Dare to Rock by Carly Phillips

Dare to Rock by Carly Phillips

298 pages

Contemporary Erotica Romance


4 moons

All Grey Kingston wanted in life was to become a famous rockstar. When he was young he had only one goal in life and that was to leave his hometown and be somebody. Yet lately he is wondering if maybe he made a big mistake. Music has always been his thing but once upon a time years ago there was a woman who really spoke to him. Not just any woman but one who saw past his goals of being a rockstar. Avery was his everything and now that he is ready for more than music he wants her back. Yet the girl he used to know has changed as well. Gone is the confident person he knew and now is a woman who is doubting his love towards her. Can he prove to her that they can make it work together as long as love is still there?

Avery Dare knows how chaotic a rockstar`s life is. All the paparazzi, the cameras and most of all the loss of freedom. Ever since she was little her family has been in the spolight because of her father`s infidelity. Yes she is one of those Dares. Only one person was there for her and understood her. Yet one concert changes everything and now she must go on knowing she can never live in a world like his. Fame is not for her and she loves her freedom. Problem is that Grey is back in her city and no matter how hard she tries he is back. Music will always be his thing and now she has no idea how she can compete with his first love. Love is nothing to take easily and yet Grey is making it hard to ignore the love between them. Can she go back to be with him knowing the spotlight will always be there between them?

Another hit for Carly Phillips and so loving the Dare series. I loved that even though the fear is there Avery is determined to get past it. Grey now he may seem like your usual rock star but beneath all that he is just trying to be normal. Carly Phillips has a way of getting you into the book with flair and passion definitely will see this with Grey and Avery. I cannot wait for more of her Dare series each one just rocks and pulls you in every way.


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