Ignite by R.j. Lewis

Ignite by R.j. Lewis

355 pages

Ebook and Print

New Adult Romance Erotica


Neglect that is all Sarah Nolan has gone through in life. Sure she was raised by a mother but even that person didn`t want her and a father that hated her. Only one person has been there for her all her life. Jaxon Barlow. Since rescuing her from a bully at eigh years old he has protected and watched over her. Friendship is all they have yet one prom night changes their lives. It began as an honest falling in love but has changed to so much more. Jaxon is her everything and it scares Sarah. Love is something sacred and worth having which makes her wonder what she did to deserve Jaxon. He is sweet, sexy and the one person who understands her yet someone wants them apart. She has no idea what will happen but fears Jaxon`s love is not permanent that it is just a fling to him. Can she be there when the tough gets going?

Jaxon Barlow knows he doesn`t deserve happiness or love in a girl like Sarah Nolan. Yet ever since he rescued her at eight years old he has always felt a special bond towards her. She is his key to love and feeling at peace. He has no idea how someone can neglect her at a young age but is thankful for it brought her to his life. Being with her makes all the bad things he has done go away dreaming of a better life. Years of being with her has made him depended on her instead of the other way. People think she is dependent on him but he dreads the day she decides to leave him forever. He knows she is his ONE the ULTIMATE for him. Can he convince her that no matter what a bitch she is to him love can prevail anything?

Omg  I thought R.j. Lewis couldn`t outshine herself from her last book Borden but have to say IGNITE just blew me away. It may be a New Adult but man this book packed it all. I loved that it started them as kids and R.j. Lewis showed us how their friendship has grown. They started off as friends yet it takes on night for Jaxon to really see his friend Sarah into a woman. Not just any woman but one that he wants forever. The love that Sarah and Jaxon have for one another is really hot and strong. Sarah has so much pain and heartache in life it takes a strong man like Jaxon to be there for her. This is book 1 and have to say I did not like the ending but can`t wait for Book 2 and what happens. Loved it.


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