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Unstoppable by Melody Grace

Unstoppable by Melody Grace

218 pages

Ebook and Print


Connor… Just saying his name still brings pain and heartache to Tegan Callahan. Even though she knows she tried her hardest to be there for Connor she still lost him. Going back to Beachwood Bay was supposed to be a time for reflection and find the peace she has been searching for since Connor’s death. She didn’t expect though to meet the one stranger that has haunted her dreams and fantasies since leaving Vegas. Something about Ryland James speaks to her and yet it confuses her as well. For the first time in months she is starting to feel alive and it scares her. Ryland has his own secrets and demons and knows what feeling free will be like. Freedom and peace is what he has been fighting for in months to gain and it’s in his reach. He left his family and friends years ago to protect them and now he’s determined to still keep them safe even if it means leaving Tegan as well. Can they get the love they both deserve and the peace they have been searching for all this time?

In one word for Unstoppable by Melody Grace is WOW. I am so into this series and the Callahan’s it’s so easy to love them. We got to know a little about Tegan and her ordeal in Dex’s story but this is all her. It made me so sad for her the pain she went through and fears. Ryland is just so easy to love as well like Tegan. The heartache of missing his whole family all these years and his goal to keep them safe from the stuff he has seen. Melody Grace just blows me away each time she creates another Beachwood Bay story I jump at the chance I can get my hands on too. Melody Grace has a way of bringing a person’s heartache and pain to life I laughed, cried and just rooted from Tegan and Ryland throughout the book. This is definitely another Beachwood Bay book you don’t want to miss for it is one that not only tugs at your heart but make you rejoice in hopes of seeing these two happy.


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Before He Was Famous by Becky Wicks


Before He Was Famous by Becky Wicks

282 pages

Ebook and Print


She knew him before he was famous. Before the paparazzi wanted more of him and before she became more of his shadow. He was always her Peter and she was his Pan. They have a relationship that can’t be explained yet to them only it has always felt right. Now that Noah is famous and everyone see’s the talent she has always known was in him their lives are changing. Chloe Campbell always knew that Noah Lockton was talented but never thought of him as more than a friend until one night in a tree house. She tried to keep that night in her heart yet seeing Noah again and working with him is making her see that their friendship is more than just friendship. Noah has had only one true friend and that is Chloe. Yet ever since winning a singing contest he is seeing that his friendship with Chloe is coming to mean more than just that and it scares him. She is and always will be his Pan the one person to make him come back to reality when things start getting chaotic and one person knows how much she means to him. Someone wants to kill her and he is determined to keep her safe no matter what it takes. Can they just remain as friends when she is more than just a girl to him but his true love?

This is the first I have read from Becky Wicks and already I love her stories. Though Before He Was Famous is told by their own point of views it is easy to read and love. I loved Chloe and Noah’s Peter Pan names and their strong bond with each other. The attraction between them is so there and loved that Noah knew what his priorities were even though he was now famous. Becky Wicks in one word in this book was Wow. I have to say I loved how true they were no matter how chaotic their lives have changed they remained true to each other. When I was reading this it was so easy to see the whole book come to live to the point where in my head I saw them alive reaching for each other. Loved it and highly recommended and best part right now is Book 2 is for free on Amazon.


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Adam’s List by Jennifer Ann


Adam’s List by Jennifer Ann

377 pages

Ebook and Print


Adam Murphy is on borrowed time. He knows he should not have these feelings towards Jewels Peterson yet seeing her for the first time was like a kick in the gut. Something about her speaks to him in a way he has never felt before in his life. She is a young woman who hides her feelings with depression and booze yet with Adam she is not leaning towards her pills. Jewels know Adam is hiding something but can’t figure out what it is. Being with Adam is making her see how precious life is and how much Adam has come to mean to her in such a short time. Just when she thinks things can’t get any better Adam starts to turn to the worse. Can she convince Adam that they belong together and no matter what their love is for real?

I have to say this is the first I have read from Jennifer Ann and have to say I loved it. There were some moments where I wanted to hit Adam for his denial yet have to say I applauded Jewel for never backing away. Though there were doubts in her about the attraction towards Adam she never backed down. The attraction between them felt so real and heartwarming to see that no matter what obstacles came in their way Jennifer Ann never slowed down in their love. This is one author that I’m definitely going to keep up with and have to say can’t wait for her next one.


Aftershock by Desiree Holt


Aftershock by Desiree Holt

246 pages

Ebook and Print


Sydney Alexander is a woman determined to make her life a success. Despite her Aunts warning that she will fail she will not let anything distract her. Everything was going as plan until she lands the job of making the hot new band; Lightning, a huge success and making the world see how talented the band is. It was going all great until she let her heart and hormones get in the way when it came to Rick Trajean the band’s leader. Not only is he sexy, smart and distracting her with wicked kisses she knows it must not go further. Easy to say yet Rick is determined to be with her no matter what it takes. He knows when the right one has come and Sydney is his woman no matter how many times she denies the attraction. One kiss is all it takes to make him see she is one he cannot let go. Can they be together even when Sydney is determined to just keep it business than finally finding the love she deserves?

There are two words that describes Aftershock by the talented and imaginative Desiree Holt WOW and AWESOME. I love that she has continued with the band, Lightning and most of all of Rick Trajean. I loved him in the first book, Joy Ride, but have to say he totally shines in this book with Sydney. The thing I love the most about the writing style of Desiree Holt is that in all her books she brings back the past characters making them memorable and loveable. These two, Rick and Sydney, are so perfect for each other it’s hard to deny the attraction between them. Aftershock has it all, drama, passion, romance, action and the kind of love that sizzles and combust with one hot scintillating kiss with a hot rocker. Totally rocked Desiree Holt.


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Back to Buckhorn by Lori Foster


Back to Buckhorn by Lori Foster

90 pages

Ebook and Print


It has been years since Zoey Hodge has been back to Buckhorn, Kentucky. Everybody blames her for what happened to their hometown star player dying and practically threw her out of town years ago. Coming back was supposed to be a new beginning, a second chance at finally feeling at home. There are still talks about what happened yet through everything only one person still wants her, Garrett Hudson. Back then he was the only who never ridiculed her or placed blame on her. Seeing him again all grown up and ever so sexy is making her want things that are impossible. Her business is the main thing right now and getting her mom well not falling for Buckhorn’s local firefighter and eligible bachelor. Garrett has always had a thing for Zoey Hodge but was shy back then when she was here. Now seeing her all grown up, sexy and irresistable to him he wants more than a fling from her. Can he prove to his Zoey they belong together and the past doesn’t matter to him?

It may be short and sweet but one thing about Back to Buckhorn by Lori Foster is that it is hot. These two together are hot with each other there is no denying the physical attraction is there and the love between them. Lori Foster shows that no matter how many years have passed the love is still there and stronger. I was kind of iffy about the amount of pages for I’m used to Lori Fosters books being longer but have to say she proved me wrong. If you want a firefighter packed with hot sexuality and a woman determined to make things right then Back to Buckhorn is one you have to read.


Dusty’s Fate (The Braddocks) by Vickie King


Dusty’s Fate (The Braddocks) by Vickie King

182 pages

Ebook and Print


Jules Donovan doesn’t believe in happily ever after’s or family. Heck the one family member she had in her life chose alcohol more than her own daughter. She knew her mother had demons in her life that made her not be able to love. Yet through it all Jules swore if she ever had children she would give 100% of all the love she possessed. So it comes as a surprise that sexy Private Investigator, Dusty Braddock, says she has a long lost brother. Not wanting to imagine the impossible she can’t help but feel hopeful. Dusty swore that he will not make the same mistake he did before with his ex-wife. Yet seeing Jules is making him see that fate must be playing a cruel joke on him. She is nothing like he expected but he knows for a fact she is his brother-in-law’s sister in every way. Talented and artistic she even resembles like her brother. He knows that she is afraid of the possibility of having a family but afraid as well of the doubts. Can he prove to Jules that love and family do exist even if it means opening his heart again?

The Braddocks are a family that has come through so much and all it takes is the possibility of opening at love again to everyone. Vickie King has once again done it in such a heart-warming tale of second chances and the chance at finding love again. I laughed, cried and rooted for Dusty and Jules for these are two people so in need at love it’s hard to see them not together. No matter how many times Jules keeps her heart intact Dusty is one man you can never deny. Vickie King just wowed me in this book and hope there’s more in this family for they are all funny and loveable.