The Wedding Rescue by Alexa Wilder

The Wedding Rescue by Alexa Wilder

165 pages


Contemporary Erotica Romance


Leigha Carmichael is having a shitty day well a week. The man she thought was the one turned out to be a stealing piece of a crap. Now she has to deal with her sisters wedding going alone. All she wanted was a drink for she never expected to meet a man like Dylan Kane. Everybody knows he`s the owner of the casino Delacto and can have any woman he wants. The thing is he wants her and it scares her. He says he will be her date but wants more than just a date. She has never had a man the way he wants her. One kiss and being in his arms makes her realize what has been missing in her life. Fat women like her don`t get hot, sex on a stick of a guy like him eyeing her. Leigha knows it is temporary but for once she wants a forever love. Can a man like Dylan really love her or is he just playing with her needs? Can she survive her sisters wedding and walk away from Dylan?

I have to say Wedding Rescue by Alexa Wilder is one hot book. Though it is a serial this is one hot box set worth to get. Right from the start Dylan comes in like a hero rescuing Leigha. Here is a man who can have any woman and has had model thin women yet he yearns for Leigha. The passion they have towards each other is combustible and man makes me wish for a man like Dylan. Alexa Wilder definitely has a hit with this book can`t wait for more from her.


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