was in. His main goal is trying to find the one who wants Ella and yet this woman turns his life upside down in every delicious way. A great read filled with sex, passion and most of all a woman trying to find herself.

Burning Up by Anne Marsh


Burning Up by Anne Marsh

Romantic Suspense

Available Now

5 Bouquets


Lily Cortez has never forgotten about her first love. It’s hard to forget when he wants you back now more than ever. Everybody in the small town of Strong knows that Jack Donovan is not a marrying with the picket fence kind of a guy. No instead he is man who thrives on adventure, danger and fire. As a smoke jumper he see’s danger every day and this scares Lily. For years her heart has been with him but now that he’s back she is determined to keep her feelings about him to herself. Yet he doesn’t want that and he’s making his feelings towards her known in every delicious way. She knows she can’t afford his attraction right now for someone wants her dead. Someone who has followed her from California and is determined no man gets her for themselves. The fires started out small but now have spread to her home. Can she find out who wants her? Can she make Jack see that she is not just a piece to mess with then thrown away?

Jack Donovan is afraid. Not of fire but of a woman. Lily Cortez is everything that has been missing from his life and he’s afraid of messing it up. As a foster child he has seen what love can do and it destroys people. Being with Lily though makes him feel at peace and safe until the fear comes back again. He knows she deserves someone better than him but the thought of another man being with her is just wrong in every way. Someone wants his woman and he’s determined to save her. The fires are somehow directed to her and he knows she is hiding something from him. Lily has always been the one for him but knows that a woman like her is good for two things marriage and a family. Just the thought scares him but knows no other woman will fit him like Lily does. Can he just find the person behind the fires and leave Lily again for a life of fire and danger?

WOW that is what I have to say about Burning Up by Anne Marsh. I missed the first book in this series but have to say Jack’s story can be read alone in my opinion. Here is a man who has the right woman right in front of him and he’s scared. Now Lily is no Amazon or anything like that but she is the first woman to really love him for who he is. Jack can jump into any fire without hesitation but when it comes to Lily loving him he has no idea what to do. Anne Marsh knows how to pack a story with passion, sex, adrenaline, adventure making it a favorite for this reader. Burning Up is titled correctly for the sex is hotter than any fire and Jack is one man worth reading in this book. The Donovan brothers are all hot but have to say Lily found her match. Anne Marsh latest is one that will make you turn each page and drooling over this hot, gorgeous and sexy smoke jumper. WOW.

Alice’s Wonderland by Allison Dobell


Alice in the Wonderland by Allison Dobell

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Rating: 4

Alice Mitchell loves her job and lifestyle willing to do anything she can to show her job is not just a hobby or filthy. So it comes as a surprise that Flynn O’ Grady a journalist is making fun of her job as a sex toy shop owner. Her whole life has been centered on women finding their own naughty pleasures and one man is about to ruin everything. The thing is that Flynn is a man who for the first time is making her feel like a woman. It’s been years since she has felt like this and being with Flynn is making her rethink her revenge in Flynn. The plan was for him to experience what her clients feel and not feel guilty or filthy. Yet something happened in her plan and now she feels like a satisfied Cheshire cat getting her pleasures satisfied in a good way. Can she convince Flynn that a woman’s pleasure is more satisfying than a man changing partners every time the relationship goes bad?

Flynn O’ Grady has never experienced sex like this before in a woman. He doesn’t understand why a woman as beautiful as Alice Mitchell needs toys to get satisfaction. The only thing he knows now is that a day without Alice is painful. Somehow this woman has captured his attention and he knows it’s more than sex with her. Just when he thinks he can handle a woman like her Alice surprises him in a way he never expected. Can he just forget about his rules in love and risk his heart with a woman like Alice Mitchell?

This is the first I have read from Allison Dobell and have to say it was quite good. I was skeptical at first but Allison has a way with her words and characters that grab your attention. It was interesting to see a woman teach the man about sexual toys and how enjoyable they can be with the right person. Flynn is your typical male who finds it offensive in a way that a woman will need toys to get off instead of just him. The passion between them is hard to ignore and Alice is very convincing in the book with Flynn. This is one book worth reading an author that has found her niche in erotica. Great book.

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Babycakes by Donna Kauffman


Babycakes by Donna Kauffman

Contemporary Romance

Available Now

4 Bouquets

Kit Bellamy feels like a failure to her family. For generations her family ran the Mamie Sue’s Peanut Pies and now it has stopped with her. She knows it’s her fault it’s gone but the Westlake law firm had a huge part in it. So it is a surprise that she is attracted to one of them. Morgan Westlake is everything opposite from his ruthless family and this scares her. Kit doesn’t want to love a Westlake but Morgan is one hot of yumminess that she can’t forget. Added to that is he’s real loving and careful with his niece who has suffered so much this past year. Kit knows she will never find love like this but doesn’t want to break Morgan down or his niece. Can she just forget about the love he’s giving her and the instant family she has always dreamed of having one day?

Morgan Westlake is trying to make each day count as best as he can. His brother Ash’s little girl is the main important thing in his life right now. He never imagined himself as a father but now that she is here he’s determined to make things right. As a Westlake he never experienced a real childhood and his little niece deserves one more than ever now. Yet Kit Bellamy is a distraction he never expected to meet in Sugarberry Island and she intrigues him. She knows because of his family name she is weary of his love but he wants her for good in his life. Can he make her see that they can be a real family if she risks her heart with a man like him?

I loved the latest by Donna Kauffman, Baby Cakes. Here is a woman who has worked so hard all her life only to see it disappear in a snap. Now she is starting a new life where she doesn’t know what to do. Morgan to Kit is like a huge distraction she doesn’t need and he scares her. For the first time in her life she is free to do whatever she wants but afraid of the repercussions. I loved that Donna Kauffman didn’t leave Morgan as a weak hero but determined to get his woman. Here is a man who is not afraid to say no to his family and actually have a life of his own with his niece. Great book and can’t wait for more from this talented author.

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Wyoming Fierce by Diana Palmer


Wyoming Fierce by Diana Palmer

Contemporary Romance

5 Bouquets

Coming back from the war was supposed to be a happy reunion with his family. Yet ever since his return they have been treating Cane like nothing has happened. He knows other friends of his lost more than an arm but coming back he feels lost. Everyone knows that it takes time to adjust yet nobody understands him and his moods. All his brothers know that Bodie Mays is the only woman who can tame him. For some reason she understands his moods and drinking binges. The thing is that he doesn’t want to rely on her but with her he feels at peace since coming from the war. Just when he thinks he can form a stable friendship with Bodie she does something all other women in his life have done since his return. Can he take back the words he told her before it’s too late?

Bodie Mays has always had a soft spot for Cane Kirk. Before the war he was fun, loving and adventurous. Now he’s moody, alcoholic and needy. Everybody would think he died in the war instead of just losing his arm but he see’s differently. Bodie has always known that he was the one for her but she has other things to deal with in her life. Her grandfather, the only parent she has ever known is about to be evicted and needs her the most. Everybody says the Kirk family will help her but doesn’t feel right in asking. Cane is the only one who knows and understands her yet she wants more than friendship from him. Can she resolve her situation without Cane finding out what she must do to survive?

Diana Palmer has done it again in continuing with the Kirk family. Bodie has loved Cane from afar never revealing her feelings until now. I loved that even though he feels like he’s lost a lot Bodie will not leave him no matter how much he sends her away. Bodie is one strong woman and even though he denies the attraction the sexual chemistry is all there. This is a great book to continue and can’t wait for more from this family. I loved that even though the attraction is there Cane tries so hard yet fails at every turn. Diana Palmer like I said is an author to continue reading for she brings cowboys to life and true love in a way that makes them memorable.

Waltz with a Stranger by Pamela Sherwood


Waltz with a Stranger by Pamela Sherwood

Available December 2012

Historical Romance

5 Bouquets


Aurelia Newbold loved being a twin. Everybody would see her sister and then her wondering who was beautiful than ever. Now it seems those days are over all because of her stupidity. After being crippled she knew that no one would look at her and think beautiful. Everybody would see her twin beautiful and then look at Aurelia with pity. Just when she thinks life can’t get harder she meets a man. Not just any man but James Trelawney who looks past her scar. This is the first a man has ever looked at the real her and it excites her. The thing is that her twin got to him first and now she must hide her feelings. He is everything she has dreamt but knows her life will be filled but sadness now that they are engaged. As a sister her sister’s happiness comes first never hers. Can she just walk away from James and the stirring feelings he gets from her?

James Trelawney has never forgotten about the secret dance with the beautiful blond blue-eyed woman. For years now he has never forgotten about her but fate has played a trick on him. He knew Aurelia had a twin but it she who captured his heart. Engaged to the sister he must do right yet his heart wants Aurelia. All his life he has been known to do what life dictates him to do and that is to fulfill his responsibilities no matter the situation. Each day with Aurelia just proves that she belongs in his life out in the country and not the twin. Can he just abandon his responsibilities and be with the woman his heart desires?

Pamela Sherwood has outdone herself in this beautiful romance. I fell in love with Aurelia and her heartache in life. She has always been placed second and the one time she finds something for herself she is second again. James is everything she has dreamt off but now because of the accident that left her crippled she doubts everything. He loves her but like a loving sister steps aside. I loved that Pamela Sherwood showed us her pain and yet cheer for her to find her real love. All in all this is definitely a book worth getting to see one person’s doubts and fears turn into happiness with the right man by her side.