MacKenzie Fire by Elle Casey

Mackenzie Fire by Elle Casey

255 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Romance

4 moons

It was supposed to be an easy 2 week vacation to be with her best friend, Andie. However, Candice didn`t expect to find love in a little town like Baker City. She knows Andie is happy with her new husband, Mack, but Candice is a city girl not a country girl. Well that was until she meets Andie`s brother-in-law, Ian. Being dumped at the alter can kill love in a man yet being with Ian is making her see he might still have a chance at finding love. Everybody tells her that she is not the type of a woman to have flings but with Ian she feels more than a fling. Problem is that everytime she is around him he riles her up unlike any guy has done. Something in her just wants to tease and mock him yet also tackle him down with passionate kisses. Candice has no idea what is going on but knows 2 weeks is not enough for whatever is going between them.

The sequel to Shine Not Burn continues with Ian MacKenzie. In the first part we see he is about to get married and move on. Yet fate has a change in his life and the good laughing smiling cowboy is lost. Candice now is the opposite from him and this makes this story just so funny. I loved that in the beginning these two acted like children but their love/hate relationship sparkles. I loved that even though Candice decided to have a fling she is craving much more. The romance between these two seemed like a Lucy and Ricky Ricardo romance. Their was comedy, passion and a friendship nobody expected. Have to say this is one author you don`t want to miss.


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