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Undone by Shannon Richard


Undone by Shannon Richard

Available Now

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 5

Paige Morrison’s life is over. Well her love life. She knows in her heart Dylan loved her but doesn’t understand why she stayed with him after the verbal abuse. Coming back to her parent’s house should never have been an option but she is back. Paige expected a lot of things but nothing prepared her for the hot mechanic, Brendan King. Something about his generosity, smart aleck comments and his kisses well just confuse her. In her mind she belongs to Dylan yet Paige has no idea why Brendan is paying her attention when everybody around him especially women want his attention. She knows what love is like but the love Brendan wants from her is more than she imagined to feel. One minute he confuses her and then the next he does something that blows her away. Can she trust a man like Brendan with her heart? Can she risk it again knowing that heartache from him will kill her?

Brendan King has had a good life but something is missing. He has no idea what it is until fate intervenes bringing Paige Morrison. She is unlike any woman he has known and it confuses him. One minute she is smart aleck treats him like a redneck and the next he can’t keep his hands off her. He’s known to be kind, gentle but something about Paige brings possessiveness in him he never experienced before. Just when he thinks things could grow with Paige tragedy strikes. He knows Paige has been hurt but his love towards her is the permanent kind. Something that scares Paige yet also make her believe in the possible. Can he show her that his heart and soul is hers forever?

In one word, wow by Shannon Richard.  Right of the first page I fell in love with Brendan King. Beware ladies this is not your average hot mechanic. Brendan is everything Paige has been looking for when it comes to love. This also scares her for the feelings she has for this guy. Shannon Richard created these two characters that are so in tune with each other the chemistry between them is hotter than ever. I loved that Brendan is kind, gentle and definitely a true romantic which made this reader fall in love with Shannon’s book. Definitely highly recommended and can’t wait for more of the Country Roads series especially if the men are like Brendan King.

Wild Child by Molly O’ Keefe


Wild Child by Molly O’Keefe

Coming Soon October 2013

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 ½

Monica Appleby is a wild child. She’s never been a child, teenager or a normal average woman. Her whole life has been centered on maintaining a wild reputation. She is a woman scared of love, a woman trying to be normal after so many years being associated well to her mother. She has a chance to make her life right yet it involves a murder. Not just any murder but one in a little town called Bishop, Arkansas where years ago a child’s life changed drastically. Can she finally write the book that will set her life free?

As a mayor it is one man’s duty to make sure his town thrives on prosperity, wealth and well to grow. That is not the case for Mayor Jackson Davies of Bishop, Arkansas. He is a mayor all one on an island of his own. Jackson Davies is tired of working hard to make his town prosper and grow. Most of all he is just tired of people hating him, his sister and the one woman who has sparked life in him wreaking havoc with his state of mind. Monica Appleby and her mission to write an autobiography same time is making him see that maybe just maybe she is the one to change his life. Just when he thinks he’s got the answer to making Bishop popular Monica does the unthinkable, starts to love him. Can he get his life back to normal before the wild child influences him?

Molly O’Keefe latest is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved that here is a man, Jackson Davies, doing everything he can for a town he feels is a burden and the wild child herself, Monica Appleby turning his life upside down and the whole town.  Molly O’Keefe did a great job in showing us that one woman’s reputation might lead her to a life of unsavory ethics but it takes one good man like Jackson to make her see sometimes being wild might be a good for an average normal guy like the mayor himself. All in all a good book filled with characters you will love and a little town that will become a favorite to a reader.

White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert


White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert

Contemporary Romance

Available Now

Rating: 4

All her life Cass Daniels has lived a shitty life. Everybody around here is happy, in love and most of all lead a better life than her. Living with a crack head mother and a boyfriend that supplies her Cass knows something out there is better than her life right now. So it comes as surprise that a normal guy like Tucker White is interested in her. As lead singer for the band Damaged Tucker knows that life is never easy. Cass is everything he used to be years ago and knows how alone she must feel.  Tucker knows that he is exactly what Cass needs to know that her life will never be shitty again. He must do everything he can to make her live again and most of all trust in a person.

This is the first I have read from Teresa Mummert and have to say I was enchanted with it. Here is a young girl, Cass, who not one moment in her life has had happiness.  Tucker is a man who is just like her but has overcome so many tragedies in his life and wants Cass to know there is happiness over the rainbow. These two together were like yin and yang they balanced each other in a way that Teresa Mummert did a beautiful job in it. Tucker knows what he wants and though Cass is reluctant at first she sees happiness within her reach. The White Trash series is one that is worth reading to see how far Cass can go to reach her luck at the end of the rainbow.