Dream Girls by Alexis Alvarez

Dream Girls by Alexis Alvarez

250 pages

Romantic Comedy

September 1, 2015



Chloe Barnes is not your usual svelte, athletic, mile long legs but your average woman trying to further her career as a photographer. She is still surprised with herself that she entered a reality show. Not just any reality show but Dream Girls where one man will choose his dream love among 20 something girls. Chloe knows she can never compete with the blonde, sexy women in the show especially for the heart of a guy like Dominic. Right away there are sparks between them and not the good kind in her opinion. All she wants is to travel and not looking for love. She never expected to get this far but this is a once in a lifetime for her. Love is not a necessity in her life right now yet Dominic is making her feel things she hasn`t felt before in her life. Will she be the next Dream Girl or will the show end all her beliefs in love?

This is the first I have read from Alexis Alvarez and have to say it was uniquely funny and sweet. I loved the whole concept about the Dream World. I`m not a fan of reality shows especially dating ones but have to say if the Dream World was real I would so sign up for it. Alexis Alvarez just made me laugh all the way and have to say through all this I was amazed at the quirkiness and sassy Chloe Barnes. Have to say that for a man against 20 women Dominic was really super calm through it all. Usually it is the man that steals the story but in this case it is all about Chloe. Alexis totally nailed it with the comedy, romance and just sweet unusual story line not seen in most case.


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