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Yours for Christmas by Susan Mallery

Yours for Christmas by Susan Mallery

107 pages

Contemporary Romance

Ebook and Print

4 moons

Kenny Scott is a good NFL football player and knows lot of women keep hitting on him. Yet there is one woman he wants but is afraid of her in ways he can`t explain. It`s been months since he first met Bailey Voss and her little girl. He`s known to date many women but none have enchanted him like Bailey. She is independent, beautiful and always puts her daughter`s needs before hers. Ever since little James he swore he would not fall again for a single mom. Yet ever since Bailey moved to Fool`s Gold he has been antsy and nervous around her. Somehow these two girls have gotten under his skin and to his heart. He knows she is strong but something in Kenny makes him want to be there for her even when he knows it could end badly. Christmas is supposed to be a time of holidays, fun and miracles yet the only time he feels these things is with them. Can he let go of the past and learn to live in the future with Bailey?

Bailey Voss is a woman who has had her share of sadness and happiness yet lately she is feeling the holiday blues. She loves her little girl and will do anything she can to bring the happiness back in her life. Ever since loosing her husband, Will, she has worked hard to make Fool`s Gold a home for her. Lately though she is feeling it is time to get back in the dating scene and only man is making her want and desire things she hasn`t had before, Kenny Scott. Here is a man who is always there for her as a friend yet she is ready for more. She can`t understand a man who is determined to not love again and swore of being around single moms can give love to her little girl and runaway. When they`re together it feels like they are a real family but he is determined to let go of them. The passion she feels in his kisses tells her something different and she`s determined to get her man this time even if it means making a fool of herself.

Once again we go back to Fool`s Gold where Susan Mallery`s characters welcome us wth open arms and shows us a Christmas we will not forget. Kenny Scott knows how to work hard and put his heart into something like football yet is a clumsy person when it comes to Bailey Voss. I loved that even though life ended her happiness she is determined to live again. The romance between them is sweet and even though it is the holidays you can tell that Kenny wants Bailey but past memories keep rising up. I loved that Susan Mallery brought everybody back even Fool`s Gold resident celebrity elephant just beautiful story for Christmas holiday.

Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

368 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Romance

4 moons

Aidan Kincaid is a wild bachelor full of adrenaline and never one known to commit. Well that was until a blast from his past comes back like an avalanche.  Lily Danville is back and all the feelings he had for her as well. He doesn`t know why she left 10 years ago only knows that this is his chance to keep her. Aidan has had many women before but none have enchanted him like Lily. He remembers her as a fun, loving and adventurous yet the Lily now is far from the woman she used to be. One minute she acts like she doesn`t want anything to do with him and the next they are going at it. As a Firefighter and a Search and Rescuer for Cedar Ridge he is known to helping others more than himself which scares her. Not only is he rescuing others from rock climbing going bad he is trying to figure out how to save the family ski resort. Can he be there for Lily when his family needs him the most or will everything be lost?

Lily Danville swore she would never come back to Cedar Ridge but circumstances have her coming back. One mistake in California gets her blacked out from othe salons and the Kincaid ski resort is the only place where she can make a living. The Kincaid family were always there when she was younger and seeing Aidan again is making her life turned upside down. Ten years is a long time to ignore him but seeing him again makes her remember all the memories and why her family is no more. He should have gotten ugly and fat instead he is hotter than ever and his kisses are explosive. She never thought she would like being in Cedar Ridge again but each day here is making her antsy of where her career will be. Can she let go of the past for a future with a man who is always rescuing others and needs a little rescuing for himself?

Once again Jill Shalvis has done it again. I love it when she creates a series with hot men like Aidan Kincaid to make it memorable. Right away I fell in love with Aidan and how he`s always there for others. Felt kind of bad for him and Lily so many things between them. One thing about Jill Shalvis is that when there is tragedy love gets stronger than ever. I loved that even though Lily was humilated in her last job she is determined to move on. Aidan and Lily are so explosive and passionate with each other it`s so easy to see how right they belong together. Like I said Jill Shalvis has a way of bringing readers into a new series it`s so easy to love all her books.

8 Weeks by Bethany Lopez

8 Weeks by Bethany Lopez

269 pages

Contemporary Romance

Ebook and Print

4 moons

Vegas is a place where things should stay in Vegas. Cal has always loved his wife Shelly and has no idea how he fucked up. Everything was going great with his friends at one of thems bachelor party. He still has no idea how he messed up. Shelly is his whole life and knows that he cannot keep this from her. He knows it would hurt her but never thought about divorce. She is his everything ever since he fell for her in high school. Some people say he is crazy to be with just one woman forever but he knew even back then Shelly was the one. She is funny, smart, sexy and the most beautiful woman he has ever left his heart to. Shelly is determined though to go through the divorce and he is determined to give her 8 weeks to fall and forgive him again.

Shelly has always known Cal was her one. Since high school he had her heart but this mistake he did is just too far. She knows in her heart he didn`t mean it but she can`t just easily forgive him. He wants 8 weeks to make her see how right they still belong together. 8 weeks to get to know him again and forgive him. Shelly knows everybody wants them together yet the doubts are still there. Will he cheat again? Does he still love her?  Going through 8 weeks of dates with him is making her see that her heart will always be with him. Can she forgive him after all these dates? Can they be the Cal and Shelly like they used to be?

This is a first I have read from Bethany Lopez and have to say it was really good. I loved that it wasn`t just about Cal and Shelly but also included their friends. What I liked the most about the books is that through all the dates Cal planned Shelly showed us that she has changed as well. She used to be tamed and obedient and now with all this happening we see a new side of her that even Cal is surprised. Just loved it from Bethany Lopez and can`t wait for the other books of their friends.

Finding Mr. Right by Meg Benjamin

Finding Mr. Right by Meg Benjamin

259 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Romance

3 1/2 moons

Monica McKeller is immune to love. She has seen how crazy people can get when love is nearby. As an associate producer for a reality show called Finding Mr. Right she knows instead of things going right it is just getting worse. Not only she has to deal with Ronnie, the girl bachelorette looking for love, she has to hide her feelings for one of the bachelors. Monica has no idea why she is so into Paul DeWitt but for the first time she is lost. Her life is set on work, work and more work never time for even a date or a man being with her. Yet being close to Paul during the tv show is making her wonder if she is losing her mind like Ronnie. Can she survive the tv show before she looses her mind?

Paul DeWitt is just a writer and has no business being a bachelor. Sure he believes in love but not finding love in front of millions of people on tv. He has no idea how people can fall for this show but one good thing about it is Monica. She is so opposite from Ronnie to the point that she blows his mind all the time. Monica is funny, smart and beautiful he is trying so hard to get kicked out of the show just to be with her. He knows his time is near the end when he finally gets the job he`s always wanted yet he is unsure. Can he just leave Monica to get the dreams he`s always wanted to be more than just a writer?

I have to say Meg Benjamin has a way of bringing two people together in funny, unusual ways it is easy to love it. The one thing that I didn`t like was that it kind of got stuck in the whole reality tv storyline that the romance between Paul and Monica seemed slow. I wanted more of Paul and Monica what else besides passion clicked between them. I have to say though Meg Benjamin when she writes a sex scene though it is very creative even laughed at a couple of times between their scenes. Definitely can`t wait to see what else is in store from Meg Benjamin.

Caught by Rhonda Shaw

Caught By Rhonda Shaw

226 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Sports Romance

5 moons

All it takes is one look, one dance and most of all one kiss from pro baseball player Matt Buck to know she will never have heart back again. As a lawyer Shannon knows her work will always take first priority in her life yet being caught in Matt`s eyes and feel his kisses she knows nothing will be the same. Problem is that being with Matt lately is making her see how dull and boring her life is. For the first time in months she is feeling alive and not always the tired workaholic she has become. She knows Matt is bad for her yet she can`t stop the attraction going between them even if it means her job is on the line. Can she figure out what is important whether her job or Matt?

Matt Buck has had his share of women but none compare like Shannon. Ever since the wedding of her sister and his best friend he is feeling there can be more than just baseball in his life. All his friends are settling down when it is weird since they are not the type to settle down in the first place. He has always dreamed of the white picket fence, the perfect woman, the family pet and possibly children. Shannon is the perfect one for him yet her whole life is centered on working. He knows that working all the time can exhaust a person and all he wants is to be there for her. As a baseball player he knows how to work hard and how busy life can be yet a life without Shannon is too much. Can he get her to see how fun and adventurous life can be when they`re together?

Rhonda Shaw has done it again in a story filled with baseball, romance and a woman who desperately needs some good loving. I loved that even though Matt is a big time baseball player he still dreams of simple things. Now Shannon was a little hard to like at first because no matter how much Matt was there for her she slowly budged very little. Even though Shannon was a little hard to like I loved that Rhonda Shaw was able to not bring in other charcters like his best friend, their marriage and seeing that happily ever after does exist. All in all it was a really good book and can`t wait for more from this talented author.

Brave Book 1: Oni Fighters by Natalie Gayle

Brave Book 1: Oni Fighters by Natalie Gayle

449 pages

Contemporary Sports Romance



Eden Sommers had it all one time in her life. She had the beauty model looks, the smartness and most of all a career every little girl dreamed of having one day. Yet one night changes everything and now she is scarred. She knows she would do it again if it means saving her sisters again. Even though it has been years since the fire she is still learning to live again in the world. Her sisters seem so free and active in the Dojo they go to and she is craving that freedom again. Because of her scars she has learn to hide and not socialize much yet she didn`t expect a man like Sensei Xander Todd to push her.  Each time she tries to go back to her world he is there making her want things. She knows she is not the beauty she used to be and wonders why Xander keeps calling her beautiful. Even though he pushes her she is starting to feel things she used to feel when she was normal. Passion, lust, fear and just being alive is all in her now and she is starting to see that a life with Xander might be more fun than just a life of her own.

Xander aka Pretty Boy Todd is a big MMA fighter with more wins under his belt than a pro wrestling fighter. Everybody wants to go up against him but one fight takes him down. Even though he won the match the memories of how it went still haunts him. As a Sensie of his own company he has seen many people come in to get fit or to fight their own demons. The Sommer sisters are always a treat but ever since he was a teenager there was one Sommer sister he has never forgotten about, Eden. All it took was one day of seeing her laugh and smile and he has been hooked. Everybody knows about her tragedy and the pain she went through. Seeing her now he is determined to not only get her to live again but finally get that laughter and smile back again in his life. Just when he is getting her out of her shell he embarks on a fight from the past knowing that just like Eden he must fight his demons to in order to live again. Can he have both Eden and his life?

There is just so many things to say about this book by Natalie Gayle that is just like in one word to describe it as best as I can is AWESOME. This is the first from Natalie Gayle and have to say it totally rocked. I so loved Eden and her struggle to just be normal. What she went through was definitely painful but her determination to finally get back into things is not easy. Now Xander talk about wow. Here is a guy just like Eden who is going through things of his own he`s having a hard time. Together these two complete one another to the point where they just fit so easily in the book. I have to say Xander is definitely not like other men for even though she is scarred he doesn`t see none of that in her. Natalie Gayle shows us that beauty is definitely not on on the outside but what really is in the inside. I loved that through everything no matter how hesitant she is or the possibility of fear surfacing again Eden doesn`t back down even when Xander doesn`t tell her everything. This just rocked and so worth of a TOP 10 recommended for this is one author I am going to favorite on Goodreads.

Jake by Cynthia Woolf

Jake by Cynthia Woolf

286 pages

Historical Romance

Ebook and Print

4 moons

Jake Anderson is on the run. He knows it is wrong to bring his brothers along with him but family sticks together. Coming to Deadwood is not only a new place but a chance for a startover. Everybody is on the gold mine fever and Deadwood seems to be the place for it to get rich. He expected a lot of things in such a small town but not a feisty, spirited girl like Becky Finnegan. She not only does the panning by the river but takes care of her drunkard father. Everybody in the small town cares for her and knows what an abusive father she has. Seeing this makes Jake fearful of what could happen if she`s alone again with her father. He knows he has no right to watch over her but after his own tragedy he is determined to make sure Becky is not harmed ever again. She is a woman who has dreams of a happily ever after and even though he is on the run he dreams the same thing with her in mind.

Becky Finnegan knows this is not the life she was meant to have when she was born. Everyone in Deadwood knows who her father is and what she must do to not get hit again. All she has to do is go by the river and find gold not make things worse in her life. Yet when the Andersons move in to the next door claims as hers she knows she cannot hide her bruises from Jake. He means well yet with all the watching from him things are just getting worse. Something about him makes her feel like a woman for the first time and not a slave driver. Somewhere in her heart she knows her father loves her yet each day bringing him home drunk is making her see nothing but darkness in her life. She knows looking for gold can make some people go crazy but never thought her life would be in danger because of it. Can she rely on Jake and hope for more?

Cynthia Woolf has a way of bringing two people see that sometimes love can happen in unusual places. I loved that even though Jake suffered a tragic event in his life his heart is still open for love. Becky now was a little hard to like at first but under the circumstances she has a good reason. I loved the most about this book is that it wasn`t just Becky and Jakes but the whole family was included. The romance that Becky and Jake have for one another is unusual yet once they find it together it`s hard to let go of it. There`s more to this series and can`t wait for more about Liam and Zach by Cynthia Woolf.

Perfect Betrayal by Season Vining

Perfect Betrayal by Season Vining

288 pages

Contemporary Erotica Romance


Available : August 18, 2015

4 moons

Taylor Hudson is rich, sexy, beautiful and spoiled something that Levi must keep reminding himself. His new job is supposed to be quick and easy no distractions on the job. Yet nobody told him how flirty and seductive Taylor is when the did their research on her father. On the outside she is like every other rich girl all just for fun. Something though inside of Taylor is screaming for independence for a new life. Levi is the perfect thing right now to get her mind of when she leaves for Harvard. The passion and chemistry between them is hot and she has no idea why Levi keeps denying the attraction. The main thing is the money and Taylor is the key to finally getting what everybody deserves.

Taylor has for years been trying to be normal. All her life she has felt neglected and unloved. Family is supposed to be a mother and a father yet instead her family is her beloved nanny and the maintenance man. It`s been years since she has felt loved or cherished. Levi somehow makes her feel loved for the first time and it scares her. All her friends think she is crazy for slumming with a man like Levi. Underneath the tattoos though she feels a strong connection to him. She knows love exists yet lately her heart is getting cold from the love that has been missing all her life. Can Levi rescue her before it is too late?

This is the first I have read from Season Vining and have to say it was good yet expected more. In a way I have to say I felt like I was missing more of Levi. The whole book seemed more about Taylor and yes you will feel sad about her upbringing yet there were so many questions unanswered. I wanted to know more what made her father like he is and what made Levi be who he is in the book. It felt to me to fast-paced seemed more on sex and seduction then the actual connection between them. All in all it was okay just didn`t feel all into the book. For me it lacked a real storyline like it just jumped right into the action. Hopefully the next one will be better.

Giving It All by Arianna Hart

Giving it All by Arianna Hart

269 pages

Contemporary Erotica Romance

10 moons Recommended

All he wanted was to leave the small podunk of a town Dale, Georgia and never come back. Yet when his mother needs him he will jump for her. Problem is that when he left it was supposed to become a great Seal fighting the bad guys. Coming home as a crippled was not how he imagined coming back. Being a Seal was all he wanted since he was a teenager and now it is all gone because of a IED explosion. He knows it could have been worse and in a way okay with just losing his leg seeing as his other friends didn`t make it back home like him. Grant loves his mother and knows coming back is not easy. Living in a small town like Dale meant nothing will change it will always be the same. Coming back though he is seeing that things have indeed changed even his little next door neighbor Ellie Hall. Gone is the nerdy girl with freckles and in place is a hot, sexy and beautiful woman that he can`t stop kissing. Now he is questioning can he be the man she deserves when he only has one leg. Can he be the man he used to be even though inside he is still having nightmares about the war?

Being the next door neighbor meant you saw and heard everything going on next door. Normally it was okay but when it involved Grant Anderson her secret crush she was always happy or heartbroken. When he married the popular girl Chastity she knew her heart will never mend again. After all these years knowing he is coming back to Dale it still made her heart pitter patter. Ellie knows he is going through a divorce and coming back injured meant him coming back to the town he swore he would never come back again. He is still handsome and gorgeous in her eyes and still perfect. Ellie doesn`t understand how he doesn`t see this and only sees a crippled man. She is in a way wonderwoman for his family. She is Ellie Hall the woman who does the towns peoples taxes, his parents taxes and takes care of his father after his stroke. Ellie does everything for everyone and yet Grant is determined to do things for her even it means breaking her heart.

I have to say it has been ages since I have read a book by Arianna Hart and yet she is still so talented and imaginated I just loved Giving It All. Grant is like all soldiers coming home fighting for the brave and crippled feeling well helpless. His whole life has always been about saving and rescuing people. Now because of an IED he is back to the town he swore never to come back. I loved that Arianna was able to create a female version of him so to speak. You see Ellie is just like him always helping others and rescuing people even though they say they don`t need help. The attraction between these two is instantaneous it is hard to see them separate. I loved that we see a vulnerable side of Grant not just his macho brave side and Ellie well I`m a sucker for the young girl crush making it happen. If you love the shy, geeky girl getting all her dreams and the young boy finally seeing love right in front of his face then Arianna Hart is your author. Loved it and highly recommend it.

Hard Fight by Bella Jewel

Hard to Fight by Bella Jewel


Contemporary Erotica Romance

August 11, 2015

5 moons

All Gracie wants in her line of work is to be taken seriously. Not many women go into a career as a bounty hunter but this is her calling. Everybody is surprised though when her boss, Don, hands her the biggest of all jobs ever. Her job is to get Raide Knox into jail and get $30,000. Should be easy for she has been working towards this big job. Yet she never expected that Raide Knox will be the same man she was back talking to the night before she was handed the job. In her opinion he is like all the other men only think about the head downstairs never their real brains. Everybody tells her to use what God gave her but Gracie is seeing that Raide is more than just a hunky sex on a stick guy. Her mission is to bring him in yet one kiss changes everything and now she must shield her heart. He`s wanted for murder and assault yet she is seeing there is more to Raide and it scares her.

He`s had women before yet none have been like Gracie. Something about her speaks of a kick ass woman not a damsel in distress innocent like the ones that throw themselves at him. She asks a simple question what does he want in life. Freedom is something he has dreamed of having since he found his sister stabbed to death. Now his goal is to find his sisters killer before the police find him. He didn`t expect a tiny thing like Gracie to be on his tail but somehow the woman has gotten under his skin.  Raide knows his life is set to be on the run now but Gracie is making him feel again. Feeling for a life he dreamed once before a life of freedom. Can he find the killer before Gracie brings him in?

In one word for Bella Jewel is wow. This is the first I have read from this author and have to say I loved it. I loved the most of this book is Gracie and her determination to complete the job. Here is a man who had so much going for him and a woman trying to prove she can do the same job a man can do. Bella Jewel did a fantastic job in showing the passion between them and the suspense of finding the killer was like wow. I`m definitely going to keep up with this author if her other guys are anything like Raide talk about hot.