Win Me Over by Nicole Michaels

Win Me Over by Nicole Michaels

336 pages

Contemporary Romance

Ebook and Print


Coach Bennett Clark is a coach unlike any you have seen. One tragic event in his life has made him see that their is more to life than football. He is determined to make his students see that he is more than just a coach but a friend as well. He will do anything he can even participating in a dance event especially when it involves new dance teacher Callie Daniels. Ever since his tragedy he has been able to use his legs but there are times when it will act up. Being with Callie is making him see she deserves a real man not a crippled one like him. Even though he feels something for her Bennett knows he can never be with her. Can he be there though when she really needs him?

Callie Daniels is a superwoman all the way. She runs her bakery, runs a blog that helps others and runs a dancing team for the local high school like a commander at war. Dancing is her thing and she will do everything she can to make her team a success. Her mother thinks she is wasting her life with the bakery but she knows she is a success. Meeting a man is not her goal right now but there is something said about a coach like Bennett that makes her libido go wild. For the first time she is feeling more than just dancing and baking. As the dance event gets closer tragedy strikes again for Bennett and he is pulling away. Can she set her feelings aside to make him see that there are people there for him that he`s not alone?

I have to say I just love it when a man a strong as Bennett thinks he is get knocked down when it comes to his feelings. The chemistry between him and Callie is hot it`s like watching a real live Dancing with the Stars players fall for each other. Bennett is funny in his dance  moves but determined to make Callie proud. Now Callie is not the usual woman who wants love for she is set to be there when it comes and not rush looking for it. Then wham when it does come for her she is definitely not your damsel all googly eye. No instead she fights for it even when that person is a stubborn ass lol and doesn`t back down. Nicole Michaels definitely pulled me into her books and so excited to read more from this talented author.


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