Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

Don’t Let Go by Sharla Lovelace

301 pages

Ebook and Print


Jules Doucette still remembers the last time it snowed. She remembers it clearly because it was the last time she saw the love of her life, Noah Ryan, and her baby boy. Twenty-six years later she still trying to figure out life and well her teenage daughter. Jules knew life was never going to be easy but she thought maybe her love life will get a boost some time. She never expected Noah to come back in her life and all the memories of their love. Everybody says that Noah is her Kryptonite and unfortunately she is his as well. Years might have passed but the memories and unanswered questions are still there between them. Can Jules finally let go of the past?

Sharla Lovelace sure knows how to make two people miserable yet still love one another passionately. At first it may seem like their past will never leave them but it is the key to them loving again. I felt for Jules and the way she was treated. All she wanted was love and it is love in Noah she knows she will be happy forever. Sharla Lovelace did a great job in showing no matter how long it has been between these two they have never stopped loving each other. It was not only good but I wanted more of their little boy as well just a hint to Sharla.


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