Always Rayne by Sierra Avalon

Always Rayne Book 1 of Sometimes Never by Sierra Avalon

166 pages


Contemporary Erotic Romance

4 1/2 moons

Harper Leigh dreams of becoming a journalist getting the big stories. What she didn`t plan on was traveling for 10 days with a rock band getting the inside scoop. She knows how musicians are all about getting laid on their minds. Nic Rayne proves her theory right when she meets him for the first time he is all about getting into her pants. Everybody tells her she needs to lighten up and let loose yet she can`t imagine a man like Nic to understand. He is all about music and getting laid. Yet 10 days is seeming to become much more than she asked for with him. One thing she knows for sure is that Nic Rayne is not what people think he is and this confuses her. Can she write about him without her real feelings for him become known?

This is the first I have read from Sierra Avalon and have to say though it was short it was really interesting. I loved the whole aspect of Nic Rayne and what he shows to people. On the outside he is your typical rock star yet when a woman like Harper gets close is so different. The chemistry between them starts as love/hate yet there is so much more. Sierra did such a good job in hiding his real feelings there was a point where I was like ugh disgusting. Yet like all heroes he turns out for so much and Harper is the perfect one for him. Can`t wait for the other stories in the band they definitely have something going there.


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