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Inevitable Book 3: Shattered by Janet Nissenson

Shattered by Janet Nissenson Book 3
363 pages
10 moons Recommended

Angela Del Carlo knew it was a huge mistake to do this. Everybody told her Nick Manning is not a man you want to mess with in one`s life. She has read the articles about the women he has bedded. So it comes as a surprise that he wants her. As a young 22 year old Angela knows Nick is experienced and worldly. Yet nothing can prepare her for the chemistry between them or how easily Nick has gotten under her skin. As a Catholic she knows Nick is the devil incarnate but cannot stop herself from wanting him. The devil himself is tempting her from all things and just when she wants more of the forbidden apple he does the unthinkable and leaves. Angela knows more than ever a devil cannot change and no matter how much she prayed and would have sold her soul to have him back seeing him again after all these months is ripping her apart again. Can she let the Devil in knowing this time she will not survive the temptation?

Nick Manning is many things arrogant, sexy, handsome and most of all an asshole. He knows he treated his Angel badly. Like the Devil himself he didn`t think of anybody else just himself. Seeing how badly he hurt her he`s ready for more. Something he never expected in other women but Angela is not just any woman. Somehow his Angel has gotten under his skin and past his cold heart. Nick swore years ago he would not fall victim to love no matter how tempting it is. No matter how hard he tries to date others after Angela she keeps coming back to his mind and heart. The bible says it is the Devil that tempts the Angels yet it is Angela who is tempting him to fall for love. Can he convince her he wants more than just obedience and rules before someone takes his Angela from him forever?

I have to say this is a series that for the first time for me has become a top 10 in all books. I always wondered about Angela in Julia`s, Serendipity, and now so many questions are answered. I felt for Angela and her heartache to never get what your heart desires only to be shunned away..The passion that Nick has towards Angela was hot, scintillating and just mind blowing. Even though Janet Nissenson created him to be an asshole he had some genuine characteristics even he didn`t see coming. Have to say no matter how tempting and passionate Nick was I applaud Angela for sticking to her guns just wow. I cannot wait for Lauren`s story though and more of this beautiful, hot and sexy series. One series you don`t want to pass up for I stayed up till the night reading this and then just sad I have to wait till the next one. Ugh the suspense of finding about more from Julia, Nathan, Tessa, Ian, Angela and Nick. So many beautiful, passionate and sexy man.


Inevitable Book 2: Splendor by Janet Nissenson

Splendor by Janet Nissenson
439 pages
10 moons Recommended

Everybody that knows Ian Gregson can state with a fact that he is gorgeous and can get any woman he wants. Well that was until his PA hired a woman who has become the forbidden fruit. She is beautiful, sexy, smart and unfortunately married. As a businessman he is known for his cleverness, negotiations and money. Yet all that doesn`t seem to attract his Tessa. Two years and his time is finally here. Time to get his woman and not take no for an answer. Ian knows men his age are sometimes known to have mid-life crisis but he knows this is not one of those times. Tessa makes him for the first time feel alive and in love. As a 40 year old he knows Tessa can have any young man but will do anything he can to show her how right he is for her. Will it be money, jewelry or his love to get his Tessa forever?

His Royal Hotness that is what they call Ian Gregson where she works. His Royal Hotness is the one man so far who can easily make her blush and well excited in many ways. This is something that she is feeling everyday since Tessa Lockwood started working for him. Feelings she has never known before in a man and it scares her. She is a married woman and shouldn`t feel for her boss like this. Peter is her husband the one she made a vow to love and obey. Yet just when she thinks nothing can happen her husband divorces her and now she is more alone than ever. Love never lasts for her and yet she is feeling more than passion for Ian. Tessa barely graduated in high school and a British, sexy and rich hotel guru like Ian can never be into her. The more she tries to stay away from him the high her libido is going crazy and temptation. Fraternizing is not a good thing yet her body and heart wants Ian. Can she compete with the other women he has had the more sophisticate and beautiful ones? Can she really believe that Ian wants her?

Book 2 and already I am so into this series don`t want to ever end. Tessa is unlike the other women Ian has ever dated and love that it scares him. She is young, sweet, naive some times but most of all blushes whenever she sees him. Ian is sexy, hot and makes her wild with passion somethin Tessa has never felt before. I loved that these two come from different worlds yet both have never experienced real love. Once again Janet Nissenson has proven that love is possible yet also trust is the most important thing to make that love come true. Loved it and can`t wait for Book 3.

Inevitable Book 1: Serendipity by Janet Nissenson

Serendipity by Janet Nissenson Book 1
361 pages
10 moons Recommended

Julia McKinnon is tired of falling for the guy, getting all the sex she can get only to find out that they`re married or with kids. Just once she wants an honest to god relationship with a man who wants her. Something about Nathan Atwood though is making her wonder where he has been all her life. She knows that one night of passion is not enough for her and disappointed he left. Months later she never expected though to see him again least of in the same firm where she`s working as an interior designer. Shock is putting what she feels for him right now and it is disgust.  That one night of hot monkey sex was great until he told her he was with someone. Julia never expected the one man to give her mind blowing passion is engaged. Love never seems to be in the stars for her yet she cannot stop the chemistry that is between them. Julia knows it is wrong to feel like this towards Nate but he doesn`t seem to think so. Can she work in the same place as him knowing that her heart and body wants him?

Nathan Atwood doesn`t believe in love at first sight. If it was possible he should have felt that towards his girl, Cameron. Yet meeting Julia McKinnon he feels like he just been punched in the heart. Beautiful, sexy, volumptuous and his co-worker all in all temptation every day. He had best sex ever with her and never expected nothing else. Nate knew that one night and her finding out about his engagement should have been the end. Yet seeing her again he knows he can never forget about her. Julia is everything that his fiancee is not. The passion he feels for her and the possessiveness is not something he has ever felt before in a woman. Two different women yet Julia is the one that he keeps wanting and cannot stay away. Can he be with Julia knowing that Cameron will get hurt? Can he be the man Julia has been searching for all her life?

This is the first I have read from Janet Nissenson and have to say it had it all that I look for in a top 10 book. It had passion, friendship, betrayal and most of all true love. I could tell right from the first chapter the first meet between them that Nate will never forget about his Julia. This is the first Book in a series that is making my mind blow with excitement. Julia might seem like a vixen, sexy and all but this one woman will not let anybody push her around. I mean talk about chemistry between them was just like ice water all the time to cool down. Janet Nissenson just rocked in this book and have to say Nate has become a favorite to me. Here is a man who even though he wants the forbidden he is determined to make things right. Love it love it and can`t wait for more of her sister, Lauren, Tessa and Angela.

Love, Laughter and Steamy Ever Afters

Love, Laughter, and Steamy Ever Afters (Ten Novels by Ten NYT Bestselling Authors)
5 moons whole book

Can`t Help Falling In Love by Bella Andre 5 moons
Gabe Sullivan is a great firefighter and will do everything he can to save people. Megan Harris will do anything to protect her little girl even from fires. Yet Megan feels something more than appreciation on her hero. Can she convince Gabe that it was more than their lives he saved that day?

Seaside Dreams by Melissa Foster 4 moons
Bella has no idea what she is going to do. Being in the little cottage was supposed to be a time for relaxing not for a summer of flings. Caden Grant is a single father whose main thing is raising his teenage son get through summer not falling for Bella. Can these two overcome a fling for more?

Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely 4 moons
McKenna Bell is tired of being pushed around especially for a younger version of her. Being dumped for a young model is not something a woman like her will forget. Determined to prove to other middle-aged women that women like her can get a younger man too and be happy. Chris likes that McKenna is passionate, determined and might be the one for him. Can McKenna see that what she really needs is not a younger model but someone who wants her for herself?

Love,  Tussles, and Takedowns by Violet Duke 5 moons
Violet Duke has a hit in the Cactus Creek series bringing all the characters together in Hudson and Lia’s story. I loved that Luke, Dani, Xoey and even Lia’s brothers are all in the book making it memorable. I cannot wait for the next one in this series there is just something magical about this little town.

On the Rocks by Sawyer Bennett 10 moons
Gabby has always had a thing for her best friends brother, Hunter. He is the only one who has gotten to her heart and one night of being impulsive and kissing him turns everything upside down.Years might have passed but Hunter has never forgotten about his Gabby. Can he convince her that his heart has always been hers?

Dare to Desire by Carly Phillips 10 moons
Alex Dare knows when a woman is getting to close. Knowing that his Madison is starting to get under his skin it is time to let it go. Madison has no idea what happened one minute she was happy the next she is being dumped. Football is all Alex cares about in life yet somehow Madison is making him see there is more to life than throwing touchdowns.

Out of Bounds by Erin Nicholas 4 moons
Jackson has no idea why Annabelle tattled on him in high school. Coming back to help out his favorite and mentor Coach was the main thing for coming back to the little town. Annabelle growing up to be hot and sexy is just something that makes him wonder if she is wild inside. Can he figure out why Annabelle did what she did?

Actually Love by Melanie Shawn 4 moons
Jessie Sloan is known to be organized and can spot a person who is lying. She never expected to become a liar but the beautiful brownstone building is what she wants. Zach Courtland will do anything he can to get the apartment even lying and pretend to be in love with Jessie. Love is not something a boxer like him believes in yet something about Jessie makes him wonder if it is possible.

Diamonds and Dust by Jessie 4 moons
Tulsi Hearst is a single mother trying to be a good mother no matter how much temptation there is right now. Years ago she gave her heart and body to local professional baseball player Pike Sherman. Promises of love and a future together became all lies and now she is determined to stay away from Pike. Years have been kind to his Tulsi and now the love he buried for her is back stronger than ever. Can he forgive Tulsi for shooing him away years ago and be the man she needs now?

Falling for the Wingman by Crista McHugh 4 moons
I felt for Alex. Her whole life she has always competed against her sister whether for her parent’s attention or for the love she has craved in a man like Caleb. Now Caleb was a little hard to like for he was determined to get Kourtney no matter what. I got kind of annoyed with this. I mean here is Alex giving her whole heart out to him and he still hung on Kourtney like a broken record. Other than that it was okay just wish there was more between Caleb and Alex sexual chemistry that was in the air between them.

Get ready for 10 stories that will make you laugh, cry and swoon with love between 10 hot men and their women. Have to say from all the 10 authors I loved three of them the most. Violet Dukes, action and a little town that will make you want to move. Carly Phillips, Alex Dare all sexy and yummy seeing the mistake he did and groveling for his love back was beautiful. Last of all Sawyer Bennett. So going to get more from this series fell hard for Hunter and Gabby. Here is a guy willing to give up his dreams for the woman he`s always loved was like aww. All in all this book is 5 moons and any reader will love the great stories by 10 talented authors all in one beautiful book.

Kissing Katie by Babette James

Kissing Katie by Babette James
196 pages
4 moons

Matt Powell is burned out. His life has been centered on working, working and working again. The last time he felt free and alive was when he lived with his grandparents for the summer by the Jersey shore. Years ago he was carefree, young and had a small crush on his nextdoor neighbor. Little Katie Vanburen was everything a boy at his age needed. Fun, adventurous and even though she was a girl to him she was the coolest one ever. Yet distance and life separated them and now he is unsure what to expect. He definitely didn`t expect his little Katie to grow up into a woman.  For years he wondered what happened to her and now she is in front of him still at the same place next door. Coming back to his childhood home was supposed to be a time for him to reflect on his job choices. Being with Katie though is making him see there is more to life than just working. Problem is can he leave Katie again knowing the love he felt for her years ago is stronger than ever.

Katie VanBuren has come a long way from the little tomboy Matt Powell remembers. Gone is the stepping into puddles little tomboy and now she is into dresses, nail polishes and also heartache. She thought she had found the one for her but like all happily ever afters it ended in tragedy. Seeing Matt again is making her wonder what really happened to his Katie. Seeing her best friend all grown up and handsome is making her libido jump high. Having Matt here and his kisses just confuses her with the feelings she has for him now. So many unanswered questions of why he left and never wrote still bugs her. A fling is all she can afford right now yet something in Matt`s eyes make her scared. More than anything she wants more but her past still makes her wonder if love really exists.

This is the first I have read from Babette James and have to say it was sweet and funny. I loved that even though they have not seen each other for years Katie and Matt easily pick up where they left off. Their relationship is unique and so carefree. The love they had is still there and seeing how mature they are now is just icing on the cake. Matt is all about working and Katie is exactly what he needs right now. Together these two are so comfortable round each other and the passion that explodes between is hot. They might have been young at the time but the separation Babette put between them just made that love combustible. Kissing Katie     might be sweet, romantic but the bond between these two is hotter than ever. Definitely an author worth keeping up with judging from her romance in this book.

Summer on Lover`s Island by Donna Alward

Summer on Lovers Island by Donna Alward
319 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Lizzie Howard is trying so hard in life to be perfect. All her life she has had to work hard trying to prove to her father she can make it as a trauma doctor. Problem is that now that her father is gone she is having a hard time to relax. One mistake takes her to Summer Island to figure out her next step in life. Her best, Charlotte is about to have a baby and needs her in the mean time. Going from being a trauma doctor to a doctor in a quiet no emergency kinda town is making her antsy. She is used to bustle and hustle in an emergency room and this quietness is making her well go bonkers. In reality she would never have time to go out to barbecues or kiss passionately to a fellow hot doctor. The doctor in question is her current boss and might also be her downfall. Everybody says Josh Collins is the most reliable and dedicated worker ever. Yet something about his kisses is making her wonder how dedicated he is. Could be the boredom in this town but she is starting to feel relaxed and something she has never felt

Doctor Josh Collins hates living in a small town. Problem with small towns is they want you to be happy and in love again. He knows his family and neighbors want to see him happy but that ship has sailed when he lost his wife in the war. Love to him just doesn`t seem real right now and when Lizzie starts working for him he is feeling something more than love. Lizzie is not only a hard working woman but seeing her beautiful face and kissable lips is making him go crazy. Inviting her to his sail boat is one thing but imagining waking up to her every day is turning out to be more than just sex for him. He knows she is not cut out for doctoring in Summer Island when she is itching for chaos and drama. Can he protect his heart from a love he might never get?

In one word for Donna Alward is WOW. I just love coming back to Summer Island and this beautiful town. One thing about Donna Alward that makes this reviewer all gooey and aww inside is seeing her past characters come back. It is all about Lizzie and Josh yet we see how far her other characters from her previous books have come so far. It might have started as a fling but there is no denying the love that is their from the beginning between Lizzie and Josh. There were times I wanted to hit Lizzie lol for being dense at times when it came to Josh. These two are so alike yet have one thing in common..their need to be loved. Donna Alward once again has outdone herself in this book and can`t wait for more from this beautiful town.

The Bridge to a Better Life by Ava Miles

The Bridge to a Better Life by Ava Miles
Ebook and Print

Blake Cunningham is a big NFL Quarterback and popular in the football world. Yet for all the fame and popularity it couldn`t help him with his wife Natalie Hale. People are calling him crazy for ending his career so early for Natalie. Through it all the one thing that Blake had was his wife right beside him. Knowing that she is not in Denver no more and can`t find a way to help her almost kills him. Even Touchdown, his dog can sense the sadness and heartbeak in the house. Natalie is his everything and knowing the heartache she doesn`t want to share is killing him. She is the only woman who understands him and fights him in every turn. Losing her and her family is what is motivating him to do this. He knows moving next door to her might break or make things better between them. Being married to Natalie is all he knows and wants more than football. Can he convince his ex-wife they are not over and his love for her is stronger than ever?

Natalie Hale can be stubborn, funny and pasisonate something her whole family knows by now. They all give her space when she looses her best friend yet don`t understand fully why she left Blake. In her heart she still loves him but she can`t be with him when she is unsure about love herself. All she thought about love and happiness left when she lost her best friend. Natalie knows Blake is not giving up on her but knowing that she can never be the wife he really needs kills her. Everybody blames her for his retiring but Blake is a man with so much emotion and temporary insanity in this case. Just when she thinks she can move on Blake brings the baby, Touchdown and all walls are crumbling. She needs time yet Blake is making it hard to go on when all she wants is to be with him.

How do you describe a book with so much laugher, tears, sadness and just so much pasison into one word? Well you really can`t because WOW, AWW and HOT doesn`t even describe this beautiful book by Ava Miles. Right from the first chapter I was in tears of the heartache Natalie is going through. Then you have Blake trying is his damndest to be there for her even when she is the one pushing him away. Of all the books in the Dare series I have to say this one has become my favorite. Blake is definitely a man you can never match up. I mean here is a guy whose wife just left him yet instead of cheating and just running he does everything he can to get her back. My favorite of course is the Outlander part in this book so worth getting to see what I mean. This is one football player who has gotten hits in the head many times yet a hit in the heart from his wife is definitely a foul he is not going to sit down and accept. Ava Miles is one author so worth reading for you get it all that makes it highly recommended. You get laughter, two characters that never leave you, a great story line that never falters and most of all a love that is stronger than ever especially football. Loved it and cannot wait for more from this beautiful and enchanting author, Ava Miles.