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Before I Fall by Jessica Scott

Before I Fall by Jessica Scott
223 pages
March 3, 2015

Beth Lamont is tired of working and being the adult. Her life has been centered on her father,  a veteran who is in lots of pain because of an injury. Only thing that makes his pain bearable is alcohol and whatever medication he has at the time. Beth doesn`t have time for romance or a man like Noah Warren and it`s only a matter of time before she finds out what is really wrong with Noah. Main thing is to find medical help for her father and putting her heart aside. Each day with Noah though is starting to become hard for her especially when her body wants him from the passionate kisses she has encountered it is only a matter of time before her heart gets in the way. Can she make it work with Noah considering everything that is happening right now?

Noah Warren is an Army soldier and civilian life is just not for him. For months he has felt alone like he just landed on to Earth. His whole life has always been army life and now being in college after all this is just not his thing. His best friend LT always told him the Army is not all it`s cracked up that he is destined for more. Yet coming back he is wondering why he was the one left to live and feels like giving up until Beth becomes his tutor. Something about this woman just makes him feels alive to be better. He knows that he is messed up and damaged inside and out. Being with Beth is making him see that maybe this is his second chance at redemption. A second chance to make his life better without the constant pull to his medications. Can he, a man barely surviving to live like a normal person be the man Beth needs in her life?

My first book from Jessica Scott was Because of You a story about a soldier`s life in the Army and after. Since then Jessica Scott has been a favorite of mine and used to reading about her soldiers so when I got Before I Fall I was intrigued. A new adult romance set in the college scene was very curious how she would do in this new genre. Have to say I am not disappointed at all. From the first chapter you can tell Beth has not had it easy in her life. You can see how much she has struggled never having a life for her own always centered on making ends meet barely going on each day. One thing about Noah that I loved about is he knows what his problem is and tries to fix it. Jessica did a beautiful job in showing us that even though he was in the Army he is not your usual tough, macho and proud man but one who is also struggling to survive. Have to say even though I miss Jessicas soldiers Noah is becoming a favorite for me as well and his other friends hoping a story about them as well.


Love Diamonds and Spades by Violet Duke

Love Diamonds and Spades by Vioket Duke
208 pages
Ebook and Print

Quinn Christiansen is known as being tough, independent and a survivor in Cactus Creek. If you want someone to be blunt, straight-forward and no bullshit you go to Quinn. So it comes as a surprise that a man like Rylan Grey is making her all tongue-tied and becoming a distraction she can`t afford right now in her life. One mistake with a musician changed her life and even though she got the best thing in the world, her son, she is not stupid enough to fall for one again.Yet Rylan is proving to be more than just a musician and actually becoming someone she can see herself with which is troubling right now. Can she just give in to another musician and risk her life for a man like Rylan?

Rylan Grey has had his share of women but none have made him work harder than ever like Quinn Christiansen. Everybody knows she is tough on the outside but it is the inside he knows that she needs a man like him. Her little boy has already captured his heart and now it is Quinn he wants captured for him. Rylan knows that he is the one for her and though she denies it she wants him. The chemistry between them is hot and about to explode yet he wants more than just passionate kisses. Can he convince her that he is not like her ex and wants the whole package? A woman with a child has never been his thing yet he can`t imagine a life without them?

So we met Quinn and Rylan for a little bit in Violet Duke`s previous about Dani and Luke well we got more in this one. I loved the little snippet we got of these two and man Violet didn`t disappoint at all. The attraction they have and the little cat and mouse game they have was sweet. I mean I understand Quinns concerns with a man like Rylan but have to say it was worth the wait. These two are perfect for each other and Rylan is just the right man she needs in her life. Have to say Violet Duke did a beautiful job in pulling these two together it`s so easy to love them and seeing all the past characters in the previous loved it. Can`t wait for more from Violet and what else Cactus Creek will bring.

Exposure by Annie Jocoby

Exposure Book 1 by Annie Jocoby
421 pages
Ebook and Print

CJ  Parker is afraid. For months she has lived in her apartment not going out at all. Everything she needs can be ordered on her laptop. Well almost everything. The one time she gets adventurous and leaves her apartment is all the same time she meets Asher Sloane. People tell her to walk away and not stay with the devil himself. What started off as a charade is proving to be more. Asher has somehow become the light she needed to get better and now he wants more. He said he can`t love that he is dangerous but CJ is determined to prove him wrong.

He is known as sexy, billionaire, smart and beneath all this dangerous to women. His kisses alone and passion is enough to make a woman faint or in CJ`s case seek help. He just needed CJ for a couple days as a game yet now he wants more which confuses him. He`s had beautiful, sexier women before and CJ is opposite of them all making him rethink his feelings toward love again. Asher swore he would not be weak in love or have a woman bring him to his knees but never expected CJ in his life. Now that he`s ready his past is coming to rise. Can he keep CJ knowing that his whole past life might tear them apart?

This is the first I have read from Annie Jocoby and have to say I want more of Asher. Considering this is Book 1 it started off good. I mean definitely intrigued about Asher and what he is hiding. CJ have to say I applaud for how she is turning her life no longer afraid yet still struggling. These two are opposites from their lifestyles yet in a way the complete each other. Loved it and can`t wait for the next one in this series about Asher and CJ.

The Way We Fall by Cassia Leo

The Way We Fall by Cassia Leo
302 pages
Ebook and Print

Rory and Houston, a man and woman, who have been together since they were children. Two people who have gone through adolescence, teen drama and sadly tragedy. Things that should have separated them only brought them closer yet in many ways it has distanced them. Rory cannot remember a time when she was not in love with Houston. He was always there for her starting as a teenage crush to her first and only serious boyfriend. He taught her how to laugh, smile and love with all her heart. It is because of this that five years later they are barely reconnecting again. When he left she swore she would protect her heart better and not fall again. Houston coming back and married is proof that they were never meant to be together. The attraction is still there triple more toxic this time and she knows she won`t survive the heartache again.

Houston has never stopped loving Rory. He knew his heart will and always belong to her yet somehow he fucked  it up. The pain of loosing Hailie brought them together yet even through tragedy he loses his only love. Now seeing her after all these years is a sign that they belong together. He knows his marriage with Tessa is all a farce. The marriage he thought was based on love is just a fluke all based on lies. Rory after all these years is still beautiful and his heart. He knows it is time to reveal the reason his sister committed suicide but is afraid of the effects. Houston is ready to get his life in control and finally be with Rory. Can he suceed or will the past tear them apart again?

This is the first I have read from Cassia Leo and have to say it was really good. I mean I felt for Rory and her life with Houston. These two started off as friends and one tragedy pulls them closer than ever. I was really into Houston and his struggle to make things in his life normal. You can tell right away Tessa is not the one for him and Rory will always be for him. Have to say Cassia did a great job in this new series and can`t wait for Part 2 of this beautiful series.

Tycoon Takedown by Ruth Cardello

Tycoon Takedown by Ruth Cardello
270 pages
Ebook and Print

Melanie Hanna is a good mother. Something she keeps repeating to herself because lately she is not feeling like a good mother. Her little boy wants to know who his daddy is. She knew this question would come along someday just wasn`t ready for it to be now. Melanie`s life was all planned before she went to New York and now she is paying the consequences. She swore never to go back yet knowing that Charles Dery is there gives her some peace. He`s city slicker all the way and knows a plain jane like her will never get his attention. Or so she thought? Amid the passionate kisses from Charles she knows they would never make it work. They are different not only from him being rich and her middle class but their beliefs on things just doesn`t mesh. She knows she is doing the right thing by leaving him but her heart says differently.

Charles Dery is a rich man and has a life filled of luxury. He never had to struggle to make ends meet and this is what makes him wonder why he is attracted to Melanie Hanna. Ever since he first met her at his sisters new ranch he has been questioning himself. They are worlds apart and different in every way yet she intrigues him. He knows she is hiding something and is determined to find out what before she runs away again. He loves her spunkiness, beauty and most of all what a good mother she is to her child. Charles never saw himself as a man wanting a family or love. He`s had many women before far more beautiful and sexier than Melanie yet she is always in his thoughts and heart now. Can he figure out what Melanie is hiding? Can he prove to her that money is not all it`s cracked up to be that love is more important right now?

Ruth Cardello has done it again in a tale of second chances at love and a man`s outlook on children and love. Charles Dery is your typical bachelor never thought about love or family. I loved that a woman like Melanie Hanna turns his whole life upside down with one ninja move. These two may be opposites from each other but you can tell their hearts want one another. I loved that Melanie is not your usual damsel in distress and doesn`t take shit from anybody especially a smooth talker like Charles. These two are perfect for each other and can`t wait for more from Ruth Cardello.

Time Served by Juliana Keyes

Time Served by Juliana Keyes
3 moons

Dean Barclay is the type of man you look back in your life with a big question mark. She is the only one who survived and made something of herself. It was a struggle but somehow she went from being trailer trash to becoming a lawyer. Her life long ago is gone or so she thought. She never thought of seeing Dean again after all these years. He was supposed to be in prison not here in the city turning her life upside  down. She`s had men before but none have made her feel desireable, wild and reckless like he did to her years ago. One kiss is all it takes to make her feel reckless again and Dean is so not what she needs right now. Or does she?

Okay I have to say the blurb seemed more interesting. I`m all for rebel sexy on a stick guys getting second chances but feel Dean`s story was left out. I mean it seemed more like a sex book all about Dean getting his kicks out. Which yes I understand it`s an erotica book but wanted more from this guy and what put him in jail. I loved that he had revenge set on his mind and changes when he see`s her again. In a way it seemed more like it was her story then about them. So many questions unanswered and sadly just didn`t live up to this reviewers needs in a good book.

For Better or For Worse by Ingrid Nickelsen

For Better or For Worse by Ingrid Nickelsen
330 pages
Ebook and Print

What would you do if one day you were a mother and wife and the next confused and lost? That is something Evangeline is questioning herself. She has no idea why she is young again or who she is. People around her look at her with secrets in their eyes making her wonder what exactly is going on. She gets snippets of her past but not enough to give her a complete story of who she really was years ago. Somehow she is in a place where she will never age, go hungry or gain weight yet seems surreal to her. Something about the people in this new place treat her differently yet none will answer her questions about her past. One man though seems to want to help yet gets in trouble for wanting to guide her to the right path in this world. Everybody tells her to stay away from this man that it will only lead her to more trouble. Yet each time she tries to stay away she is pulled back to him. Can Evangeline figure out where she is and how she came to this place?

For Better or For Worse by Ingrid Nickelsen is a tale of one woman`s struggle to find peace and questions that is bombarding her right now. One minute Evangeline is in a warm house talking to a man and the next she is in a place in a different body. With no idea where she is Evangeline struggles to survive and find out answers. What I liked was how Evangeline adapted to this place almost forgetting why she wanted answers to her unending questions. I felt a little antsy when no one wanted to help her and only person that might is reprimanded for doing the right thing. All in all this is definitely a page turner making you wonder exactly what happened to Evangline?