Crazy Sexy Love by Edie Ramer

Crazy Sexy Love by Edie Ramer

304 pages

Ebook and Print


Every four year old wants to hear, Will You Marry Me. At that time Sam Krushing was her everything. Now years later Callie Ryan is remembering how hard it was the first time when he broke her heart. Seeing him again and knowing in his songs he has never forgotten about her just makes her well swoon. Even though it has been years Sam has never forgotten about his first and only love. Music was and is his life whereas books are Callie’s life. He knows that he can never be there for him in every way but he’s determined to love her no matter what it takes. Someone though doesn’t want to see him happy with Callie. She has waited for years for Sam to notice her and a librarian like Callie is not going to get the love and happiness she has waited for all these years. Can Sam and Callie get the love they thought was lost?

Okay I have to say I loved this book. It was not only sweet in a cute way but Edie Ramer shined in this book. Callie is your average woman just wanting the perfect love she found years ago. Sam knows that music will always come first and yet Callie is making it difficult for him. Love comes in many forms and have to say in this one not only was it funny, sweet, sexy but true love in every chapter showed between these two. Loved it.


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