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Alphabetical Book Reviews

So here in the hospital waiting for doctor and I look in my kindle. I love that all my books are alphabetized noticing I have lots of titles starting with A and all the way to Z. In total I have just in my Kindle 325 books, paperback **yes I still read these** 120. In light of my Goodreads book challenge of reading 350 books this is my mission.

Each month will be reviews based on the alphabet. So January will be books starting with A them February B and so on. Call it spring cleaning  of my books lol. This is what happens when you wait for a doctor in the hospital you start noticing things. Still surprised I have books with W, X, Y and Z.

Yep this is one book challenge going to finish better than trying to complete a diet.


Distraction by Angela McPherson

Distraction by Angela McPherson
320 pages
10 Recommended

Elle Richards has always loved Tristan Daniels. Problem is that he is her best friend forever. Hard to imagine but he has seen her good, bad and sometimes hilarious moments which is why she is afraid. Tristan is the only person who knows how her life is really like and it scares her of losing him. So it comes as a surprise that he is engaged. Unable to stand it she chooses another man to make her happy. Elle knows he will always be her best friend but call her crazy she thought she would be the wife not another woman. The closer he is she is finding out how strong the feelings are now when she is about to lose him forever. Tristan Daniels loves football, drinking and Elle. His fiancee, however does not like Elle. She has always been there for him and no way is she leaving his life. He always thought Elle was special but the thought of never seeing, talking or hearing her laugh is unbearable. Just when he thought life can`t get more distracting Elle says those three magical words he`s been waiting forever from her lips. He`s supposed to be marrying someone else yet everytime he thinks of getting married it`s Elle`s face he imagines waking up kissng every day. Can he figure out who he wants in his life before it is too late?

This is the first I have read from Angela McPherson and have to say I loved it. I felt for Elle for we all have been in the same situation yet this was stronger than ever. Tristan is a deep man with strong emotions that made me just love him more. One minute he knows what he wants then he see`s Elle and he is lost. The chemistry they have is like an old married couple yet still in love. Even though this is all set when they are in college you can tell this is a couple who will stay together forever. I loved that Tristan knows exactly what Elle needs and won`t let her fall. Angela McPherson definitely pulled me in with this book and can`t wait for Book 2.

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Spiral by Jacqueline Levine

Spiral by Jacqueline Levine
289 pages
4 moons

If you ask Jack Hansen what he wants more in his life it will be one word. Normalcy. He doesn`t need drama, drugs or an attraction to a shallow step niece. No instead nobody asks him what he wants or needs just assumes and makes him do it. Tired of all the drama he back lashes the one person who needs him the most Cherie Belle. She is Hollywood`s IT girl and everybody wants to be her. Yet no one knows the real Cherie Belle like him and this just confuses him more. Everybody thinks she is cute, beautiful and so nice. Only Jack knows the real truth and knows that all this is a charade to her fans. Inside Cherie is hurting and in pain. No one understands that inside she is still a teenager wanting things to be normal and another day with her parents. Just when things can never be the same Jack starts having real feelings for Cherie and it scares him. Can he be the one to save her before she ends up like another Hollywood statistic?

This is the first I have read from Jacqueline Levine and have to say though it was slow at first it piqued my interest. What got me was that Jack Hansen is not your usual hero from other books. No one gives him a choice they just make him do it and yet through all this Jack still is just a teenager wanting a life of his own. At a young age he was thrust into adulthood being the man of the house never having a life of his own. Now Cherie Belle is another person he must protect even though his feelings for her are more of a boyfriend kind and not a stepfamily kind. Personally I didn`t like Cherie she seemed to shallow and not really taking into Jack`s feelings at heart. Don`t get me wrong Jack is definitely the man she needs but felt it was all Jack and nothing of Cherie making an effort. All in all Ihave to say it was good and look forward to Jacqueline next one.

Angel in Armani by Melanie Scott

Angel in Armani by Melanie Scott
353 pages
Ebook and Print
5 moons

Sarah Charles is tired. Since leaving the Army as a helo pilot she has been trying to be the good daughter her father needs. Yet when it comes to Dr. Lucas Angelo she is feeling for the first time like a woman and it scares her. Something about Lucas is making her wonder what a relationship with him would be like to be loved, cherished and the passion. Problem is that her life right now is centered on making her father`s business, Charles Air a success again. No matter how hard she tries one night with the sexy and devil as sin doctor is addicting and she wants more but at what risk. Dr. Lucas Angelo is the opposite of Sarah from the other side of the tracks. He`s never had to struggle to make ends meet and now as the new owner of a baseball team he needs a pilot like Sarah. He expected just business but one night with her and he is hooked for the first time. She is unlike the other women in his life who just wants his money and this scares him. He knows all she wants is just a business relationship but the more he`s with her Lucas is seeing how perfect she is for him in every way. Can he convince his pilot that sometimes taking risks are the best thing to getting happiness?

Angel in Armani is definitely the correct title for Melanie Scott`s book featuring a devilish and sexy doctor like Lucas Angelo. I loved that here is a guy who is tired of women after his money, a family that don`t appreciate him and a pilot who denies the beautiful sexy chemistry between them. Poor Lucas is just trying to lead a normal life but Sarah is making everything he thought of his life upside down. He never wanted or expected love yet Sarah is one person he can`t ignore anymore. Now Sarah was a little hard to get used too. No matter how much her life is centered on being the good daughter when it comes to Lucas there`s no denying it anymore. The passion these two and the chemistry is hard to ignore. Melanie Scott did a beautiful job in showing us the real Lucas and Sarah only wish I had read the first part in this series for these are three men you don`t want to miss.

A Cowgirl`s Christmas by CJ Carmichael

A Cowgirls Christmas by CJ Carmichael
165 pages
3 moons

Callan Carrigan loves ranching, it is in her blood and will always be her life. Well until her father died and her life is turned upside down. Now she has to deal with her father`s passing but also Court McAllister. One minute he is a cousin and the next taking all she thought was her life away. She never understood why all her life she always felt different. Callan still can`t believe her father betrayed her like this putting Court in her life. Ranching is her whole life not love, money or fame and now there is nothing. Court has always heard about Callan and seeing her hurt, in pain and heartbroken is not the impression he wants to see from her. He knows that her father passing is the thing that is breaking her and he is unsure what to do now. Ranching has never been his life just accounting. All Callan wants is her life back to normal yet amid her father`s death she is finding out secrets her mother took to her grave. Can she just go on with her life without the Circle C Ranch?

I have to say I expected more from this book and felt disappointed. The attraction was there between Callan and Court yet it staled for me. It seemed the author got stuck on the whole ranch instead of their romance between them. The secrets that her mother hid from them seemed like it was going somewhere but fell flat. Court now seemed the man enough to tame Callan yet even that fell flat like he gave up on the attraction. I mean for so long he heard about Callan and definitely interested yet didn`t feel he actually pushed towards the attraction just let time go by. All in all really hoped for more.

Merry Christmas, Baby by Jill Shalvis

Merry Christmas, Baby by Jill Shalvis
65 pages
4 Moons

All Chloe Thompson wants for Christmas is her husband, Sawyer. Let`s be honest so do we. Falling in love with him was not something she thought would happen to this moody, sexy and handsome sheriff. Yet through all the things that has happened in her life Sawyer married her and now she is pregnant with his child. It might have come as a surprise the pregnancy but in a way it feels right. He is her everything yet somehow she has pushed him away. Sawyer knows Chloe is scared but not as much as he is. He`s never seen himself as a father or a husband. Yet he can`t imagine a life without his Chloe. His job is sometimes dangerous but now that there is a child coming along he is ready for all the good changes with a family of his own. Can he convince Chloe that he`s there for her forever and won`t leave her?

Once again Jill Shalvis has not failed me. Even though it is short story I loved seeing how far Chloe and Sawyer have come along in their lives. Sawyer is still sexy as ever and Chloe still stubborn and wild as ever. These two are perfect for each other and a baby on the way is just wow. The Lucky Harbor series is by far my favorite and seeing that Chloe and Sawyer are adding to this beautiful town just makes my heart warm. Can`t wait for more from Jill Shalvis and have to say I am never disappointed.