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Just a Cowboy and His Baby by Carolyn Brown


Just a Cowboy and his Baby by Carolyn Brown

Contemporary Romance

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Rating: 4 ½

Trace Coleman is on a roll. He’s been winning all his races in bronc riding and nothing can get in his way. Well one little thing a baby. All his life has been centered on winning to get his ranch and dream come true. He never expected a baby would change his outlook in life. The only thing besides his baby that distracts him is his competition, Gemma O’ Donnell. It’s been years since he’s seen a woman like her race and it intrigues him. She is like the female version of him always winning and giving all her 100% percent in bronc riding. So it comes as a surprise that the one time he’s ready for her it happens when he becomes a father. Can he be a father and a man in love at the same time?

Gemma O’ Donnell cannot believe in fate for there is no way she will have a baby by the end of the year. Yet seeing the man of her dreams with a baby she is starting to wonder if maybe fate is playing a game on her. Bronc riding has been her favorite career and she is really good at it but not like Trace Coleman. Here is a man who one ups her in every race making her fight and ride harder. He is everything she would have gone for if they had lived a normal life and not bronc riding. Every time she thinks she could get closer to a relationship something gets in the way. Gemma knows he’s a good father and a great lover when given the chance but she is at a point where her career can go beyond his. Can she give up her goal to success for a cowboy and his baby?I loved this latest one by Carolyn Brown, A Cowboy and his Baby. It was sweet and romantic how Trace juggles fatherhood and a man in love with a woman. Gemma is totally opposite of him in some ways scary how she completes him in every way from riding, passion to even being a stand in mother at some times. The chemistry between them is instant and only takes a matter of time before they can’t get separated. I loved that Carolyn Brown not only showed us these two main characters but also secondary characters that made the story like the baby, her sisters and his friends. All in all it was a great book and definitely an author to keep updated with in her writing.

Wait Until Dark by M.L. Buchman


Wait Until Dark by M.L. Buchman

Romantic Suspense

Available Now

Rating: 3

Connie Davis has a mission in her life and that is to succeed never fail. She lost her parents at a young age and is determined to be successful in the Special Forces. The thing is that one man keeps distracting her and its driving her crazy. Everybody in the forces knows Staff Sergeant “Big” John Wallace is not a man you want to play with yet she wants to. He is everything she has ignored in her life and one mishap might cost her career. Can she figure out what is important her career or a chance at happiness?

Staff Sergeant “Big” John Wallace is good at his career as a flight engineer but nothing compared to Connie Davis. Here is a woman who completes him in every way and it scares him in a way he never thought of having. Everybody in the Special Forces knows she is good but every time he sees her he sees a woman over doing it. He’s never seen a woman so into her work like he does that it confuses him why they’re not together. Just when he thinks things could go further she pulls away. Connie is one woman he wants to figure out in a way that his libido going and he’s determined to get her into his life forever. Can he convince her they belong together?

This is the first I have read from M.L. Buchman and have to say it was good. Only problem is that this is Book 3 in the Night Stalkers series and feel I missed out on a lot. I think it would be okay as a standalone but this is one that should be read completely right away. Right off there is instant chemistry between Connie and John it’s hard to see them not together. They work in a career that is high stakes but John is determined to keep her forever by his side. What I didn’t like was that it seemed to drag a little in the Special Forces back story then their own story. In a way it was good but could have been better if I had read from the beginning and would have rated it better.