Beautiful Together by Andrea Wolffe

Beautiful Together by Andrea Wolffe

302 pages

New Adult Romance



Naomi has always loved Jesse. They have been friends since forever and never thought they would separate from each other. That was until she meets Mason. Quarterback, handsome and so into her that with Mason she feels something she has never felt before in her life, love. She has no idea why Jesse is gone but being with Mason makes her feel alive. Her mother thinks their relationship is a sin but Mason is nothing like she has met before. He has big dreams but instead is dying. Life can be unfair and she is trying to be strong. The man she knew is slowly leaving her and she feels lost again. No one can comfort her but only one person, Jesse. Naomi knows that life will never be the same but all she wants is Mason back and the life they planned. High school is supposed to be a time of meeting new people and graduating. Mason was supposed to be her everything, her key to growing up. Can she learn to live without Mason? Will Jesse ever come back to her?

This is the first I have read from Andrea Wolffe and in one word WOW. I have to say New Adult is becoming my favorite genre so far. I loved that Naomi has led a sheltered life and it takes a boy like Mason to make her see their is more to life than her parents. The love Mason and Naomi have is deep yet not strong enough for what is ahead for Mason. There is sadness, heartache and also a time for growth for Naomi. Andrea Wolffe not only made me laugh in the book but cry for what was ahead. If you looking for a quick happy ever after be prepared for Beautiful Together for it is not it yet you will see so much more than happiness. Loved it.


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