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His Every Fantasy by Delilah Devlin


His Every Fantasy by Delilah Devlin

304 pages

Ebook and Print


All Kara Nichols wants is to be free. Somehow she has been kidnapped into enemy hands. One minute she was on a date about to finally loose her virginity and now she has been taken. All she knows is that only one man has come to mean a lot to her. One man is the key to finally losing her innocence and finally knowing what being a real woman is like. Sergei is not what she expected in man to grab her attention yet she can’t deny the attraction anymore. Something about Kara is getting to him. He knows it is wrong to introduce her to his world yet he can’t stop. Everything about her speaks of passion, sensuality and most of all love. These are three things that have been missing from Sergei’s life for a while and one mission changes everything with one look from her enchanting eyes. Someone wants Kara and he is determined to keep her safe no matter the circumstances. Can they both survive the obstacles ahead of them? Will Sergei ever get his happiness he deserves?

Once again Delilah Devlin has a hit with His Every Fantasy. I loved that even though Kara was an innocent she knows what she wants and that is Sergei. He may be tough, an Alpha, a Special Ops but when it comes to love he loves with all his heart. Delilah Devlin definitely knows sex and passion just from reading about Sergei and Kara. One thing for sure grab a bucket of ice for the sex between them and the sexy way Sergei talks will make you hotter than ever. Not only is Sergei hot but you also meet Eric, Bear, Boone and even Tilly in the book is worth reading about in this book. Loved it and highly recommended.


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Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton


Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton

274 pages

Ebook and Print


Pistol Rock, Texas is home of two people who are wild for each other. Problem is that one is a Sheriff Deputy and the other is a Texas Ranger who cheated on her. There is nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned and when Gunnar Wilson comes back to Pistol Rock just when Laney Briggs has found happiness shit is going to hit the fans. Gunnar has never forgotten about his true love and is ready to make it last this time. He never expected his Sherriff engaged to be married to the local veterinarian. Gunnar might have come back because of a case but Laney is the one that holds his heart. Seeing her true love and the one that got away back in town is wreaking havoc to her personal and love life. Just when she thinks she found happiness and love at last things about her fiancé are not adding up. Can she figure out what is up with Gunnar before her second chance is up? Will things ever be normal in Pistol Rock?

This is the first I have read from Jodi Linton and have to say it won’t be the last. I loved that Gunnar is one hot Texas Ranger yet when it comes to Laney Briggs he is like a teenager in love for the first time. Jodi Linton did a great job in showing a little bit of hate between them yet one smoldering look from Gunnar and she melts for him. I have to say that this is one author going places and so happy I was able to get a chance to read her books. Loved it.


Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy by Jodi Linton


Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy by Jodi Linton

104 pages

Ebook and Print


Laney Briggs has had it. All she wants is a normal weekend with her hot sex on a stick Texas Ranger. Yet every time she thinks there might be some relaxation her job calls for help. As a sheriff deputy she knows she has no choice to but find out what made the high school football coach dress up in lingerie passed out. Just when thinks are coming together Colt Larsen, another sexy on a stick Federal Marshall, gets in her way. Somehow the universe is playing tricks on her and she knows she has no choice but to go with the flow. All she wants is Gunnar Wilson and a hot weekend filled with sex and the outside world just to go away. Can she get her sex weekend before the Mexican cartel gets her first?

I have to say this second one by Jodi Linton is a lot hotter than the other one for sure. I mean the scenes between Gunnar and his sassy Deputy made me grab the ice bucket about five times. Let me tell you Gunnar is one man I would love to have and Laney is one lucky woman. I mean one minute she has Gunnar than another hot federal agent comes in and I’m like lucky girl. Considering this is the first I have read from Jodi Linton it definitely won’t be the last from her. If this is just a sample of what is in store from this talented author she is definitely going somewhere. Packed with hot sex, gorgeous men and man the comedy in the book between Laney and her parents hilarious. Definitely Jodi Linton is one you have to read.


Snow on th Bayou by Sandra Hill


Snow on the Bayou by Sandra Hill

Ebook and Print

368 pages


Being 16 and pregnant was not the kind of life Emelie Gaudet imagined going through in her life. One thing for sure though she knows her true love is Justin “Cage” LeBlanc. He is everything she wants in a guy. He’s handsome, smart and wild at heart. Only problem is that her father doesn’t see him the way she does only as a bad influence to her. Years later she is ready for new beginnings and second chances in her life never expecting to see her true love again. Justin is back for a good reason. Only person to love him is his MaMaw Mamie and she needs him now. He expected a lot of things when coming back to his beloved Bayou but never thought of Emelie hating him. Time is of the essence and each day with his MaMaw is teaching him that love comes in all forms and second chances. The past sure has a way of kicking one person down and lifting them as well. Emelie knows life will never be the same until the past and all the hurt has been settled.

Three words come to mind on Sandra Hill latest, FUNNY, ROMANTIC and FORGIVENESS. Three words that come to mean so much in Justin and Emelie’s life it’s hard to imagine those words not in them. I loved Justin and his MaMaw Mamie. Here is a woman who doesn’t have enough time but is not afraid at all. Her main goal is to see Justin happy and the past finally come to truth. Now Emelie was a little hard to really like but she has her reasons why. All in all Sandra Hill has another hit with this book and loving the Bayou more with her books. Through it all one thing that made this book so easy to love besides Justin and his sexiness, Tante Lulu and all her funniness.



Apron Strings by C.S. Colerain


Apron Strings by C.S. Colerain

115 pages

Ebook and Print


Hester Dumphry thought life was okay for her. Everything changes one day and sparks a turn of events that she never expected. She questions though why it is happening to her and starts to befriend Beatrice. Beatrice is unlike any woman she knows for though she worships the Bible, Hester feels so much bitterness from her. As years go by Hester knows her life will never be the same and must do things she never imagined doing. As Hester goes through life she notices that if she never did what she did years ago her life would have been different in so many ways. Can she redeem herself before it is too late?

This is the first I have read from C.S. Colerain and have to say it was good. There are so many secrets, betrayals, deceit and through it all is a story of family that all comes together in some way. C.S. Colerain pulled me in from Hester’s life and what she goes through in each chapter. The pain, heart ache and lies that have been fed into her life just made me like wow. I mean Ms. Colerain created a woman with so much pain it was hard at time to read what she goes through just to stay alive. Definitely one of those books filled with so many characters it’s hard to just like one and hate one for they all create a book you must read.


The Chocolate Garden by Ava Miles

The Chocolate Garden by Ava Miles

334 pages

Ebook and Print


Tammy Hollins is living again. For years she has hidden behind a marriage she thought was perfect. She of all people know there is no such thing as perfect after finally getting divorced. Looking back she now understands how her kids felt during her loveless marriage, fear. Now that she is away from her past she see’s now how happy her brother, Rye, is and wants that more than ever. Even though she knows love exist her main concern right now is to bring happiness back into her children’s life. Getting back on her feet and working with gardens brings her peace that she has never felt before. Having John Park McGuiness kissing her and showing her how love feels is terrifies her in an unusual way. He is everything that she wished she had in her life and not her disaster of an ex-husband.

John knows Tammy needs time. He’s waited for months to get her to be at ease with him around. Rye is his best friend and being in love with his sister is something he did not expect. Knowing the farce of a marriage she had he is determined to be there for her no matter how long it takes. Her children have already captured his heart easily and now that Tammy is working in his gardens he loves her more than ever. All her kids want is a daddy who will love them. All he wants is for Tammy to rely on him and see that his love for her is real. Can a chocolate garden bring her the love she has dreamed of having forever in her life? Can her children finally feel happy and safe again?

If there is an ever place you want to find love, magic and happiness it is Dare Valley. Once again Ava Miles has wowed, amazed and pulled me in just the first chapter. I loved that we finally see the real Tammy Hollins and not what her mother made her be like. In Rye’s story Country Heaven, we saw what kind of marriage Tammy had and what her life was like. We finally see her coming alive in this one and have to say I applaud Ava Miles for not only making her pain seem real and the kind of marriage she had especially for her kids just breaks my heart. John McGuiness is exactly the kind of man she needs in her life. Ava just blew my mind away with the patience, guidance, loving and friendship this tough man had for her it was well WOW. All in all this is definitely a book so highly recommended for you will not be disappointed and do get Country Heaven for you will love both books right away.


I received an eBook copy from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own.”

Ghosts in the Mirror by Joyce Mangola

Ghosts in the Mirror by Joyce Mangola

213 pages

Ebook and Print


The Coma Kid is what people call him. It’s been a year since he was admitted to the hospital. He has no idea why this time was the longest he’s been in the hospital. All Jeremy Riggs remember is dragging a shovel and waking up now. He’s not alone this time for something has become attached to him. Jeremy has no idea what is going on only that Beverly, a spirit in pain and looking for vengeance, won’t leave him alone. Somehow Beverly thinks he’s the answer to her prayers to finally be at peace. Jeremy’s main concern right now is to not go back into the hospital even though Beverly is making him seem crazy. Each night just pulls him closer to finding out who is really behind all the people getting killed. Only thing that calms him down is painting. Just when he thinks he can finally try to be somewhat normal his paintings are saying something to one police detective. Can he ever be normal? Will the evil spirit after him finally get what he has been waiting for all these years?

In one word I have to say Ghost in the Mirror sounded Confusing. One minute I thought I knew what was happening and then something would happen. Now I was really in awe of the things Jeremy was going through but felt Beverly just made things seem more complicated. It took a while for me to really get into and have to say it seemed a little drawn out. The paranormal stuff was great though and sometimes funny yet felt there was less of Jeremy. I wanted to know more about him and seemed to me it was more about the spirits in the book. All in all it was okay not my usual cup of tea even though I got it because the blurb seemed interesting.

Crossing the Line by Nicole Marsh


Crossing the Line by Nicole Marsh

148 pages

Ebook and Print


Mia Cresswell has never felt love. Yes she has a father who loves her but come on he has too since she is his daughter. She has never felt that real honest to god earth shattering love like they do in the movies. Everything changes when she meets tennis player Kye Sheldon. He is everything her father has dreamed of having in his tennis academy, the one who can make it to the big times the grand slam of all tennis games. The rule is for his students to not fraternize with Mia or get kicked out. It was that simple stay away from her. Yet one look, one kiss, heck one night changes everything for Kye and Mia. He knows it is wrong but something about Mia brings out the best in him. Tennis was and is always it for him yet being with Mia is making Kye see that there is more than just hitting the balls with a tennis racket. Can he just let Mia go knowing that this is just a fling for her? Can Mia ever feel love again without Kye in her life?

In one word I have to say WOW. Nicole Marsha pulled me in with this brooding and troubled man, Kye. On the outside he may seem like a tough guy but Mia knows better. Something about these two connect right away it’s hard to ever imagine them separated. The sex scenes were hot by Nicole Marsh but the romance and love between these two was mind blowing. You really understand what Kye is going through and what Mia needs in her life that has been missing for a long time. I loved it and can’t wait for more from this talented author.




His to Claim Part 4: Wild Ones by Opal Carew

His to Claim Part 4: Wild Ones by Opal Carew

42 pages

Ebook and Print


Leaving him was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life. Melanie knows he will fight for her but didn’t realize how hard up she is for him. He’s different from guys she has dated before and it scares her. Being away from him is hard yet even through the sexual distraction there is with Travis and Diego she is torn. Her heart wants and loves Rafe but her body feels like it’s about to explode.  Travis doesn’t make it easier on her giving her all the attention she so does not need from him. Can she last through this trip with the band without Rafe aka Storm the only man for her?