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Unhibited by Melody Grace

Unhibited by Melody Grace

Ebook and Print


Alicia Wright has always been in love with Hunter Covington. He was the man for her in every way. Well not in a way like Dex Callahan. It started off as retreat with him. It is one weekend of passion, wickedness and fun a way for her to forget about Hunter. The thing is that Dex is proving to be more than she can handle and in some ways it scares her. She knows he is hiding something and Alicia is not the type to see a man she is starting to care for be in pain. Dex is everything she has wanted in Hunter yet fate has something in store for her. Dex Callahan is a man every woman has thrown themselves too. He is hot, sexy, a great musician and the only one who has made Alicia forget about Hunter for a little bit. Dex knows he is the right man for Alicia from helping her find her sexuality to being his salvation. Can he keep Alicia by him knowing that her heart belongs to someone else?

First time reading about Melody Grace and in one word WOW from her sexy Dex to her never really having an adventure Alicia. The sexual chemistry between these two was not only scorching but blazing. I loved that just one look and one kiss from Dex, Alicia turns to putty. I felt exactly what Alicia was feeling towards Dex. Each chapter just made me, well faint from Dex’s sexuality. He was to me like a lion circling his prey which is Alicia. No matter how many times Alicia felt scared or nervous, Dex calmed her down in a wicked way. Melody Grace shined in this book I read it twice not wanting to leave Dex and his demons. The passion they share and the trust that Dex needs in his life was surprisingly great. I loved it and definitely highly recommended.

Unrequited by Melody Grace

Unrequited by Melody Grace

100 pages

Ebook and Print


Alicia is tired of always being second place. For years she stood on the sidelines fantasizing about Hunter Covington. No man can ever take his place. Or so she thought. Dex Callahan knows when a woman needs to be truly loved and set free. Alicia is everything he has been looking for and this scares him. She is more than a breath of fresh air to him. She is his salvation. One kiss will never be enough for him. As a rock star, Dex is used to getting his way yet Alicia is different. Can he get one weekend with Alicia to show her that his heart will always belong to her?

This is the first I have read from Melody Grace have to say Wow. Just the first kiss between them was scorching. I couldn’t put this book down at all. Right from the beginning I could see how much Alicia has come to mean to Dex in such as short time. Melody Grace blew my mind away with how deep and passionate these two were with one another. I loved it and can’t wait for the next one, Unhibited. Definitely an author you want to keep in touch with for this one just shows how imaginative and talented she is.

A Wedding by Dawn by Alison DeLaine

A Wedding by Dawn by Alison DeLaine

366 pages

Ebook and Print


Lady India Sinclair has never had a life of her own. For years her life has been controlled and now she is stuck in an arranged marriage. All she wants is to be free and no man, even Nicholas Warre is going to get her. Since meeting Nicholas she is unsure what to do with her life. One minute she is ready to embark on adventure then Nicholas kisses her and now she is unsure about everything. Nicholas knows that India is the only way he can get his dreams to come true. All he wants is to save his childhood home and with everything in stake he is not letting India get away easily. Can he get India married before he loses his estate?

This is a first I have read from Alison DeLaine and have to say it was okay. I did like India for her spunkiness and not caving in to Nicholas’s seduction. The chemistry was definitely there but feel it was more like a whole chasing game throughout the book. Seemed the whole cat and mouse game just went a little too far. Sadly by the end of the chapter I was relieved they finally ended the chase for something more between them.

Rocky Ride by Vivian Arend

Rocky Ride by Vivian Arend

176 pages

Ebook and Print


Constable Anna Coleman is a woman who follows the rules to Th. The problem is that when it comes to bad boy biker Mitch Thompson she forgets those rules. She knows he is bad for her but like a drug she is addicted to him. It was supposed to be just sex and nothing else. Yet Mitch has decided he wants more of his hot Constable. He’s tired of her sneaking away and wants her in his bed forever. He knows he can never be an upstanding citizen like everybody around her but he’s determined to prove that a bad boy like him can be redeemed. Anna is everything for him and knowing that he might ruin any chances for her to rise in the sheriff’s department he will sacrifice his heart. Can he just give up on her when she is the best thing to come into his world?

Short, sexy, hot and did I mention rocky in every way that Vivian Arend rocks in this book. I loved Mitch Thompson and his bad boy persona. He might wear the black leather and tattoos but there is more to this bad ass. He is everything Anna Coleman needs in her life. Mitch balances her in a way she has never known it excites, scares and makes her wish for the impossible. Loved that Vivian Arend started this as nothing but hot sex yet shows us there is more than sex brewing between them. Loved it.

In the Mood for Love by Beth Ciotta

In the Mood for Love by Beth Ciotta

321 pages

Ebook and Print


Sam McCloud is tired of being lonely. Well mostly he’s tired of everybody trying to set him up in the Cupcake Lover’s Club. Everybody thinks that when his wife passed away a part of his sex drive died as well. Only one woman thought gets him going and lately he wants more of her. Something about Harper Day makes him over protective and wants to find out what she is hiding behind her no need damsel in distress attitude. Sam knows that Harper is hiding secrets from him and he’s determined to prove to him that it is more than just sex between them. Harper has never felt this wild feeling before and it always happens when she is near Sam McCloud. She knows that in his eyes he wants more than just their sexual games but Sam is dangerous to her heart. Just when things can’t get more complicated her time in Sugar Creek is about to be expired. Can she ever have the happily ever after with Sam she secretly fantasized about at night?

This is the first I have read of Beth Ciotta’s Cupcake series and have to say I loved it. Everybody in this book was hilarious, sweet, fun and these two sexy as hell. The chemistry between not only seemed fun, hot but combustible no matter how much they deny it is just sex between them. Beth Ciotta did a sweet job in this book showing us that one woman’s fear can open up to happiness she deserves at last. Loved it.

Love, Chocolate and Beer by Violet Duke

Love, Chocolate and Beer by Violet Duke

387 pages

Ebook and Print


Luke Bradford is determined to win Dani Dobson no matter what it takes. He knew right away she was the woman for him. The thing is even though what started as a game between them has become something more it well scares her. Luke has no idea what it is about her but knows that life in Cactus Creek will never be the same. His whole goal has been to make his chocolate shop a success even if it means using all his savings to make it happen. Dani Dobson is a woman possessed to make her business a success. As the only bar, Ocotillos, has been in the family for so long that quitting now is not an option especially since Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Luke brings out a feeling in her she hasn’t felt in a long time. It is a feeling of happiness and love that scares the beejeesus of her in every way when it comes towards Luke. Can she make it work with Luke without losing her heart in the game?

One word for Love, Chocolate and Beer is WOW. I knew right from the beginning when I read the prequel I was going to love Luke and Dani. These two not only throw tons of sparks towards each other but the love was already there upon their first meet. Violet Duke not only made these two so lifelike it was easy to see them come to life. I felt for Luke and his frustration towards Dani. Here is a guy who is ready for everything and Dani is afraid of really putting her heart out there. I cannot wait for more from this series for I already love Cactus Creek. Love it.

A Little Combustible Chemistry by Violet Duke

A Little Combustible Chemistry by Violet Duke

71 pages

Ebook and Print


She is like a breath of fresh air to him. A light to his darkness. Unfortunately for Luke because of his assistant she might also be his enemy. Dani is everything he has dreamed of having in his life one day. She’s beautiful, sexy, hard worker and afraid of finding love. Luke knows that competing with her might end the relationship he has dreamed of having or lead to something more special than his chocolate business. Can a beer owner and a chocolatier make it happen?

Get ready for a sexy tale filled with fun, sex and of course all of Violet Duke’s sexy imagination between these two. I am so excited for this series by Violet Duke I couldn’t put this book down once I started. This is a great prequel of what is going to happen between Dani and Luke. So much to say for this is just the sexual buildup between these two that will make you want more. Check out the full review from the actual book for it is awesome.


King of Hearts by Wendy Stone

King of Hearts by Wendy Stone

265 pages

Ebook and Print


Caitlyn Summers is the best in Hart Investigations. No one can outrun, outkick or make her stammer in her work. Well except one guy. The only guy who she swore was maybe something more but like life so far has failed. Caitlyn’s life is all about her work and nothing else. King of Heart is her life and knowing that women will be safe because of her gives her pleasure. She hates seeing women beaten up, hurt or in self denial because of the men they are with in their lives. So it comes as a surprise that just when she might become partner her boss, Joseph Hart brings in Erich Radner to work with them. He was just a one night stand even though in her dreams she expected more from him. Erich is definitely not the man for this company yet she can’t say no to him. He wants more but seeing all the women she has helped rescue she knows what love can do to a woman. Can she give up all her beliefs for one moment of happiness?

Okay one word for Wendy Stone’s latest, King of Hearts, is AWESOME. I loved the whole storyline and Erich totally messing up Caitlyn in every way. The passion and chemistry they have is unbelievable. I mean right from the beginning you can tell Caitlyn is no damsel in distress. Now Erich was a little hard to like at first but once he puts his heart and life on the line he is easy to love. Like Caitlyn he has a lot of baggage but together these two can overcome anything. This is the first I have read from Wendy Stone and have to say loved it.

The Key to My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett

The Key to My Heart by Nikki Lynn Barrett

348 pages

Ebook and Print


Harmony’s Echo has always been home to Blaine Grant. Even though she hasn’t been home since her father passed away she is always welcomed. Lately though coming home is starting to feel like she is making up for all her past transgressions. She has missed out on a lot, Avery and Lucas falling in love, Jameson and Melody, everything has changed. Only person though who seems to have welcomed her back with new feelings is Randy Hughes. Talking to him is making her see how much she has missed in her little town and all the hurt she has caused. Family always meant more to her than her career yet being with them again seems foreign. Randy knows the real Blaine and it scares her. Randy has always loved Blaine and knows his love terrifies her. She is wild, beautiful and perfect for him in every way. He has a reputation to uphold yet when it comes to Blaine he is a different person. Can he convince Blaine that no one will ever judge her and love is possible with an open mind?

As a reader who enjoys a good series I have to say I have eagerly been waiting for the next book in the Love and Music series by Nikki Lynn Barrett. In every book we see not only friends, family but a love through music that is impossible to not love. I loved that even though Blaine has been gone for a long time she is really trying to make everything right even if it means protecting her heart. Now Randy I have to say is perfect for Blaine. He’s sweet, romantic and only has eyes for her. One thing I like the most about Nikki Lynn Barrett is that no matter whose turn for a story is we see everybody again, Lucas, Avery, Jameson and Melody and even their own families. I can’t wait for Book 4 in this beautiful and enchanting series.

In Too Deep by Tracey Alvarez

In Too Deep by Tracey Alvarez

309 pages

Ebook and Print


Family helps each other, well in most cases. Piper Harland swore she would never come back to her childhood home. Yet when her brother is near being poor she will go back. Piper knew that she would be facing her past but never thought the feelings for Ryan Westlake would still be there. Everybody tells her that she can weather anything yet one kiss from Ryan and she is confused. For years she questioned her decision about leaving the only good thing in her life. Seeing him again though just proves that no other man will replace him. Ryan knew one day his Piper would come back into his life. He’s never stopped loving her and yet in some ways hates her. Letting her leave years ago was the hardest thing he ever did but knew she had to considering everything that was happening. Piper wanted freedom, adventure and her career. He, other hand never wanted that and was satisfied with his life, until she left. Can he make Piper see how right they are still for each other?

In Too Deep a tale of secrets and second chances all into one suspenseful story by Tracey Alvarez. All Piper wanted into life was adventure and freedom. Staying in the same place as Ryan just reminded her of all the bad things she caused. She knows in her heart it wasn’t really her fault but she had to leave. Tracey Alvarez did a good job in showing us one woman’s fear yet desire to be loved again. Now Ryan seemed too laid back to me making me wonder what his true intentions are towards Piper. All in all it was okay but wanted more than the romance between them.