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Make You Mine by Jackie Ashenden

Make You Mine by Jackie Ashenden
379 pages
Ebook and Print
5 moons

Alex St. James is a man you do not want to mess. For the last nineteen years he has guarded his heart and lead a life filled with woman, drugs and booze. This is a reputation he has tried to maintain all his life but his past is coming back to turn his life upside down again. He swore years ago he would not let his past bite him in the ass or danger his family least of Honor his sister. Only one woman seems to not give up on him and it troubles Alex. For all purposes Katya Ivanov is more than just a woman. She is his bodyguard and somehow the only one to get really close to him something no other woman has done before well outside of his bed. Something about Katya makes him want to be a better man. A man who used to be able to love and care. A man who he doesn`t even recognize anymore which scares him when he is near Katya. As a member of the Nine Circles Club he is known to be ruthless, arrogant, sexy and most of all a man with secrets and danger. Can he protect Katya from his troubled past?

Katya Ivanov is tired of men like rich, billionaire Alex St. James. As a young woman she was taught to be strong and as a soldier above else she cannot afford to have feelings. Love is not in her vocabulary yet somehow Alex is getting under skin. For months she has remained strong, ignorant of his blatant behavior and seduction yet one touch from him and all bets are off. For the first time he is making her feel more than a soldier and a woman wanting to be desired. Alex is more than just a sexy body and a face which scares her. Her job is and always to protect him no matter who or what the situation is. Yet when his past is revealed she is unsure what to do. Protect him as a client or Protect him as her lover? As a soldier she is trained to guard her heart to not feel and get involved. Seemed simple at first when she agreed to help him but never expected her heart to get in the way and succumb to his seduction. Can she just leave him after this job knowing full well she will always be his?

In one word Alex St. James is HOT. From the first chapter he has this power of sensuality and seduction so easily. The attraction might have seem like a job at first yet one touch from him and Katya is putty in his hands. I loved that she is strong, almost like a robot all about being a trained soldier at combat and getting the job done. Yet when it comes to a man like Alex it is like a spell took over her. Now Alex I really was surprised yet never saw this coming in what happened to him in the past. These two may seem different in so many ways yet they have one thing in common. They just want someone to need them. Jackie Ashenden did a wonderful job in showing this reviewer that sometimes vengeance may seem good and sweet yet it takes a strong person to make things seem different. Katya is everything Alex needs and loved that this woman can break him. Hot, sexy and vengeance all in one book making me want more of the Nine Circles Club.

Everything by Melissa Pearl

Everything by Melissa Pearl
236 pages
Ebook and Print
10 moons Recommended

Jody Pritchett is a wonderful mom, responsible, loving and strong. Something she keeps saying to herself even though inside she feels like a looser. All her life she wanted to sing and dance on broadway. All that changed when she let one man show her love and passion. Now she is a single mother trying to be the best she can. Everybody around her sees her as a disappointment most of all her father. Being on her own with a child is scary yet in many ways she feels like a real adult when she moves out on her own to become an apartment manager. Being away from her family she sees that the real world can be scary but love is all that matters. Another thing is having Leo Sinclair nearby helps her cope with what she had lost. Here is a guy who is within reach of getting his dreams and she is a single mom wallowing in her dreams gone. A good man who doesn`t need her in his life or does he. Just when she thinks things can`t get complicated she starts feeling more than friendship with him. Can she love him knowing he might be gone to follow his dreams?

Leo Sinclair has one dream and that is to make it to Broadway. Leaving Australia and getting divorced was not what he imagined his life to be. All his life he has imagined writing that big musical seeing his name in New York. Coming to the states was the next step to reaching his dream but never expected to meet Jody and her little girl. When he started writing his musical only one girl came to mind to complete his play and music. Jody is everything he wishes to come to life in his play and it scares him. She is like a breath of fresh air and already he is in love with her little girl. Leo knows it is too soon to fall for someone. In her he sees a woman who is strong, beautiful and most of all a woman he can see a forever in. He knows what it is like to almost have your dream within reach. Yet knowing that he is close to getting his musical come to life he cannot do it without his everything, Jody. Can he give up his dream when Jody is coming to mean so much more to him? Can he do what she wants him and leave her knowing he will never be the same?

Once in a time there comes a series where it pulls you in and never lets you go making you swoon when there is more in it. Well Melissa Pearl does this to me in her Songbird series. This is Book 3 about Jody Pritchett and what happens to her. In the second book with her sister, Morgan we see a young Jody ready for school and adventure. Yet now she is a single mom trying to be strong and responsible. Here is a woman who had dreams of being a broadway dancer and singer. A young woman who feels lost and alone. Then we have Leo who is just like Jody within reach of getting all his dreams. Two people who come from different worlds yet music is what brings them together. I just loved how Melissa Pearl was able to get these songs making the relationship between Jody and Leo sweet and realistic. The feelings they have between each other are strong and yet the dilemma they have about reaching their dreams was like wow. This was definitely a great book to the point where I cried, applauded, laughed and most of all just didn`t want it to end. Loved it.

Mine to Take by Jackie Ashenden

Mine to Take by Jackie Ashenden
380 pages
Ebook and Print
10 recommended

Gabriel Woolf has one goal right now. Revenge. His mother for years lived in shame because of one man. One man who ruined all the dreams she had in life and his life.  It was supposed to be a job. Get the man and finally have his mother rest in peace for what he did to her. As a businessman and member of the Nine Circles Club he is known to not have mercy and not get distracted. All that changes though when he meets the stepdaughter, Honor St. James. The pictures don`t do her justice at all. Beautiful, smart, clever and sexy all in one package making this job turn upside down. Her father is the main reason why he is even contemplating in helping her save her father`s company. She is the key to getting to him but didn`t expect his heart would thaw out with her touch and kisses. Can he keep his mission and complete it? Will Honor be the one to save him from his downfall to hell?

Honor St. James knows something is up. She has no idea why her father`s hotel business is floundering only knows that something is not right. Gabriel Woolf seems to be the only one wanting to help and it confuses her. One minute he doesn`t want anything to do with her then the next he is throwing out strong signals that scares her. She`s never been type of woman into being taken or ordered around. Yet Gabriel is making her feel things she has never felt before. Desire, need and no control is not something she can afford right now. Each touch and kiss from him just makes her wonder what exactly is he up to in helping her. Honor has one goal and that is to save her father`s company not fall into the devils passion and bed. Can she walk away from this knowing Gabriel needs her for salvation?

Three words about Gabriel Woolf is HOT, SEXY and DANGEROUS. Three words that come to mind whenever Honor St. James sees him. I loved that here is a man bent on vengeance determined to ruin the man who shamed his mother. Yet when it comes to his stepdaughter he is confused. The chemistry between these two are hot and sizzling. One minute they hate each other the next it`s full blown passion making you reach for the ice.  I have to say I am liking the Nine Circles Club and the men that Jackie Ashenden create woohoo. Honor is everything Gabriel needs in his life and it scares him that a woman like her can bring him down. Definitely a series you don`t want to miss.

Hot Alphas by Lora Leigh, Laurelin McGee, Shiloh Walker and Kate Douglas

Hot Alphas by Lora Leigh, Laurelin McGee, Shiloh Walker and Kate Douglas
368 pages
Ebook and Print
May 2015
4 moons for the whole book

In Erin’s Kiss by Lora Leigh…3 moons
Temptation that is what he sees in Erin. Beautiful, sexy and tough is other things about her that makes him love her more. Problem is Turk cannot be more than just a protector her. Fantasies about them together must stay that fantasies even when Erin herself makes her feelings known towards him. He must not reveal his true feelings or the mission will be lost.

Mistaken by Laurelin McGee…4 moons
Jaylene is independent inside and out. She cannot understand how women out there will let a man tell her what to do or make them obedient. This to her is a weakness and one she will never let happen to her. Jaylene knows there are books out there that sell a lot about BDSM and macho alpha men yet cannot understand why a man like her sexy neighbor is reading one.

In Burn for Me by Shiloh Walker…5 moons
Ali is torn. For months she has been having wonderful passionate sex with Tate. The one man she has always loved. Problem is what started as friends with benifets is becoming tiresome and she wants more now. Her kids love Tate and her heart wants Tate. He on the other hand feels not worthy of love. Ever since his mothers death he feels love is not an option in his life. Can Ali make him see that with her love will always be there?

In Tangled by Kate Douglas…4
Nate is up at Tangled Vineyards on a new job. A new beginning but one that is making another person leave their dreams. Cassie never expected the new manager for her vineyards to be hot and sexy. The vineyards were part of her and now because of her father she must hand it over to a stranger. He might be here for a new job but someone wans them both gone. Can Cassie and Nate learn to work together to make  new beginning?

Hot Alphas a new anthology full of hot men, hot storylines and from bestselling authors all in one wonderful book. Have to say though my favorite has to be Shiloh Walkers. I have been following this series and felt Tate`s pain. He`s never learned to grieve for his mothers death years ago. Ali is one strong woman to stick with him even though it might mean never getting love back. All in all each story had a guy that will make you hot and bothered. Definitely hope there`s more like this series full of men with passion and action.

After the War by Jessica Scott

After the War by Jessica Scott
254 pages
Ebook and Print
5 Moons

Captain Sarah Anders is tired of proving herself to everyone. Joining the army was her way of showing everyone that she is strong and can handle anything. At least she thought she had a handle on things until she meets a man from her past. The one man she thought she had lost forever is making her realize that the love between them is still there stronger than ever. Losing her husband, Jack, in Iraq was something she knew might happen but never thought she would have a piece of him in her daughter. Her little girl is her everything but knows she worries about her going back to Iraq maybe never coming back. She has no idea why fate is playing tricks on her but it seems Jack wants her to have a second chance with Sean Nichols. He was her everything one time but he didn`t understand her  reasons for joining the Army. Can she figure out what is really happening at the Brigade? Can she learn to trust in a man like Sean with her heart?

Captain Sean Nichols is a troubled man. He has seen and regretted things in his life especially one person who is still in his heart. Sean never expected in his life to see the one woman that got away. Sarah Anders was his everything and immature at the time he did one bad thing, gave her an ultimatum. The Army or him. He knew it was wrong and since then he has fought as much as he can to save people. Seeing her again after all these years makes him realize that he has never stopped loving her. So many questions when she left were unanswered and now all he wants is to be the man she always has deserved. Sean knows he will never be her Jack or a father to little Anna but he wants the life he has always wanted with her. Can he make her see everybody deserves a second chance even a man who has killed many times and hasn`t felt alive in years?

The second book in Jessica`s Homefront series, After the War, is one that is more than just second chances. Here is a book about a woman who is everyday trying to be better and proving that she is an equal like a man. All Sarah Anders wanted in life was to be treated the same way like everybody else. Not even her one true love understood why she wanted to be a soldier and now all the memories of her love is coming back. Now Sean is back making her wonder why she is trying so hard to be strong. I loved that Jessica Scott showed so much between these two characters it was hard to only like one of them only. Sarah is a woman who just wants to be the perfect mom yet also be a good soldier at the same time. Sean is a man who has fought two tours in the war to come back each time hoping for peace. These two are in tune with each other and seeing the things they went through what they are fighting for makes this book wonderful. It is another series that is already becoming a favorite for me like her Coming Home series. All these soldiers seem so real and the struggles they go through for peace and love. After the War is one book you do not want to miss and Jessica Scott is an author that not only writes from experience but from the heart all the way.

The Boy`s Club by Angie Martin

The Boy’s Club by Angie Martin
245 pages
Ebook and Print
5 moons

Gabriel Logan is a man who has seen and done dangerous things in his life. Things that people near him pay for their lives. He`s tried for years to keep his heart intact since he lost his wife. Love for him is not an option or part of his life anymore. The last person to love him made him realize that the only thing in his life would be fling, casual affairs. Yet he didn`t expect Sarah Langston. The woman of the father who destroyed his life. He came close to getting even but knowing that Hugh will do anything he can to get to Logan using his daughter is just madness. He`s tried for years to lead a different life but Sarah needs him. Somehow her life is in danger and he is the only one who can protect her. Or is he the bait? For the first time in months he is feeling something more than just a job he feels alive again with Sarah.

Sarah Langston has no idea why Logan kidnapped her or if his story is true. All she knows is for the first time in her life she feels safe around him. He says that someone wants her dead but she has no idea who only that it somehow involves her father, Hugh Langston. Not really knowing her father until she went to college she never thought her father might be a criminal. Each day with Gabe and trying to stay alive is making her realize that she cannot continue a life on the run. Just when she thinks there might be a life with Gabe someone kidnaps her again.

The Boy`s Club by Angie Martin is in one word suspenseful and tons of action. From a young child neglected and almost going the wrong path in life someone helped him to become a man who with one shot is lethal and dangerous can make a woman like Sarah swoon. I loved that even though he had such a tragic loss in his life he is open minded about finding love again even though a part of him is weary. Now Sarah to me felt like she was too obedient most times waiting for her to crack and let loose. Logan is definitely the one right for her to make her be the woman she should be. This is the first I have read from Angie Martin and have to say it was really good. Loved that it never dragged or slowed throughout the book filled with suspense, action and betrayal never saw that coming. Definitely going to get into more of her other books from Angie Martin seeing how much she rocked in the action in this book.

Snake Eyes by Melissa Pearl

Snake Eyes by Melissa Pearl
374 pages
4 Moons

Being 19 means enjoying college, having sex with your boyfriend and just having fun. Yet Caitlyn Davis is only doing one of those things which is tearing her apart. Ever since receiving her gift she has to lead life with caution now. Eric is the only one who knows her gift and even though he`s okay she knows differently. All she wanted was to move in with him and now FBI Agent Zoey Kaplan is ruining her relationship and life. Someone is snatching young girls off the streets god knows doing what. It is up to Caity to find them. With no choice she must befriend Quella Mendez, daughter of a mad man. Gone is the sweet girl she used to be and now in place is a partying, drinking and moody Caitlyn Davis. Eric knows something is wrong but he can`t figure out what is going on. Everything he has known about his life, his father is coming up in a way he never expected to happen. Can she find the person kidnapping these young girls before it is too late? Can she ever get the relationship she had with her Eric?

Once again Melissa Pearl continues the Mask series in a way that just astounds me. Each one we see how far Caity has learned to adapt with her powers and her man, Eric. These two are so cute with each other but there is a villain, the FBI. Everything they had wished and hoped for in college goes up in flames because of Kaplan. Now I`ve always believed there was some good in an authors charactes but dang I really hate Kaplan. There is so much about Eric`s past we don`t know and it all comes down to Caity. Tons of action in this one and man beware Melissa Pearl definitely knows suspense to the point where I`m like nooooo..Definitely a series you don`t want to miss.

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Up by Five by Erin Nicholas

Up by Five by Erin Nicholas
297 pages
4 moons

Conner Dixon is a certified sexy, god in bed bachelor and has no time for committment. All his life has been centered on his three sisters and making sure they have everything they need. Even though they are now married he is still protective of them. Women to him are a dime a dozen except one woman he`s never really loooked at until now. Gabby Evans was his best friend. One of the good guys and never thought of her as a woman until her apartment building goes under fire. Now she is all he thinks about  and fantasizes in every place in his apartment. She in so many ways spooks and tantalizes him in a possibility of more than just a fling with her. Can he convince Gabby that two months of passion, hot sexy is not enough for him now?

Gabrielle Evans has only two months with her fellow paramedics before she goes off to school for her career. She knows it is all a short time before she never sees Conner Dixon again. Being near him and working with him everyday is torture for her. For months she has fantasized about being the girl of the night for him. She  knows it will never happen for she is opposite of the women he goes down on. His bachelorhood is his livelihood and knows first hand the way he treats women. Yet a part of her still dreams and knows that staying with him in his apartment is a big mistake in so many levels. Can she just walk away from Connor after one night of impulsiveness?

I love Erin Nicholas and her paramedics especially Conner Dixon. In previous books we get a glimpse of him yet reading about him now just is like finally. Here`s a man who had to grow up fast and step in as a father figure to his sisters and now he`s ready to live. He`s in a way free of his sisters but not ready for committment which just boggles Gabby`s mind. He`s strong, sweet, nice, sexy and most of all everything she has dreamed of having one day on her terms. Sex, passion and lust might be one thing but when it comes to love it scares the shit of both of them. Eyes wide open now they see what has been missing. Erin Nicholas just brings in tons of action and passion making Up by Five another hit for this reviewer.

Fallen Idol by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Fallen Idol by Nikki Lynn Barrett
339 pages
Ebook and Print
5 Moons

It has been years since Kyra Sanders has faced a huge crowd. Ever since the accident she has never been the same. Coming back to Texas was supposed to be for her parents. Her mom and dad are everything to her and now because of her the Sanders family are in danger. Texas always felt different for her considering Nashville has always been her home yet it doesn`t have Matt Greer. Something about him wanting to be there for her scares her in a way. Kyra has no idea who is behind all the threats and intent of killing her parents. All she knows is someone doesn`t want her to sing again. Music has always been her livelihood, her way of baring her soul and feelings. Matt is the only one who seems to get her and understands her. Can she lead a normal life with a man who really loves her for who she really is?

Matt Greer does not like musicians. Which is a huge surprise considering the feelings he is having towards one Kyra Sanders. She is unlike his ex-wife Kendra who left him to be a musician. Kyra is not only beautiful but she is pure, genuine and not the least snobbish. His son, Andrew, is all gaga over Kyra and it scares him. Kendra, leaving him for a career in music almost teared his relationship with his son. He`s determined to not let Kyra interfere with Andrew`s life. Yet he didn`t expect it would be him wanting Kyra more than his next of fresh air. Matt knows she is here temporary and her parents are more important right now yet he can`t imagine a life without her now. Can he just let her go? Can he be there when the culprit behind all these bad things happening to Kyra come to light?

Have you ever read a series from an author that grabs your attention, stays in your mind and never leaves? Well if you haven`t you are missing out from a talented, imaginative author like Nikki Lynn Barrett. This is the fourth book in her Love and Music in Texas series and let me tell you each one just get better and better. I still remember reading about Baby Stetson, Jameson, Blaine, Randy and now Kyra just like wow. Here is a girl who never had a normal life like a teenager and now she is falling in love for the first time amidst chaos and fear. I loved that even though Matt has this opinion about singers Kyra shoots all of them down with one look and kiss. At first I was like he`s so mean and then once we learn more about Matt everything comes together. I loved how Nikki Lynn Barrett never forgets her other characters in this beautiful series and brings all of them together. In my head these characters come to life so easily to the point where I can see this little town come to life like in a Hallmark tv show series. The music, the town, the people in this series all beautifully done. Hoping there`s more in this series love to see how Andrew grows up, Baby Emily even Amy Kyra`s sister just a thought. Loved it.