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On the 12th Date of Christmas by Nikki Lynn Barrett


On the 12th Date of Christmas by Nikki Lynn Barrett

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Contemporary Romance

Rating: 5

Christmas is here again and there is one thing Robin Sorenson wants a second chance with Jonas Aimes her one true love. She has always wondered what would have happened if Jonas Aimes never left her. If he had fought for their love and not run away like he did. Instead she was mugged, alone and no Jonas to protect her. Robin knows it’s a Christmas miracle that he’s back but questions his return. She never thought she would be a statistic, a woman mugged and her life turned upside down. Now that Jonas is back she is still fragile of her life and her anxieties don’t help at all when he’s around. Robin knows he has reasons but how can she trust him after he abandoned her when she really needed him. One thing for sure is her heart has always and will be with Jonas no matter what secrets he’s hiding from her. Can she overcome her anxiety attacks and fear of losing Jonas again for a second chance this Christmas?

Jonas Aimes has regrets and one big one is leaving Robin Sorenson. He knows the time with her was special but his immaturity took over. He was a young man and because of stupidity listened to his parents instead of his heart. Coming back to town this was his second chance to prove to Robin he still loves her. The thing is that he knew it was going to be hard work to win her over again especially since he wasn’t there during her mugging. Jonas knows he has a lot to make up to her but one thing he knows for sure is that this is the season of miracles. The 12th dates of Christmas might sound cheesy to some people but he’s determined to win Robin back in his life once and for all. Robin is the woman for him and he’s not going to let anyone stop him especially his mother and over temper ex-friends. Just when he thinks his love might be his again a secret is revealed and needs help big time from Santa himself. As Jacob Winston said when he got his Cheyenne just believe in Christmas and anything is possible. Can he get his second chance with the only woman who has ever gotten to his heart?

I’m going to say it I am happy Nikki Lynn Barrett has finally done Robin’s story. I loved seeing the whole family back again from Jacob, Cheyenne, Ben, Robin and Jonas it was a sweet reunion to see again. The 12th Dates of Christmas Jonas has planned is one that Robin will never forget. These two have always been together but Jonas being young at the time made a stupid mistake at that age. Now that they are older and mature they have a chance to be together. I loved that Nikki Lynn Barrett brought in Ben, the cute little sweet angel from Secret Santa Wishing Well. This little boy is smart and knows right away Jonas and Robin belong together. The season of Christmas truly shows in this sweet romance of two people lost and once again finds each other to make a love grow stronger than ever. Loved it.

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