Snow Prints by May Williams

Snow Prints by May Williams

215 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Romance

4 moons

Gracie Sinclair knows love exists yet lately she is feeling it fade slowly. Her main goal right now is to be the best mother she can be to her little boy. She knows love is there but after her last attempt at it work and being a mother is all that matters now. Well that was until her childhood friend, Adrien Petersen moves into her building. Years ago she thought something would grow between them but he left. Seeing him again is making her wonder what if. Adrien is a successful man now whereas she is a nurse working to make ends meet and playing violin on the side. Gracie knows she has nothing to give to Adrien yet she dreams of what if. Can she be the woman he needs in his life?

He has waited for years to make his move and nothing is stopping him. Well unless your name is Gracie Sinclair. Ever since high school Adrien has loved her. Her whole six week trial period in dating one another seems insane but he will do anything to win her back. Seeing Gracie again and with her little boy makes him see how lonely his life has become. Gracie is and was his everything even now years later. Her having a little boy doesn`t deter him at all just makes him want her more. She thinks she has nothing to offer to him but she is wrong. Being with her makes him feel alive and for the first time craving a family. Adrien knows Gracie is cautious and afraid of love yet he is determined to prove to her how right they are for each other. Can he prove to her how perfect they will be as a family?

May Williams has pulled me into her Michigan Moonlight series. Though I missed Book 1 I have to say I loved Book 2 about Gracie and Adrien. Gracie is a single mother whose main goal is to be the perfect mother her little boy needs. Love is not in the works for her yet Adrien is not your usual man to say no too. What got me is that though they were apart the love he feels for Gracie is stronger than ever. These two are so perfect for each they complete one another. I mean Adrien loves her and is also falling in love with her little boy. Knowing she is a mother doesn`t derail his plans but wants her more now than ever. The love he has for them is unique and priceless. This is definitely a series you don`t want to miss and cannot wait for Book 3 about Gracie`s stubborn brother.


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