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Major Misconduct by Kelly Jameison

Major Misconduct by Kelly Jameison


Available October 2015

5 moons

What Lovey wants Lovey gets? Or so it seems all the time with her brother Duncan. He loves her sister but her moving in his condo not good. Lovey has no idea what to do right now. For being 24 years old she’s ready to sow her wild oats not ready to settle down. Her ex-boyfriend Richard didn’t get this and put the pressure on her. Now living with Duncan she expected some brotherly love not to be shocked by the most sexiest gorgeous hockey roommate Marc Dupuis to ignore her flirts. She knows it is wrong to make the moves on her brothers roommate but he is hot. Can she just leave things alone and this sex on a stick hockey player to be a good little sister?

Marc Dupuis is in a cluster fuck situation when he meets his roommates little sister. Duncan always referred her as a flake and always getting what she wants. Seeing her is like a punch in the gut seeing all her beauty and sexiness. There is a code every man friends with another man must uphold at all times and that’s not nail their little sister. Yet one accidental kiss from this woman and he’s neck deep in sexual frustration. One thing leads to another and now he wants more than just sneaking around her brother his best friend.  After his last serious relationship he knows this thing with Lovey is more than just sex. Can he convince her that this is the real thing between them?

Kelly Jameison you have made this readers favorite list. I have to say I’m really loving these romances involving sports especially hockey. Marc just got out of a serious relationship because he wasn’t romantic enough. Have to say wrong everything about home screams sexy and romantic.  Even though it started off as just sex you can tell Marc is so into Lovey. Now Lovey is more than what she shows to people. She might play a flake but beneath this crazy flirtatious girl is a woman who knows what she wants. Together these two were awesome and can’t wait for the other players in the Aces team.

Caught Up in the Touch by Lauren Trentham

Caught Up in the Touch by Laura Trentham


Available July 21, 2015

4 1/2 moons

Jessica Montgomery is the type of daughter that is obedient, polite and never quits a job. Well that was until her father pushed her last button and now she`s ready to live. Her job was to get Logan Wilde to work at one of her family`s restaurant using any means she can to seal the deal. By any means of course meaning using what GOD gave her in the woman`s look. Tired of being told what to do she gets fed up. Logan is nothing like what she expected in a chef. Here is a guy who doesn`t care about the fame and fortune but instead of the people. Adaline, his restaurant shows his touch in every way from the way he cooks delicious meals to how he treats people. In a way though Jessica feels incompetent next to him and wonders what exactly she has been working for all these years. Something in Logan makes her remember the person she used to be. The woman who loved outdoors and who took the time to smell the flowers. She knows this thing with Logan might be temporary but the more she`s with him is becoming harder to leave. Can a woman who worked 24/7 behind a desk in the corporate world be the woman Logan needs?

Logan Wilde knows he is a lucky man. Years ago he was going through a dark and dangerous path but one person helped him change. If it wasn`t for his grandmother Ada and the youth camp he was sent to his life will be different right now. He knows there are still some people now waiting for him to mess up. So it comes as a nuisance that Jessica and her father won`t leave him alone. He`s not looking for fame or money only to live life. Meeting Jessica for the first time he knows that his life will never be the same. She might be all about work but beneath it all is a woman needing to be set free to enjoy life. Can he show his Jessie that there is more to life than working?

Laura Trentham sure knows how to make a woman squirm and all flustered. He might have acted as a mountain man in the beginning but Logan Wilde is a man no woman will survive. His kisses alone make Jessica all flustered for the first time. Here is a man that she has no idea how to work with for he is so opposite of the other clients has worked before in her job. I loved that what started of as a job soon became more what Jessica can handle. Now the attraction was definitely there and love that Jessica was not afraid to let go but permanently was something she had to think about when it comes to Logan. Loved it and can`t wait for more from this talented author for this is one series definitely worth reading.

Simmering Ice by Veronica Forand and Susan Scott Shelley

Simmering Ice by Veronica Forand and Susan Scott Shelley

129 pages


4 moons

Alec O`Meara is shocked. It`s been months since his wife passed away from Cancer and so far has not felt anything for a woman. Well that was until he meets Annie Davis. Something about this woman sparks his interest in a way he never had before with his wife. They`re totally opposite from each other but the more he stays away from her the more harder it is stop going to her. His life is hockey yet when he`s with Annie he wants to be more than just a big hockey player. A woman like Annie who is beautiful, sexy and smart can wreck a man especially one like him. He knows she is independent and strong but something about her makes him feel over protective. Can he convince Annie she is nothing like his ex wife and this thing with her is beyong anything he thought of having again?

Annie Davis is a good therapist and a woman just wanting to be loved and accepted. For years she has to compete with her sister. Her mother doesn`t see the great things Annie has done or the beauty in her. Of all the negativity from her mother having Alec`s attention towards her just confuses her. Annie knows she is no beauty like her sister so wonders why a sexy and hot hockey player like Alec will be interested in her. He says she is nothing like his ex wife who passed away yet the more shes with him she is learning things about her. One big thing is their hair color which just scares her. Is Alec only with her because she resembles his dead wife? Or is it just possible that a man like him really wants her for who she is?

This is the first I have read from Veronica Forand and Susan Scott Shelley and have to say WOW. I loved that Annie is your average woman yet secretly just wants to be loved. I hated the way her mother treated her like she wasn`t worth anything unless she was pretty on the outside. The attraction that Alec and Annie have is purely genuine to the point where I wanted to kill of the mother. I mean Annie is beautiful inside and out and for her to doubt that a man like Alec could be into her was crazy. Right away these two belong to each other and these two authors did such a great job in bringing them together. Definitely can`t wait for more from these authors.

Crushed by Lauren Layne

Crushed by Lauren Layne

304 pages

Ebook and Print

5 moons

Chloe Bellamy is in trouble. Someone has found out about her secret crush on her sister`s boyfriend, Devon. She knows it is wrong but Devon used to be hers when they were younger, best friends. Ever since her sister Kristin started getting boobs and popular she has stayed in the shadows. For years Chloe stayed behind lusting over Devon secretly waiting to make her move. Problem is that she is so opposite from Kristin. Instead of a hot figure she is chubby and wears glasses. Everything changes though when new tennis instructor comes into the club to work making her rethink her plan to get Devon. In Michael she see`s an ally someone to help her get Kristin away from Devon. Chloe knows it is wrong but she has always loved Devon and knows what he really wants not only in love but in school. It started off as a way to get Devon but somewhere along the way Michael is becoming more than a friend and it scares her. Her plan was and is always about getting Devon yet now her heart wants Michael. Can she just let go of her infatuation for Devon for something real in Michael?

Michael St. Claire is used to living a life of luxury in suits and in the city. He never imagined himself living in Texas yet he has reasons to come and that involves Devon Patterson. It started off as a way to get Kristin his girlfriend to come to him but somehow his mind has become distracted. In a way he never expected a girl like Chloe to get his attention but what started off as a friendship is becoming more. Something about Chloe makes him see what he has always been in his previous life, just a friend. In his life in the city he loved another woman but being friends was not enough for him so he made a choice. Coming to Texas was supposed to be a time for him  to find out the truth of his birth not to fall for a woman again. Chloe is so opposite from Kristin it`s confusing as hell that they`re actually sisters. Kristin is all polite, nice and beautiful as hell. Whereas Chloe is plump, outspoken and sexy as hell in a crazy way that confuses him more than ever. Can he ever be the first person someone will love and not be second best again?

Lauren Layne in one word for Crushed is WOW. I loved that you have Michael St. Claire a young man so not a Texan trying to fit in and find something he`s never had before in his life. Now Chloe I can definitely identify in this character. I loved that she is not shy about what she wants and determined to get her happiness. Now Kristin, her sister is definitely a bitch in not seeing how in love she is for Devon. Started off as puppy love but Chloe`s feelings for Devon is genuine yet when Michael comes in she is confused. Lauren Layne did a beautiful job in showing us Chloe`s transformation and realizing that it is not looks that define love but the beauty inside. She completes Michael in every way and the love she gives is definitely a first for Michael. Loved it and can`t wait for more of this series by Lauren Layne.

Finally His Bride by Maisy Yates

Finally His Bride by Maisy Yates

105 pages

Ebook and Print

5 moons

Melanie Richards is tired of being just a girl. Her best friend is getting married and she is ready to be loved. Not just loved but to finally becoming a woman. Everybody around her see`s her as one of the guys and not as a woman. The one time she sets loose and ready to become one she gets well friend blocked by Luke Shuller. He is known as the towns playboy going from one woman to another never settling. He is also a thorn on her side. For years they have had a love hate relationship and now she is not ready for the passion she feels around him. What started off as a training in some ways to catch a man and learning how to kiss is turning to something else she never expected with Luke. Can she continue this relationship when she just might be another notch on his bedpost?

Luke Shuller is a good man. He`s worked hard to be where he is right now even though his father doesn`t want nothing to do with him. He`s known Melanie all her life and plays with her during poker nights. Luke knows everything about her except that she is a virgin. Now he`s had his share of women but the thought of a man getting to his Melanie just makes him go all Hulk like. Knowing that beneath his best friend is a woman made for loving and been hiding all these years makes him go crazy with more than lust. Melanie completes him in everway and it scares him for the first time a woman has captured his attention. He knows his life will never be the same for how can he go to just being friends when he has come to known her kisses and lovemaking.

Maisy Yates has done it again in a sweet romance that brings two people so opposite from each other see the love that has always been there. I loved that Melanie is a woman who knows what she wants determined to get it no matter the consequences. Problem is that Luke won`t let her get her needs satisfied unless with him. What started of as a training in satisfying a man and getting her pesky v-card out of the way is becoming more than they expected. I loved how easy these two were with each other it`s hard to see them separate. Love begins with friendship and Maisy Yates shows us how good passion and love can be with your best friend. Loved it and can`t wait for more from this talented author.

In Your Embrace by Amy Miles

In Your Embrace by Amy Miller

268 pages

Ebook and Print

3 moons

Timothy Lewis has come a long way in life. He had it all a good job and a good loving wife but one stormy night and a reckless driver takes it all away. Now coming back to life he is seeing that there is a life after death. A life where he is still struggling to live but knows it could have been worse. A hurricane changes everything when a young woman makes him see how grateful he should be of life. Hannah Greene is unlike any woman he`s known and the feelings she is getting out of him scares him. He still loves his dead wife but knows it is time to move on. The hurricane not only knocked out a lot of houses but also Hannah. Through all the chaos and her health damaged she is still with faith and hope.

Hannah Green knows when life throws a curveball at you there is no time to just wallow and get depress. Her whole life has been centered in GOD and faith to never give up. So when the hurricane hits and damages her she knows she would do it all over again as long as the people she helped is okay. This determination and hope surprises Timothy in a way he`s never known. With all the things happening to Hannah he knows she was sent for him. In a way he was giving up hope and knowing that Hannah is a woman bent on not giving up on life he see`s life in a different way now.  Draven Young knows he will never forget the night he lost control. The night he took a person`s life. His whole life has been centered on money and luxury never taking responsibility for his actions. Seeing Hannah and what she is going through sparks an interest in him he`s never had before in his life. Meeting Hannah is making him see that he`s been a spoiled brat all these years and is ready to become a man. He`s ready to be the person his stepfather and mother will be proud off and not embarrassed.

In Your Embrace by Amy Miller is a tale of forgiveness and hope. Three different people come together by a storm that will change everything they have believed. I felt for Hannah for even though she is full of hope and faith she sometimes feel lost. Now Timothy is definitely in need of Hannah`s faith to continue. His whole life has changed and then there is Draven. They might all seem different but one thing for sure is that with GOD anything is possible. This is the first I have read from Amy Miller and have to say in a way it was good but seemed to fast for me. I wanted to know more about Draven, Timoth and Hannah. One hurricane brought them all together yet felt something was missing from them. All in all it was okay read but for me it lacked something in the book.

Zach: Cold Fury Book 3 by Sawyer Bennett

Cold Fury Book 3: Zach by Sawyer Bennett

294 pages

Ebook and Print

10 moons Recommended

Zach Grantham had it all. He had a woman in his bed, a little boy and a promising career for the Carolina Cold Fury team. Yet everything changed with one accident and now he`s struggling to be a single father and possibly a career in hockey ending. His main priority right now is his little boy yet Kate Francis is distracting him. She is not beautiful so she says but something about her is sparking his interest like no other woman has done. This is heartbreaking for him for his little boy needs a mother and he couldn`t love her when she was alive. Being with Kate is making him feel like a slimeball for having these feelings for the nanny herself. What should have been just a professional relationship changes when he sees what she has been hiding beneath the baggy clothes. Can he just go back to a normal life when everything inside him wants the nanny?

Kate Francis knows she is not beautiful or what men like Zach want. Yet something about the passion he sees in his eyes scares her. All her life she has hidden her real self from men like Zach. One incident made her weary of a man`s attention yet something about Zach is making her yearn for more than attention from this hot hockey player. Her main job is to care for his son not to care for him. She`s what you call a nerd yet something about her is grabbing Zach`s attention and it scares him. Being a nanny one is not supposed to fall for the employer yet her heart wants him no matter the consequences. She knows she can never replace a mother yet for once she wants to be the number one in a man`s heart even if it means making the man see what is right in front of him is one adventure worth taking.

I just love Sawyer Bennett and her Cold Fury players. Have to say though Zach is my favorite so far. Here is a man so gorgeous, brooding and torn with guilt it almost makes him loose the good thing happening in his life right now. Now Kate was a little hard to get used to for her quirkiness and nerd attitude lol. One minute she seems all mature enough to take this hot hockey player yet shies when he actually does notice her. Loved how these two kept denying the attraction yet one kiss changes everything rapidly. Sawyer Bennett did such an awesome job showing us the toughness in Zach yet also the vulnerability he keeps hidden from people. Like I mentioned this is one hockey team you don`t want to miss. Awesome book.

Wild Nights by Karen Erickson

Wild Nights by Karen Erickson

84 pages


4 moons

Natalie feels like a fish in a small bowl. Weird considering she is in the city of sin and she feels so alone more than ever since her best friends ditched her for their men. All she wanted was time with her friends yet like always she is alone. So it comes as a surprise that Noah Wilde is interested in her. Natalie knows she is not pretty like her friends but the passion she sees in Noah`s eyes shock her. The chemistry between them is hot and she is scared of what will happen once the vacation is over. Can she go back to just being a nurse to finally have a life with her fantasy man?

Noah Wilde is tired of always being the guy who womanizes. Something lately is making him want a life with a girl. A life where he can just be himself and not the partying wild man in a popular band. When he sees Natalie he feels something more than lust for her. With Natalie he is seeing life through her eyes and how lonely it is right now. The passion for her is something he`s never experienced before. Can he convince Natalie what they have right now is not something he`s ever had before, love?

Once again Karen Erickson has proven that what goes in Vegas never stays in Vegas. This is Natalie`s turn at being free, impulsive and finally getting the man. Now Noah have to say might have seemed like a playboy at first all into the sex but with Natalie he is different. Karen Erickson shows us a sweet, gentle yet passionate man that his fans never see. These two were not only hot but their passion together sizzling. Loved it and can`t wait for more from Karen.

Suddenly a Father by Michelle Major

Suddenly a Father by Michelle Major

224 pages

Ebook and Pribt

4 moons

Help is not in his vocabulary yet right now Dr. Jake Travers needs help. Coming back to Crimson was never part of his plan in life. His life goals always consisted on traveling and being the best doctor not going back to live in his hometown. Yet here he is and with a daughter. A little 4 year old daughter he never knew he had until now. He`s not sure how to be a daddy or a brother again. Years ago he swore he would not rely on anyone for help but his little girl needs more than a dad right now. Surviving an earthquake was easy but surviving as a daddy that is taking more time than he is known for right now. Can he be the dad his little girl needs without failing for the first time in life?

Millie Spencer aka Fairy Poppins is not your usual nanny. She is a young nanny who is having a hard time with life and an attraction towards Dr. Jake Travers. Millie`s heart has already been captured by the little girl who is so blunt about her mothers death and trying to be a normal little girl. As Fairy Poppins goes she knows she can`t fix everything in her life but Dr. Jake is making her rethink her life choices. Her whole life has been centered on making things right and not fall for the wrong man like her mother did years ago with her father. Yet Jake is making her see that love can come in many forms but it is what you do with it that makes it a treasure. Can she lean on Jake when it comes to real love or will it be another rejection in life like her childhood?

As romances go this one by Michelle Major has to be the sweetest one ever I have read. I just loved that here is a tough doctor like Jake seeing for the first time that asking for help can be so much more than just help. The chemistry between Millie and Jakes little girl is just so cute and wow on the attraction with the daddy. I felt for Jake being a first time father and coming back to a place with so many bad memories. Michelle Major in doing such a great job about love, family and second chances to even those who think they don`t deserve it. Loved it and can`t wait for more from Michelle Major and what is in store for a little town like Crimson.