The Park of Sunset Dreams by Ava Miles

The Park of Sunset Dreams by Ava Miles

387 pages

Ebook and Print


It is their park the one place where Jane Wilcox can be with him and look at him fantasizing about the day they will actually talk to each other. She is just another person walking their dog. Yet she has come to love Matthew Hale. It takes one special dog, Henry, to finally get her the courage to talk to him. Right away she knows that Matt will change her life. For years Jane has been hiding from the world. Her parents wanted her to be something else like the perfect politician’s daughter. Inside she wanted to be free, wild and live the life she wants instead of being told what she should do. With Matt she is like that yet when he decides to run for Mayor her perfect love life go up in smoke. She knows the public will want more of Matt and his personal life including her. Matt knows Jane Wilcox is not only beautiful, sexy, smart but also a woman of many hidden talents. To him she is not only a dog whisperer but a goddess in his eyes. He doesn’t understand how she can think she is just plain when she is beauty all around. Just when he thinks they could make a life together something scares her to run away from their love. Can Matt figure out what Jane is hiding before the public finds out before him?

Oh I love Ava Miles. As soon as I saw this in NetGalley I fell in love with Jane Wilcox. Here is a young woman who all her life has been told what to do, wear and sadly act. Dare Valley is the one place where she is starting new and just well finally being herself. Matt is so far opposite from her that the feelings he has for Jane scares her. I loved that Ava Miles shows us a serious, wild and free Jane Wilcox yet also a woman who is afraid to believe in love that it scares her. Love to her means baring not only her feelings, secrets but her soul to a man who might turn out to be like her father. Now Matt I loved for no matter what ugly secret Jane might have he doesn’t give up on her and their love. This is actually a great story in the Dare Valley series and everybody is back in it. Loved it.


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