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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Nikki Lynn Barrett


Check out this Month’s first Author Spotlight. Nikki Lynn Barrett romance author of 5 books receiving awesome reviews on Amazon. Get to know Nikki Lynn Barrett and her men of these 5 books.



Three Weeks with a Bull Rider by Cat Johnson

Three Weeks with a Bull Rider by Cat Johnson

Ebook and Print

305 pages

5 Butterflies 

The bro code is that one should not fantasize, be in lust or have any sexual desires for one’s sister. That is what Jace Mills keeps telling himself repeatedly. It’s not easy when his best friend Tucker’s sister, Tara Jenkins, main mission is to drive him crazy about wanting, needing and learning about sex. Somehow when he agreed to help her out in her internship Jace never thought he would want her as more than a friend. Tara is running out of options and ways to entice Jace. She knows he has an ex-girlfriend stalker and still it doesn’t stop her from wanting him. He is the only one who knows how hard it has been since Logan, her crush, got married. Logan had her heart and like an idiot she thought it would lead somewhere but of course fate has something in store for her. How can she convince Jace that what they could have can be more than a 3 week fling?

One thing about Cat Johnson’s Oklahoma Night series is it gets hotter in every book and cowboy. I love reading about Cat Johnson’s books because she always brings the previous characters back in each new book. I felt sorry for Tara about Logan and Jace with his ex yet in a way it makes them closer to one another in a way that is like wow. If you want to know more about what Tara is going through and what has brought her to this point check out the other books in this hot series. There is a reason why I love cowboys and man Cat Johnson does a great job in showing how passionate, virile and how exciting they are like Jace, Tucker and Logan.

The Billionaire Biker by Jackie Ashenden

The Billionaire Biker by Jackie Ashenden

Ebook and Print

100 pages


Sean Morrow, the elusive rogue of the Morrow family who has given us glimpses of him in the previous books of the Billionaire Club series is back. Sean, who has for years been away from the family, is feeling like an outsider as usual. He has no idea what possessed him to come back but knows that Jax is giving him a life he thought was once lost. Abigail Prescott is the only woman who really knows how Sean is like. Years ago they shared a night of love. At least that is what Abigail thinks it was but he thinks none of it. Now that he is back she is ready to let go of the past meaning telling him everything that has happened since that night. Sean doesn’t want to stay in town or loving Abigail again yet it is hard. Life has been a big fight for him and seeing Abigail now is the biggest fight he must decide to do in his life.

Once again Jackie Ashenden has grabbed this reviewer’s attention with just a couple of pages. Sean was a mystery to me and now in his own book I learn so much of him. Abigail was an innocent back then with Sean and now she is a woman that is tempting him beyond any woman has done before in his life. Jackie Ashenden sure left the best for the last and glad to see Sean reveal his real identity now in the end. All three brothers have found someone and hated to see the end of this series. All three were great to read but have to say Sean is unlike any Morrow and worth loving.

The Billion Dollar Bachelor by Jackie Ashenden

The Billion Dollar Bachelor by Jackie Ashenden

Ebook and Print

100 pages


Jax Morrow is not your usual billionaire. He is humble when it comes down to it but also a man who is lonely. He has tried to make his heritage better instead of the dirty way it had become before he took the reins. His family had dealt with the mob and he has tried to be better in business and personal. So it comes as a surprise that the one time he throws caution to the wind is when he gets in real trouble with the mob once again. He didn’t expect a woman like Pandora entering his life. Pandora is opposite of a woman Jax would ever look into spending a night. Yet underneath it she is more than an innocent. Pandora is the only one who has gotten to Jax heart of stone. Pandora has never met a man like Jax. He is sexy, gorgeous, and smart and the only man to make her feel well not caged in. She knows nothing about him only that he is the first man to make her feel free and sexual. Pandora knows one night of passion is not enough for her and she is determined to make Jax lose control again.

Normally I cannot get a full story out of a book that is 100 pages or less but something about Jackie Ashenden’s Billionaire’s Club pulled me in. From the start I fell for Pandora from her naivety, innocence to her whole determination of being free. She has not led a good life always being caged in never having fun. I loved that the one time she does have fun it leads to a man, Jax Morrow. Now here is a man who can teach a woman a thing or two of passion and love. I loved that the book wasn’t just about sex but also about Jax just letting go and Pandora finding herself. This is the first I have read from Jackie Ashenden and have to say definitely won’t be the last. For her to get this reviewer give a 10 meaning high recommended on a book that is only 100 pages is worth reading and buying.

Bared by Stacey Kennedy

Bared by Stacey Kennedy

Ebook and Print

243 pages

4 Butterflies 

Aidan Knight is in every way his own element of sexuality. He is the real life version of sex on a stick and the only one in Cora Adam’s heart. For months she has been by his side, beneath him, on top of him but never in his heart. She knows the sex is awesome but lately Cora wants more of Aidan. One night in one of the private rooms at Club Sin she not only bares her body but soul and heart to Aidan.

I loved that Stacey Kennedy didn’t hold anything back in this BDSM book. Two souls lost reconnecting in a way no one expected to happen. Aidan is not your usual man but one haunted by the past and sadly it’s interfering with his life with Cora. Stacey Kennedy did a great job in showing us a little vulnerability in Aidan but also his fears about Cora. I cried at some parts and rooted for Cora sticking to her guns in the book. Great book and can’t wait for what else Stacey Kennedy has coming up.

Wanted by J. Kenner

Wanted by J. Kenner

Ebook and Print

353 pages

5 Butterflies 

He is the Devil. He is what the saying sex on a stick comes from in the world. Evan Black is more than just a man in Angelina Raine’s life. He is everything her uncle told her to stay away from even after his death.  Angelina has known Evan all her life and now when she needs a friend more than ever he stays away. She has no idea why he doesn’t admit the feelings he has towards her but knows she cannot live a day without him again. Evan Black may be the devil and sex on a stick but he is also a man with demons. No woman has been able to satisfy him or tempt him into a committed relationship like Angelina. He’s tried to obey her uncle’s wishes to stay away from her but everything has changed. She has grown into a woman that can fulfill him in every way from her sensuality, laughter and love. Yet through all this there is one thing he might never be able to give her, trust.

The first in J. Kenner’s new series is Wanted. Three hot men all dangerous and lethal to the heart by an author that just in this first book will blow your mind away. Angelina Raine has led a sheltered life and now that the only person that ever loved her is gone she needs Evan. Evan and Angelina share a bond that it is not easy to break them no matter how hard Evan tries to stay away. One advice to the reader do grab a bucket of ice for Evan’s story is not only hot it is scintillating. Stay tuned for Tyler’s story and review next month.

Tempting Fate by Jane Green

Tempting Fate by Jane Green

Ebook and Print

350 pages

4 Butterflies 

Gabby is in a rut. Her husband, Elliott, is happy and still in love with her. Gabby has been feeling like something is missing from their lives. Every day it is the same thing to the point where she does the unthinkable. Gabby knows it is not right but something about Matt giving her attention is making her feel wanted. She never expected it to go further but first time ever in years she feels desirable. Just her luck though fate kicks her in the behind giving her the one thing she’s always wanted with Elliott but with another man, Matt.

Jane Green has done it again in a story that I think every woman has gone through once in their life’s. Matt is young, handsome and shares a special bond with Gabby she hasn’t felt in a long time with her husband, Elliott. I felt for Elliott for here is such a sweet man who has no idea what is going on. No matter how hard he tries the love is still there for Gabby. Jane Green does such a beautiful job in showing us how hard it is for him to forgive Gabby yet showing us what Gabby is struggling in her life with kids and all. Definitely a great book though it started off slow it picked up right away to the point where I envy Elliott getting a second chance.