French Roast by Ava Miles

French Roast by Ava Miles

254 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Romance


Jill Hale has waited all these years. Her family and friends say she is crazy to have gone this far in a love that might never happen. Problem is they don`t understand the love she has for her best friend, Brian McConnell. He broke her heart one time and though she swore she was in pain seeing him again after all these years make her see the love is still there never really gone. Jill has no idea why he`s back but living in Dare Valley never seemed so good to live in right now. He left without any notice and now that he is back Jill is determined to keep him here forever. Love only comes once for her and Brian is her forever love. He is different now and though he says he loves her can Jill really trust him with her heart again?

Brian McConnell is back to the town that called him names and ridiculed him. Not everybody though did that and the Hale family always stood by for him especially little Jilly Hale. She was and is his only best friend and lately she has become more to him. Brian knows he hurt her all those years when he left for the city with no notice. It was his only chance to make something of himself but one stupid mistake gets him blackballed from all the restaurants. All his life he just wanted to be a great chef and have a good woman by his side like Jill Hale. The thing is he knew years ago if he stayed with Jill he would never make his dreams come to life. Seeing her now though it is becoming clear that Jill is his biggest dream of all. He knows he has to work for her heart again but can he really be the man she needs. Can he be the man that she is proud to have? Does love really exist or is this all a dream that will go up in smoke?

Book 2 in the Dare Valley series is going really great. I fell in love with Ava Miles and her Nora Roberts Land and coming back to Dare Valley seemed like coming home. Jill Hale is a local town girl never really dreaming of big lights or something more. Dare Valley is her home but seeing Brian again is making her see what has been missing lately. I loved that even though they have been apart the love is easily there yet stronger than ever. Brian has a lot of issues to work with yet having Jill by his side makes all of them seem so little. Ava Miles did such a great job in easily bringing us back to his this beautiful town and all its memorable charcters especially the new rich billionaired Mac Maven and Peggy definitley can`t wait for their story. Loved it.


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