Dare Valley Meets Paris Book 2: The Billionaire`s Secret by Ava Miles

Dare Valley Meets Paris Book 2: The Billionaire`s Secret by Ava Miles

85 pages


4 moons

Margie Lancaster is in Paris. Not just Paris but his hometown the place where romance is good to go. The thing is that it is also the place where people know him as Evan Michaels. Evan knows it is dangerous but he cannot just let her be in Paris without making his intentions known to her. Ever since meeting her in Dare Valley Margie is becoming something more for her. For the first time since he left his geeky self he is feeling alive and so much more. He knows it is wrong to continue his charade but when he finds out about her real opinion towards the rich people he is afraid. Paris is supposed to be city of love and his one chance to have Margie see his world. Question is how much time does he have before his secret is known? Will Margie still be with him?

Part 2 in the Dare Valley Meets Paris is becoming so much more it is making me want more. Ava Miles brings us to Paris to Evan`s world and though it seems romantic there are secrets that can tear them apart. We see a part of Evan`s life that he wants to share with Margie yet is afraid. I loved that though he is a rich billionaire Evan is also the same geeky person he used to be. Money comes easily for him but love is something else. Margie is like a little kid in Paris seeing everything with new eyes and wanting to explore with Evan. One thing about Ava Miles I love in this serial is that there is definitely a worthy cliffhanger in the end anxiously waiting for Part 3 now. Cannot wait for more of Evan and Margie.


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