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Deal Breakers by Laura Lee

Deal Breakers Book 1: Dealing Love by Laura Lee

216 pages

Contemporary Romance

4 moons

Riley and Devin two people opposite of each other. Devin is set on getting through college and getting her career started. She didn`t expect to befriend the big man in school. His first come on line to her should have warned her to stay away but something about Riley spoke to her. Friendship is all she can handle right now yet people around her don`t understand their relationship. Riley is the one thing that is constant in her life and it scares her. She has always been different from other girls more into sports and hanging out. Yet everything changes when they graduate and now she is not sure how to move on without her best friend.

Of all the girls to get him on his knees it his best friend. For years he has been a ladies man never caring about their feelings. Yet that all changes when he sees Devin by her bicycle in college. Now years later they are the best of best friends which kills him. He wants more than just friendship now and yet she is not into it. Riley knows only time but never expected she would come to him after graduation asking for the one thing he has fantasized for years. Now that they`re older he is seeing a new Devin and it scares him how strong his feelings for her is now. Can they get back to the friendship they had before for more?

Laura Lee has a way with words that make you see it can be more than just love. Deal Breakers in a way is what makes New Adult genre so good right now. We have a friendship that has surpassed all their college years turning into something they have dreamed of one day happening. Laura Lee definitely knows how to get two people see the good, the bad and the ugly between them yet we also see the passion they have been denying towards each other. Really good book and definitely cannot wait for more of Laura Lee`s romances.

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Dream Girls by Alexis Alvarez

Dream Girls by Alexis Alvarez

250 pages

Romantic Comedy

September 1, 2015



Chloe Barnes is not your usual svelte, athletic, mile long legs but your average woman trying to further her career as a photographer. She is still surprised with herself that she entered a reality show. Not just any reality show but Dream Girls where one man will choose his dream love among 20 something girls. Chloe knows she can never compete with the blonde, sexy women in the show especially for the heart of a guy like Dominic. Right away there are sparks between them and not the good kind in her opinion. All she wants is to travel and not looking for love. She never expected to get this far but this is a once in a lifetime for her. Love is not a necessity in her life right now yet Dominic is making her feel things she hasn`t felt before in her life. Will she be the next Dream Girl or will the show end all her beliefs in love?

This is the first I have read from Alexis Alvarez and have to say it was uniquely funny and sweet. I loved the whole concept about the Dream World. I`m not a fan of reality shows especially dating ones but have to say if the Dream World was real I would so sign up for it. Alexis Alvarez just made me laugh all the way and have to say through all this I was amazed at the quirkiness and sassy Chloe Barnes. Have to say that for a man against 20 women Dominic was really super calm through it all. Usually it is the man that steals the story but in this case it is all about Chloe. Alexis totally nailed it with the comedy, romance and just sweet unusual story line not seen in most case.

Dare to Rock by Carly Phillips

Dare to Rock by Carly Phillips

298 pages

Contemporary Erotica Romance


4 moons

All Grey Kingston wanted in life was to become a famous rockstar. When he was young he had only one goal in life and that was to leave his hometown and be somebody. Yet lately he is wondering if maybe he made a big mistake. Music has always been his thing but once upon a time years ago there was a woman who really spoke to him. Not just any woman but one who saw past his goals of being a rockstar. Avery was his everything and now that he is ready for more than music he wants her back. Yet the girl he used to know has changed as well. Gone is the confident person he knew and now is a woman who is doubting his love towards her. Can he prove to her that they can make it work together as long as love is still there?

Avery Dare knows how chaotic a rockstar`s life is. All the paparazzi, the cameras and most of all the loss of freedom. Ever since she was little her family has been in the spolight because of her father`s infidelity. Yes she is one of those Dares. Only one person was there for her and understood her. Yet one concert changes everything and now she must go on knowing she can never live in a world like his. Fame is not for her and she loves her freedom. Problem is that Grey is back in her city and no matter how hard she tries he is back. Music will always be his thing and now she has no idea how she can compete with his first love. Love is nothing to take easily and yet Grey is making it hard to ignore the love between them. Can she go back to be with him knowing the spotlight will always be there between them?

Another hit for Carly Phillips and so loving the Dare series. I loved that even though the fear is there Avery is determined to get past it. Grey now he may seem like your usual rock star but beneath all that he is just trying to be normal. Carly Phillips has a way of getting you into the book with flair and passion definitely will see this with Grey and Avery. I cannot wait for more of her Dare series each one just rocks and pulls you in every way.

Dare Valley Meets Paris Part 4: The Billionaire`s Return by Ava Miles

Dare Valley Meets Paris Part 4: The Billionaire`s Return by Ava Miles

101 pages

Contemporary Romance



Dare Valley has never looked better now that she is back. Paris held so many great memories and Evan Michaels. Memories of their time together and then telling him no to his proposal was the biggest thing she is still remembering. Margie knows he is the love of her life but they want different things. What`s scary is that no matter how hard she tries to get over Evan he is still in her heart. Her business has skyrocketed dulling the pain of letting him go yet she feels so alone now. She has no idea why he is back but is determined to not let her heart get in the way again. Can she be in the same place with Evan again and still be the same Margie Lancaster?

Nobody says No to Evan Michaels especially when he puts his whole heart on the line. He knows his financial status is something Margie is not really comfortable with but he`s determined to get her back. Coming back to Dare Valley with a mission is whats getting him by waiting for his chance. She is his everything and knowing she is nearby is breaking him. He knows Margie has some hangups and yet he knows the love is still there for him. Love was never something a man like him woulc experience and Margie is more than just love. She is his world, the only one who really understands and knows him. Can he convince her how right they are for each other?

I have to say normally I don`t do serials because they always end with a cliffhanger yet Ava Miles, Dare Valley Meets Paris, was very unique and special. I fell in love with Dare Valley and each time Ava Miles brings  us back to this beautiful, enchanting town just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I followed this whole serial waiting for more after each one and now I am sad for there is no more. I am like nooo I want more of Evan and Margie. Evan was unusual not the typical hero but a normal nerdy guy just looking to be normal and loved. Margie just warmed my heart with her innocence in Paris and falling in love with Evan. Dare Valley Meets Paris is definitely a serial you do not want to miss.

At His Service by Suzanne Rock

At his Service by Suzanne Rock

400 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Erotic Romance BDSM


Leo Perconti is tired. His brothers are about to sabotage the family business he has strived to keep in business. They call him the Chief because he likes organization,  stability not surprises or betrayal. All his life has been set as the responsible one yet he is tired of hiding his real self. His sister`s wedding is the main thing right now not to get laid. He didn`t think of anything else but business yet one kiss from the mysterious woman he found in his family hotel piques his interest. Just when he thinks one night of hot, sizzling sex with the woman would be enough he finds out who she really is. Now he is struggling to keep the business afloat and his sexual needs a secret for this sexy woman. Can he get his sister married and keep his family hotel in business? Will this woman be the end of him or something that will complete him?

Karin Norell is an intern working her way up to get a good job in the hotel industry. Working in the Perconti`s hotel business she is seeing how wrong things have gone so far.  It`s none of her business how they run it but knowing the Chief honcho is coming down is making everybody talking about strikes. She knows her main thing is to keep her job yet getting stuck in the penthouse of the man that is making her tingle is not very good. Everybody knows that Leo is not a man to be messing with but no one advice her heart. One night with him and she is ready to end her career before it has even started. Can she just walk away from the best night ever at his service to a life of loneliness?

This is a first I have read from Suzanne Rock and man talk about HOT and SIZZLING. I loved that Karin is not all about sex yet one kiss from this hot sexual man and she is beyond being responsible. Getting into bed with the boss is not something normal for her unlike her other friends. Leo now talk about a business all the way. I loved how commanding his voice was making me definitely hot and bothered. This man just rocked and felt sad for all the responsibility he has on his shoulders. Suzanne Rock so knows how to entice her readers filled with hot passion, hot guy and most of all nights filled with sinful seductions. This book had it all making it highly reocmmended from this reader. Rocked it Suzanne Rock.

Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey

Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey

342 pages

Contemporary Romance

Ebook and Print

4 moons

Andie has had it. She just wanted one weekend with her best friends at a bachelorette party and not feel guilty for going away. Andie has worked hard and deserves time away but her boyfriend doesn`t see it that way. Vegas is the one place where she can be the Party Girl she used to be and not the accountant boring girl she has become. She knew though getting drunk was her big mistake but something about the tall, dark and handsome cowboy talking to her and bedding seemed great at the time. Now 3 years later she is seeing how a mistake it was. Mac Mackenzie is totally opposite of her fiancee now. Mac is rugged, cowboy all the way and the only man to make her feel wild and impulsive. She knows coming back to him to clear their mistake in Vegas was going to bring answers to unanswered questions since that night. Problem is can she leave Baker City with her heart intact?

This is the first I have read from Elle Casey and have to say it was cute and funny. I loved that with Mac Andie is carefree and not so uptight like she has been lately. Though I have to say their romance might have started typical the love they have is stronger than ever. I loved that Mac bares his heart right away and works hard to prove to Andie how right they are. It takes one mistake but years of love and happiness is what Andie needs. Really good romance and not filled with so much sex which shows that love can occur no matter when or how. Loved it.

MacKenzie Fire by Elle Casey

Mackenzie Fire by Elle Casey

255 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Romance

4 moons

It was supposed to be an easy 2 week vacation to be with her best friend, Andie. However, Candice didn`t expect to find love in a little town like Baker City. She knows Andie is happy with her new husband, Mack, but Candice is a city girl not a country girl. Well that was until she meets Andie`s brother-in-law, Ian. Being dumped at the alter can kill love in a man yet being with Ian is making her see he might still have a chance at finding love. Everybody tells her that she is not the type of a woman to have flings but with Ian she feels more than a fling. Problem is that everytime she is around him he riles her up unlike any guy has done. Something in her just wants to tease and mock him yet also tackle him down with passionate kisses. Candice has no idea what is going on but knows 2 weeks is not enough for whatever is going between them.

The sequel to Shine Not Burn continues with Ian MacKenzie. In the first part we see he is about to get married and move on. Yet fate has a change in his life and the good laughing smiling cowboy is lost. Candice now is the opposite from him and this makes this story just so funny. I loved that in the beginning these two acted like children but their love/hate relationship sparkles. I loved that even though Candice decided to have a fling she is craving much more. The romance between these two seemed like a Lucy and Ricky Ricardo romance. Their was comedy, passion and a friendship nobody expected. Have to say this is one author you don`t want to miss.

Making a Play by Victoria DeNault

Making a Play by Victoria Denault

288 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Sports Erotica Romance


The one thing every hockey player dreads is being traded to another team. This is something that Luc Richard is so scared of right now. Well that was until his best friend Rosie Caplan pulls the table on him teasing him in a way he never expected of her. Rosie Caplan is his one constant thing. The one person to not fall for his charms or want more than he can give. At least he thought until she starts wearing sexy clothes and making him see her as a woman. Not just any woman but one he can`t stop thinking of kissing and seeing her naked. She is his best friend the one person who really understands him and doesn`t care about the money or fame he has as a hockey player. Problem is that lately the feelings between them is getting more than he can handle and for one brief second he wants more with her than a secret relationship. Can he be the man she deserves when all Rosie has ever dreamt of is a man to romance and sweep her off her feet?

It has been years since she confessed her feelings to her best friend, Luc Richard. She might have been just a teenager but she knew right away Luc Richard is the man for her. He may be from the other side of the pond but he is the only one who understands her and doesn`t make fun of her childish romantic fantasies. Luc has always been there for her and in her eyes he is the one but he doesn`t see that towards her. Tired of always just being one of his friends she is ready to be something than just little Rosie Caplan next door friend. Her mission is to get her guy Luc to finally see her as a woman. Her sisters tell her it is about time but will she be able to survive his kisses and keep her heart safe.

I so love Victoria DeNault hockey players for when they love they really put all their heart into it. The Caplan sisters are at it again and this time it is Rosie`s turn. Luc in the Jordan and Jesse`s story seemed like a blur and man we really get into him in this book. I loved that Rosie though is shy is tired of always being alone while others find their happiness. I felt a kindred bond with Rosie and her shyness. Here is Luc who makes her all gaga and fawning for him she is not prepared for the passionate kisses he gives. Man talk about hot on hot he may be French, dark and handsome and always brooding but when he goes out he goes all out. Victoria DeNault has done it again and cannot wait for the toughest of all sisters Callie`s turn. Loved it.

French Roast by Ava Miles

French Roast by Ava Miles

254 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Romance


Jill Hale has waited all these years. Her family and friends say she is crazy to have gone this far in a love that might never happen. Problem is they don`t understand the love she has for her best friend, Brian McConnell. He broke her heart one time and though she swore she was in pain seeing him again after all these years make her see the love is still there never really gone. Jill has no idea why he`s back but living in Dare Valley never seemed so good to live in right now. He left without any notice and now that he is back Jill is determined to keep him here forever. Love only comes once for her and Brian is her forever love. He is different now and though he says he loves her can Jill really trust him with her heart again?

Brian McConnell is back to the town that called him names and ridiculed him. Not everybody though did that and the Hale family always stood by for him especially little Jilly Hale. She was and is his only best friend and lately she has become more to him. Brian knows he hurt her all those years when he left for the city with no notice. It was his only chance to make something of himself but one stupid mistake gets him blackballed from all the restaurants. All his life he just wanted to be a great chef and have a good woman by his side like Jill Hale. The thing is he knew years ago if he stayed with Jill he would never make his dreams come to life. Seeing her now though it is becoming clear that Jill is his biggest dream of all. He knows he has to work for her heart again but can he really be the man she needs. Can he be the man that she is proud to have? Does love really exist or is this all a dream that will go up in smoke?

Book 2 in the Dare Valley series is going really great. I fell in love with Ava Miles and her Nora Roberts Land and coming back to Dare Valley seemed like coming home. Jill Hale is a local town girl never really dreaming of big lights or something more. Dare Valley is her home but seeing Brian again is making her see what has been missing lately. I loved that even though they have been apart the love is easily there yet stronger than ever. Brian has a lot of issues to work with yet having Jill by his side makes all of them seem so little. Ava Miles did such a great job in easily bringing us back to his this beautiful town and all its memorable charcters especially the new rich billionaired Mac Maven and Peggy definitley can`t wait for their story. Loved it.

Ignite Book 2: Burn by R.j. Lewis

Book 2 of Ignite Series: Burn by R.j. Lewis

305 pages

New Adult Contemporary Erotica


Five years have passed and the pain and heartache is there. She knows she is a coward for the way she left him. Five years and the memory is still fresh of the day she left her ONE. Jaxon was her everything and knowing she caused the pain and hurt in his eyes breaks her. Somehow she became like her father and it teared them apart. Now years later she is back in the town where there was happiness to clear her dead mothers stuff. A mother she never really knew and one who neglected her. She has a good guy in Daniel and knowing that Jaxon has found happiness again with another woman should be okay. Problem is there are secrets running around and betrayal as well. Coming back was a mistake but seeing Jaxon again and filled with hatred towards her is breaking her. Sarah has no idea what happened only knows that for the first time in months she is feeling alive with him around.

Five years it has been since she left him. Five years since his whole life changed making him second in command for the Scorpions. The Scorpions helped him in a time he was alone and in trouble. They became his second family and were there when he screamed for his Sarah. His Ultimate was gone and he was now trying to be something he hates now. Sarah was his everything and now that she is back all the love and hatred is still there. He wants answers and only she can fulfill them. Just when he thinks they might be back together someone tears them apart. Jaxon knows his Sarah is his everything but can he fight a Jackal and get his woman for good. Can he fight the family that protected him during those years he didn`t have his Sarah?

Okay I thought Book 1 Ignite was it for me but dang this one was explosive. R.j. Lewis just blows me away with each book I have read from her lately and this never happens for me. Three books so far and she has never disappointed me yet. The pain and heartache that Jaxon feels right now is nothing compared to what he endured during those five years. I felt for Jaxon for he finally is at a place where he can let go of Sarah and she comes back making all the memories and love come back.R.j. Lewis just pulled me into the Scorpions and the Jackals really hoping there is more of them especially Remy and Fritz. Jaxon is definitely a man I would want forever by me for when he loves it is forever the Ultimate love that is only found once in a lifetime.