Addicted to Fangs: Intoxication by Dena De Paulo


Addicted to Fangs: Intoxication by Dena De Paulo

Paranormal Erotic Romance

Rating: 3 ½

Ella Hustad is different and her best friend Kay knows it. As a succubus she has so much sexual energy that she feels like every man would jump her any moment. Being near Dominic Sebastian is making her libido go haywire in every way. She knows vampires are virile in every way but never experience hard core passion like she does with Dominic. As vampire governor he must watch over all the blood donors and non-donors but something about Ella gets more than his protective side towards her. Someone wants Ella and it’s more than just for her sexual heat. She knows it is weird to feel more than lust for him but she wants more than his fangs. Everybody says he’s crazy to fall for Ella for she is not registered in his city and this is tearing him apart. Can he fall for a non-donor and live in bliss with Ella?

Sex, passion, betrayal created all by one author that will blow your mind away in the first book series of Addicted to Fangs. My only problem with the book was it felt too quick for me. I would have loved a little foreplay between Dominic and Ella. Right away you can tell they have the chemistry and man talk about chemistry. Dena De Paulo knows when to put sex in the book and when to make Dominic beg for Ella’s touch on him. These two was hard to see them apart for they belonged to one another right in the first chapter. I wanted more of Ella and there were some parts that just seemed a little hard to take. Don’t get me wrong the story line was good but wanted to know more about Dominic and what brought him into this position he was in. His main goal is trying to find the one who wants Ella and yet this woman turns his life upside down in every delicious way. A great read filled with sex, passion and most of all a woman trying to find herself.


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