In the Fast Lane by Audra North

In the Fast Lane by Audra North

170 pages


5 moons

Fast Cars, Fast Lanes this is all Kerri Hart has grown up in. All her life has been centered in racing and one man could end it all. She is not like other women and this is where the problem is. Her sponsors want more of her so they`re bringing in Ranger Colt. He means business and his main goal is to get the Hart Company back in the black instead of in the red. Hearing his voice over the headpiece is making her wonder about him but seeing him in person just might break her. Something about him is getting her libido up and she has no idea why. Kerri has had guys fight for her attention but Ranger is different from all of them. She knows she is not the typical wearing lipstick, wearing tight dresses all girly girl he is accustomed to yet he still wants her. Can she become the girl he wants for the Hart family business to get sponsors or will she lose the one thing that makes her happy instead of racing?

Ranger Colt has always been able to stay focused on a job no matter the situation. Yet this one is turning out to be more than he bargained for right now. His job is to get the Hart family business back into shape. Lately they have been losing some big sponsorships and he must get them back. He`s heard of Kerri and her racing but seeing her in person was like wow. Ranger has never met a woman like her all into racing none for the regular things a woman desires like men and sex. Something about her though keeps bringing him back to her and he has no idea why now. This is his last job he needs to pass before getting his dream job and everything about it is just turning wrong. Can he just walk away from Kerri knowing that she might be the one for him?

Audra North has created a fast, non-stop heart racing romance that will keep you on your toes. I just loved that Kerri is a no nonsense woman and wants one thing, to win the gold cup. I feel for her because she is racing in a man`s world and everybody thinks she won`t make it even her family. I really liked though that Ranger completes her in every way and they are oblivious to it. I mean right away you can tell they`re both missing love from their lives. Now the passion between them is definitely heart racing makes you wonder why stop at all. I loved that even though this is about fast cars and racing we see a side of Kerri and Ranger nobody sees. Definitely going to keep up with Audra North.


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