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Say My Name by J. Kenner

Say My Name by J. Kenner
336 pages
April 7, 2015
Ebook and Print
4 Moons

Jackson Steele is a man you don`t mess with in a day. He was supposed to stay in her past. A past that still haunts her. She knows she has come a long way but Jackson can rip all that apart with just one kiss and one touch. For years she has kept her heart intact and her body open to the taking. No one except Jackson has gone past her body and it scares her that he can still do it. Nobody knows her shameful past and it is because of this she left Jackson all those years ago in Atlanta. Seeing him again and needing him for her job is the only reason he is back in her life. One thing she has to remember is to not fall for his charms again. Nobody told her that love was easy and passion mixed into it is dangerous in every way. Can she ignore Jackson when he demands why she left him? Can she ignore her heart when it comes to Jackson Steele?

Once again J.kenner has brought a series that not only excites with heat, passion but also second chances. Sylvia is the type of woman that is hiding. Hiding from her past and a chance at happiness is a move she has been doing to guard her heart. Jackson is one man who can make her fall and not with grace. He is the one sinful, decadent and dangerous treat she cannot afford to have in her life. Now Jackson has never forgotten about Sylvia and though she left him he wants her more than ever. What started off as a revenge ploy is becoming more than a game to him. He wants Sylvia and boy J.Kenner did this beautiful. I loved her Stark series and have to say Jackson is becoming a favorite for me with his debut book. Get ready for passion, kink, love and a chance at redemption. Loved it.

Only for Him by Cristin Harber

Only for Him by Cristin Harber
126 pages
Ebook and Print
4 Moons

Two peas in a pod that is what they are, Grayson Ford and Emma Kinglsey. They are inseparable considering Grayson is her brother`s best friend and in some ways hers as well. Friendship is all he wants but Emma knows better. For years she has hidden her feelings well until one admission from him changes everything. She has no idea what to do now only that she can`t stop loving Grayson. Emma knows he has a tough life and no matter what will always be there for him. He keeps denying her but knows he loves her. Emma knows nothing will come of her admitting his feelings for she is the regular plain jane and he is Mister Popular in high school the captain of alll things. Can she continue this charade of just being a friend to her Grayson when he needs her the most?

How does one live when you give up your heart away? That is something Grayson Ford keeps questioning. Emma is the one person in his dark life that brings sunshine and happiness. He knows it is wrong to love her but his heart knows what it wants. Grayson is tired of hiding his feelings for his Emma but he must for she deserves better. All it takes though is one kiss from her lips and he`s gone forever again. She is the only one who really loves and cares for him. Can he risk it all for one moment of happiness in her arms?

This is the first I have read from Cristin Harber and so into it now. I fell for Grayson and the hard life he has led so far. Emma is everything she needs in his life. She is his ray of light and he is scared. I loved that these two love so passionately yet deny one another for that happiness. Christin has left me hanging waiting for the next part in this series for I can`t wait to find out what happens with Grayson. There is love, passion and sadly heartache as well but it takes that special love to make things brighter. Can`t wait for the next one.

Prove Me Wrong by Tessa Marie

Prove Me Wrong by Tessa Marie
235 pages
4 Moons

Her son Brady is everything to her and she will do anything she can to be a good mother. That is what an adult mother will say not a high school teenager. Hailey Saldino had plans, dreams and a normal teenager life. It all ended when she became 15 and pregnant being sweet talked by a boy. Now that her life has changed and she`s in a new town she is determined to finish school and be normal. She knows it won`t be 100% normal considering she has her little baby Brady but she is trying. Going to school and pretending that Brady is littler brother was the plan but she didn`t expect Luke Hannon to enter in her life. Everybody tells her to stay away from him. He is trouble,  a womanizer never anything serious. All good reasons to stay away from him but she can`t. Even though her goal is to stay normal and be the best mom she can be for Brady she has fallen for the bad boy.

School never seemed to be important to go to until now. Meeting the new girl is nothing strange at his school but Hailey is not your typical girl. He`s never felt like this before towards a girl and knows he`s in trouble. Luke knows he hasn`t led a good life in high school proving that he has a reputation but something feels different now. He`s determined to make things right and make his mom happy. Being with Hailey makes him want to be better in her eyes and work harder than ever to be the man she deserves. Hailey though is a mystery to him in more ways than one and he wants to be there for her no matter what it takes. All he wants is a second chance and lies are not something he wants in a relationship with her. He`s putting his heart out there and his life something he`s never done before in his life.

I have to say I love this new genre, New Adult. The feeling of love and first loves is always a wonderous thing to this reader. Hailey just wants to lead a normal high school life yet one mistake ruined her life. Now it is all about being a good mother and lead good rules to her son. Love is not something she can afford right now but Luke is making things hard for her. Now Luke is your typical high school boy all about drinking,  skipping school and just having fun. These two lead different lives then again below their fun loving personalities is a need to be better.  Separate responsibilities they each have yet deep down they both crave a second chance at life. Loved it and can`t wait for more from this talented author.

Love, Exes and Oh`s by Violet Duke

Love, Exes and Ohs by Violet Duke
206 pages
5 Moons

Exes are supposed to stay in the past. So far all of them have except she cannot let go of Issac McKnight. For years they were friends, then lovers and now friends again. He`s the best friend she`s never had and the only man who really understands her. Lately he is becoming more to her and it scares her. Xoey feels way to comfortable with Isaac yet she is still searching for THE ONE. The one who took her innocence and threw it away like a rag. THE ONE she has never forgotten about and comparing that feeling she had with THE ONE with all the men she has had since then. Only one seems close and Isaac is definitely the one that scares her. He is everything she searches for in a guy yet shies away a little bit. Can she figure out exactly what is going on between them before she looses her best friend and more?

Cactus Creek is a place where everyone knows everyone. Where secrets, friendships and romance is known before the actual people know it. So it comes no surprise that everyone knows about Isaac`s love for Xoey. They were friends, lovers and now he wants more. Being with her in the mornings, talking to her at night and touching her as a friend is making him go crazy. He wants more and she is afraid. Months have gone by since the last time he tasted her lips and been with her. Isaac knows Xoey is searching for THE ONE but secretly wants her for himself no matter what her idea of THE ONE is supposed to be. Just when he thinks he can just be a friend something terrible happens to her friend bringing them closer to each other. Can he just walk away from her when she finds out the truth about him? Or will this be the chance he needs to get his Xoey forever?

Three books it took for finally finding out about Xoey and Isaac. Have to say it was worth the wait. Violet Duke sure knows how to tease her readers in every book.  Loved Dani and Luke yet was more intrigued about Xoey. At first she seems tough, feisty and unreachable yet Isaac seems to be the only one to cool her down. Loved that these two share a unique friendship that is special to them yet they crave for more. Have to say Isaac is one patient man and seeing that he is willing tojust be a friend if needed was tough. From the first chapter I was like get on with it lol. Loved it and have to say Cactus Creek is one town that is becoming memorable to this reader.

Homefront by Jessica Scott

Homefront by Jessica Scott
234 pages
Ebook and Print
5 Moons

She`s a bad mother. All she wants her is her daughter to stop behaving bad and be the sweet, gentle daughter she used to be. Melanie has tried for years to be the mother her daughter needs her to be but she is tired. As a young mother she tried to be there but one night is all it takes for her daughter to be lost. The one person she needed didn`t give a damn to come and help. Her husband and father to a daughter who is forgetting about him. She knows he couldn`t come considering he was in another part of the world but she needed him. Now that she has given up on ever having a normal marriage Gale is back. Awkward is one word to put their relationship but confusing for the feelings he is bringing in her. She is determined to make things right without her heart getting in the way again. Seeing this new side of Gale, the caring, loving and determined to be a father and husband again scares the wits out of her.

Gale Sorren is finally back. It took him years to come back stateside and he has a mission to achieve. His wife, Melanie needed him one time and once again the war came first before her. He knows he fucked up with her for they were both young when they married and had a kid. Now as an adult he knows what his priorities are and should have been all the time. Being back though he knows it will take hard work considering that they are divorced he wants his family back no matter what it takes. Melanie still seems him as the boy she fell in love with and Gale is determined to make her see how far they have grown. He more than ever wants to show her the passion and love he always had for her is still there.

One word about Gale Sorren is that he is haunted. Friends he knew are gone and the one thing that has made him go on each day see`s him as a stranger. His family was always important to him and one time changes everything. Here is a man who wants to be better, stronger and a father yet is afraid. I loved that Jessica Scott created Melanie for this guy. She pushes him in every way yet makes him want to be better even though he feels he doesn`t deserve a second chance. I felt for Melanie for here is a woman who had to grow quick and be both mother/father to her daughter. We all make mistakes and regret things but Gale is one thing she has never regretted. Gale knows Melanie will always be the one for him but is afraid of his demons and the past. Jessica Scott did such a beautiful job with Gale there was fear, anger, passion and yes even laughter when he needs to have the talk with his daughter. All in all Homefront is definitely a favorite for this reader.

Beneath the Scars by Melanie Moreland

Beneath the Scars by Melanie Moreland
262 pages
4 Moons

It`s been years since Zachary Adams has been with a woman. The last time he was with one it ended his career and looks. Yet no matter how hard he tries he can`t stay away from Megan Greene. Something about her makes him want to talk to her and kiss her. For the first time in years he feels love which is unusual for him. He`s never had that in his life and Megan is determined to show him love in every way. She is definitely not the kind of women he romanced before and her wanting to be with him scares him. All his life he has closed his heart and Megan is making him be something he`s never been before. A better man.

Megan Greene is tired of men lying to her. One mistake with a guy and her hopes of becoming an author is destroyed. Writing has always been her dream job yet one guy made her feel worthless and a liar. Yet going away to her friends cabin was supposed to be a time of relaxing and reflecting her priorities. She never expected to have such a strong attraction towards Zachary. Being his neighbor she thought maybe a friendship never thought about his rudeness. He might be rude and somewhat angry all the time but there is something that pulls him to her. Seeing him is bringing out a love she has never experienced before and it scares her. Zachary is unlike any man she has known and feels he is hiding much more than what his painting shows. Can she get him to see that love is real? Can Zachary see that love is possible no matter what is shown on the outside?

Megan and Zach are two people who are opposite yet similar in so many ways. Zach is a man in hiding not only from the world but also of feeling things. For years he has guarded his heart yet Megan somehow makes him break free. I loved that these two have so much in common yet are afraid to really let loose. I liked that even though Zach has many reasons to hide he is willing to do it for Megan. This is the first I have read from Melanie Moreland and have to say it was great. So much passion, intrigue and most of all a chance for one man to finally get his second chance at life. Loved it.

Breakdown by Amanda Lance

Breakdown by Amanda Lance
272 pages
Ebook and Print
4 Moons

Jump..just do it her mind says but something stops her. Charlotte Ferro doesn`t want to live anymore. Each day is a struggle. Each day she has to pretend to be okay when inside she is dying. All she has to do is just lean forward and jump. Well that was until William O`Reilly stops her. Now all she wants to do is feel the adrenaline he brings to her. She doesn`t know why he cares whether she lives or dies. Something about him though pushing her to spend time with him excites her in a way she hasn`t felt before. She knows racing is illegal yet Billy brings purpose back in her life. Fast cars were never her thing but somehow Billy is becoming her thing and she can`t deny the attraction anymore. Yet can she trust Billy with her life or will he end it?

Fast cars, sexy guys and the adrenaline of all that speed can get to a person especially one who is ready to end it all. I loved that Amanda Lance has brought a woman back to life with just one thing, love. What I liked most about this book was Billy. Here is a guy who is so loving, passionate yet afraid for Charlotte. He doesn`t care about his life just making sure that Charlotte is safe and okay. Reading about this guy who has never had love in his life give his whole heart and being to Charlotte was like wow. Great job and can`t wait for more from Amanda Lance.

Before He Was A Secret by Becky Wicks

Before He Was A Secret by Becky Wicks
253 pages
5 Moons

Nashville is the place to go if you want to be a singer. This is something that Stephanie has always dreamed of becoming. Yet ever since she lost her parents her songwriting has been stalled. The piano was always her best friend and now it seems like a monster to her. Afraid of feeling again she is stuck waiting tables and still dreaming. She knows she can`t run away from her fears especially when she meets Conor Judge a pianist. Everything in her screams to run yet Conor is temptation to her. Each day she tries but she can`t go far. He tries everything to get her to see that she is good and deserves a chance at happiness again. He`s seen what happens when you let fear run your life and he doesn`t want that for Stephanie.

Conor Judge is a man who is trying to be good. Yet no matter what he does he is never good for his father. He`s tried many times to be the good son even going as far as being with the girl he wants him to be with. Lies and betrayal seem to follow him around yet Stephanie brings something in his life he hasn`t had for a while, love. Being with Stephanie makes him feel like anything is possible even the chance at his music and lost brother being found. Music is all he knows and knowing that Stephanie wants that in her life also makes her just the right one for her in every way.

Another hit by Becky Wicks that will make you laugh, cry and scream at certain characters in the book. Nashville is what every singer dreams of making it big and Conor is no exception. Stephanie is unlike any singer he has come to known. When she sings it`s like all her feelings and emotions come out making you weep for her pain and joy. I loved that Becky not only shows us Conor`s determination at making it big but also we see Stephanie over come her fear. These two are perfect for each other and boy Travis Flynn talk about a big intrusion in their lives. Becky Wicks did a beautiful job in Conor yes Conor. Here is a man trying to be the perfect son but there is only so much you can do before you break. Stephanie by his side seems so right in every way. Loved it.

Two Faced by Melissa Pearl

Two Faced by Melissa Pearl
360 pages
Ebook and Print
4 Moons

College is supposed to be about enjoying life, adventure and finding love with that special someone. Yet Caitlyn Davies is not your normal usual college girl. Instead she is gifted with a special power that was bequeath to her in the previous book. A gift that sometimes is annoying yet in some ways makes sense. Eric Shore, the hot neighbor of hers is the only one who knows what her life is really like. They are hot for each other but there are things happening that she cannot ignore. All around her there are people hiding something. Problem is that something is going around the college. Bad things that are hitting close to home concerning Eric and a professor everybody loves, well except her and his brother Connor. She doesn`t want to be cast as the crazy one yet she cannot ignore that something big is happening and she is the only one who can unlock all the secrets.

Eric Shore knew that his love life will never be the same when it comes to Caitlyn. Not only is she beautiful, sexy and gifted in so many ways he still cannot believe she is with him. Everything is going great until he see`s his favorite teacher doing something he never imagined him doing. Now he is torn because Caitlyn warned him and he turned the other way. Love is confusing in so many ways but when it comes to Caitlyn he is determined to give her the benefit of the doubt even if it means turning away from his family. He`s never known Caitlyn to be a liar and suspects that her gift is either a curse or a gift for it might mean saving his brother Connor. Can he ignore Caitlyn`s gift or help her find out what exactly is going on around the campus?

Seeing behind a person`s mask can sometimes be a gift or a curse. Caitlyn just wanted to enjoy college life not be confused and enstranged with her new boyfriend. Eric is the only one who knows what`s going on in her life. So knowing that his brother might be doing drugs is tearing them apart. I loved that Melissa Pearl has once again put Caitlyn in a situation she never saw coming yet is the only one who can make things right. Set in the college life you expect this to happen yet Melissa Pearl twists it in a way far beyond your usual money and drugs. Eric I have to applaud for always being there even though it pains him of what the outcome might be with his brother, Caitlyn is the one for him. Can`t wait for Part 3 in this series and what else Caitlyn will unmask.

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Only The Good Die Young by Douglas Trueman

Only the Good Die Young by Douglas Trueman
297 pages
Ebook and Print
4 Moons

All Rebecca Lockhart wants is a normal life in a new school. She knew being new was going to cause problems but never thought this big. Her mother, new vice principal told her just be yourself. Which she did at first and people just teased and hated her. Biggest one em all to tease her was Alex girlfried of JJ the boy she has a crush on. Rebecca knows that being in a new school will bring trouble but never thought she would be responsible for it. JJ seemed like the perfect guy yet something about him was mysterious to her. In part this might be why she was attracted to him in the beginning. Her friend Kyle told her he was bad news until it took one kiss from JJ to make her eyes open. Can she get her life back together before JJ ruins it for her? Can she figure out that the only boy who really likes her for who she is has always been by for her?

This is the first I have read from Douglas Trueman and have to say it was a breath of fresh air. I loved that Rebecca is a naive young girl at heart just wanting to be normal. Yet because of her mother her life is not your typical teenagers life. They`re both on the run from her father and now everything she knows is a lie. I like that she tries to be normal and nice yet these two things is what causes her all the trouble that is happening. Douglas Trueman did a great job showing us one teenagers life turn crazy with just one little lie. Only the Good Die Young is filled with comedy, romance and finding out who you really are among all the teasing. Good book and definitely can`t wait for another of Douglas Trueman.