Start Me Up by Nicole Michaels

Start Me Up by Nicole Michaels

352 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Romance

4 moons

Anne Edmond is a single mom who loves decorations and helping others. It is because of this need she runs a successful blog to help others in party decorations and just handy jobs. It is because of this career with her two best friends she is now single raising her little girl. Her ex felt threatened by her success even though it was supposed to be just a hobby. One party is all it takes to change her life forever meeting a man like Uncle Mike. He is everything that she never expected to have in life. He works for cars restoring them and she works with people to get them the party they deserve. They are opposite from each other yet the passion they have is explosive. She knows as a single mother she shouldn`t be acting like this. Yet something about Mike Everett is making feel for the first time in love. Can she have both a successful career and love?

Mike Everett is not the settling kind of a guy. His life is centered on his business yet lately though he is thinking of kids and marriage.This is not the usual things he thinks about but since meeting party decorator Anne Edmond he is. His niece is friends of her daughters and it takes one party to make him want more of her. She is not his usual type of women and this intrigues him more. Anne says he is too young for her yet she is the only woman who has kept his attention. She is smart, sexy and beautiful in his eyes and he`s ready for more. He knows he might be moving too fast but he wants more of her. Her career doesn`t bother him at all but her hiding it though makes him curious why she is hiding it in the first place. Blogging has never been his thing but since the party she hosted he is finding out more about her and stalking her blog. Can he make her see how right they belong to each other?

This is a first I have read from Nicole Michaels and have to say I loved it. Anne is like a breath of fresh air from the usual heroines. Here is a woman who because of a hobby that grew is divorced and raising a little girl all by herself. She is like other mothers trying to make it out alive. Now Mike is the first man she feels attracted to and it scares her. The attraction between them is hot and this is not your usual older woman and younger guy. These two share a connection no one understand only them. Nicole did such a great job in showing us that no matter how old you are love is still a possibility. Mike and Anne are so perfect for each other he will steal your heart. Loved it.


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