The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter

The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter

442 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Erotic Romance


Jase Hollister is a troubled man. He is a man who for the first time in years has freedom. Problem is that lately he feels like nothing in his life is making sense. Jase knows that life is precious and lately though even going through women he is not feeling anything. Well that was until the one girl he shacks up with has a sister that is getting under his skin. He knows Brooke Lynn Dillon is going to ruin him in a way he will never forget. Something about her just gets him going and he`s unsure what about her makes him want to be better. His past is not something worth talking about and yet being with Brooke is making him want to tell her everything about him. She is sweet, beautiful and sexy and knows once she learns about his past he will never get the peace he feels when he is with her. Will he always be trying to prove that he has changed or will someone like Brooke finally see the real man in him?

Brooke Lynn Dillon knows she`s not perfect or beautiful. Everybody see`s the ear piece on her and thinks she`s a freak. Yet something about Jase is making her feeling something she has never felt before and it scares her. Knowing he has been with her sister still doesn`t stop the attraction she feels for him. She knows he is rich and fairly new to her hometown yet everybody is talking about the good things him and his friends are doing. Being broke is not something she expected but somehow working with Jase just seems right in a weird way. He says to not bother him yet the more she tries to stay away he is eager for her. A man like Jase doesn`t fall for a girl like her and boy the kisses in between is making her confused as ever. She knows he is hiding something and is determined to find out. Can she still be with him though when his past comes to light? Can she really believe a man like Jase wants to change or is it all a game to him?

I have to say I have heard of Gena Showalter but never really had a chance to get into her books until now. This one though blew me away from the beginning when I find out about Jase. On the outside he is sexy, hot and yes going through women like a rotating closet. Yet we see a differenet Jase when he`s with Brooke and have to say WOW. The love he feels for her is scary for him and yet in a way it makes him better. I loved that Brooke had some things about her that was not the usual damsel in distress. Though she is to the point of barely surviving she still fights for her life. There were some parts that was painful considering about her ears and let me tell you I so understand her medical problem. Gena Showalter has definitely become a favorite for me and cannot wait for the next one especially about Beck.


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