Deal Breakers by Laura Lee

Deal Breakers Book 1: Dealing Love by Laura Lee

216 pages

Contemporary Romance

4 moons

Riley and Devin two people opposite of each other. Devin is set on getting through college and getting her career started. She didn`t expect to befriend the big man in school. His first come on line to her should have warned her to stay away but something about Riley spoke to her. Friendship is all she can handle right now yet people around her don`t understand their relationship. Riley is the one thing that is constant in her life and it scares her. She has always been different from other girls more into sports and hanging out. Yet everything changes when they graduate and now she is not sure how to move on without her best friend.

Of all the girls to get him on his knees it his best friend. For years he has been a ladies man never caring about their feelings. Yet that all changes when he sees Devin by her bicycle in college. Now years later they are the best of best friends which kills him. He wants more than just friendship now and yet she is not into it. Riley knows only time but never expected she would come to him after graduation asking for the one thing he has fantasized for years. Now that they`re older he is seeing a new Devin and it scares him how strong his feelings for her is now. Can they get back to the friendship they had before for more?

Laura Lee has a way with words that make you see it can be more than just love. Deal Breakers in a way is what makes New Adult genre so good right now. We have a friendship that has surpassed all their college years turning into something they have dreamed of one day happening. Laura Lee definitely knows how to get two people see the good, the bad and the ugly between them yet we also see the passion they have been denying towards each other. Really good book and definitely cannot wait for more of Laura Lee`s romances.


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