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You are Mine by Jackie Ashenden

You are Mine by Jackie Ashenden

416 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Erotic Romance

4 moons

Zack Rutherford has been by her side for seven years. For seven years he has waited for his moment. The moment when his angel will open her eyes and see he has always been there. As a member of the Nine Circles Club he can have any woman with a snap of his finger but none compare to his angel. After all these years he still doesn`t understand his attraction towards her since she does her damnest to get him out of her life. He`s never met a woman like her filled with hatred, beauty, smartness and most of all a determination to push him away. By all counts he should be done with her but something about her past speaks to him that she has not let go of yet. She is hiding something and Zach is determined to be there for he no matter how much pushing she does. He knows that he expects more but knows in his cold heart that his angel can overcome anything with the right man by her side.

Eva King is a great hacker and loves her job. She also loves being part of the Nine Circles Club a group of mismatched billionaires including herself. There is Alex, Gabriel and then there`s Zack. Unlike the other members in the club Zack is the one she owes her life to for he was the one who rescued her seven years ago. He never asked or intruded in her life and she was okay by that until now. Somehow the last job in Monte Carlo has brought her past back to life. Now it is up to her to kill the past for good even if it means getting Zack close to her. For years he has been by her side and now that he is making his intentions known to her it scares the crap out of her. He is gorgeous, handsome, strong and he knows it but one kiss and touch from him and she is scared. He calls her Angel but knows she is no angel just untouched, broken and scarred. Can she be the woman he needs or will the past control her life again?

So I have been following the Nine Cicles Club since I was introduced to Gabriel and have been interested in the relationship between Zack and Eva. Through each book we see the attraction between them yet we also see the hatred in Eva for something we don`t know until now. I have to say Jackie Ashenden kept us in suspense through 2 books and wow. In a way I felt Zack and Eva`s relationship was like a cat and mouse game biding their time teasing us along the way. Zack is a complex man who even though came from a good family leads a whole different life. Now Eva I felt for her for here is a young girl but circumstance made her grown up quick and with no heart. These two are perfect for each other for one is so set to not fall for love or happiness and the other is secretly seeking for that love again in her life. Jackie Ashenden did a great job in showing us the real Eva King yet felt there should have been more of Zack. I mean I waited through 2 great books for his story and felt there was a lot more he was holding in. All in all it was a good book and finally seeing Eva for the woman se is meant to be was beautiful. Cannot wait for more of the Nine Circles.


Talking Dirty with the CEO by Jackie Ashenden

Talking Dirty with the CEO by Jackie Ashenden

187 pages

Contemporary Romance


4 moons

Christie St. Johns idea of a good night is being at home in sweatpants, wearing Ugg shoes and playing a computer game. She is not interested in men or sex at least until she met Joseph Ashton. It started off as an innocent game at chatting online and somehow has grew to a fury fire of passion and heat. Christie knows she is not his usual type of women but somewhere deep inside she wants to be for one night. She has no idea why this man brings out all her desires and needs yet cannot imagine a day without him. He was supposed to be just for research and nothing more. Yet all it takes is one night to make her see that Joseph is just like her just a person trying to fit in.

Joseph Ashton is not your typical billionaire. For years he has worked hard to be normal but lately is failing at being normal. Something is making him antsy and bored. Working every day in his company is making him see that he is missing out on life. Meeting Christie St. John was a fluke in nature. Something about her and being naughty has made him start feel alive a feeling he hasn`t felt in a long time. Christie is making him see that he can have a normal life only if she is there with him. The more time he spends with Christie is making him see he cannot go back to his boring life without her laughter and passion. Can he make it to his black and white world without her passion?

Once again Jackie Ashenden has created a hot, sexy and short novel that will make you wish you had your own billionaire. I felt for Christie and all her hangups in this book. She tries so hard to be normal that her own family don`t take her seriously. I was so disgusted the way she has been treated that it takes a good man like Joseph to make her see how worthy and special she is. I loved that Joseph tries so hard like her to be normal that he almost loses what is important to him. Jackie Ashenden did a beautiful job between these two people it was so easy to see them completing each other. Cannot wait for more of this talented author and what she has in store for us for each book she creates the reader will never be disappointed.

Texas Montgomerys Book 6: Texas Hustle by Cynthia D’Alba

Texas Montgomerys Book 6: Texas Hustle by Cynthia D’Alba

244 pages


Contemporary Romance

November 24, 2015

4 moons

Porchia Summers is just trying to live a normal life. She has struggled to be separated from her parents and the bakery is her whole life. Porchia has no time for romance or distractions right now. Yet nobody told Darren Montgomery she was untouchable. Each day going to her bakery is one step closer to getting her in his life permanent. Porchia is the woman for him and his plan to get her in his life is seeming to be a little tricky. She has some idea that they are not right for each other because of their age. As every Montgomery in his family he is known to never give up and age is just a number to him. Porchia is his everything and even though she keeps denying the chemistry love will arise. Problems and obstacles are in the way but the biggest one for Darren is not having her in his life. Can he convince Porchia how right they are for each other no matter what secrets she may have inside her.

I have to say I love reading about Cynthia D`Alba and her Montgomery series. In each one we see small glimpses of Darren and just now it was like wow. I loved that no matter how hard Porchia plays Darren never gives up. The love he has for this woman is strong yet sweet as well. Now Porchia is the type of woman who is trying to be strong yet maintain her composure when there is trouble afoot. I loved that even though there is a man from her past threatening her she has Darren to lean on no matter how hard she denies it. Cynthia D`Alba just brings all the Montgomery`s together and tons of surprises that take your breath away. Have to say though he may be a cowboy at heart but Darren is one sexy guy worth having in your corner. Cannot wait for the others in this beautiful series.

Jokers Wrath Books 1 – 4 by Bella Jewel

Jokers Wrath Books 1 to 4 by Bella Jewel


Contemporary Erotic Romance


Book 1: Precarious

Ash loves her job as a security guard and never takes it for granted. She knows when a bad person deserves to be in jail. Yet since meeting Beau Dawson she knows he is a good person even though he is charged for killing people at a local diner. Ash has no idea why she is attracted to the prisoner only knows that something is not right in her prison. Beau “Krypt“ Dawson has never known a good person before especially one that is making him feel things. Ash is unlike any of the club whores he has been with and this scares him. Someone in the inside wants him dead and will not stop until he is dead even if it means getting rid of Ash. Can Krypt protect his woman before the other members in the rival club get to her?

Book 2: Melancholy

Santana is tired of being treated like a child. She knows that Maddox “President of the Jokers Wrath“ is a controlling, dominating freak but something about his eyes when he looks at her means something else. Santana has always been on her own yet knowing that Maddox is watching her makes her feel safe in a weird way. She has no idea why the last five years he has kept his distance and now that she is ready for a man he is making his presence known in a big way. For five years he has lusted over her and it is killing him. Since rescuing her years ago Maddox has waited for the moment when she sees him as more than a protector. As President of the Jokers Wrath Motorcycle Club he has a reputation to uphold yet being with Santana is making him go crazy. Can he still have her when his secret comes out or will she hate him more?

Book 3: Anguish

Miakoda “Mack“ ┬áis a loner and likes it that way. He has no time for romance or permanency. Well until the sister of his ex brings him his son. A son he did not know of being born until now. As a member of the Jokers Wrath he is not the usual daddy type. Instead his baby is his motorcycle and the wind to being free. Nobody understands his disdain towards the baby except the nanny. He knew right away Jaylah is not the usual nanny but cannot get rid of her. Something about the little spitfire and her determination for him to bond with the baby gets to him. Jaylah knows time is running out. She has two weeks to come up with the money and working with Mack sounded so easy. Problem is she didn`t count on the sexual chemistry between them or the fact that his son has gotten to her heart. Can she leave this brooding father and sweet baby when the time is up with her heart still intact?

Book 4: Desolation

Broken Angel that is what she is to him. For three years Tyke has been her friend but lately the lust in him is wanting to break free. She is beautiful, sweet and the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen. He knows she has had it tough but Pippa is the one for him. The days are hard for him for he knows in some ways he is a failure to the others members in the Jokers Wrath club. Everybody sees him as a friend but he knows they see him as a cripple basically a let down ever since his accident. Here is a woman who sees the real warrior in him and he wants more of her. Pippa loves her second family and even though she is afraid there is Tyke there for her. In some ways whenever she is with him she feels safe and protected. For five years she was a slave and even though she is free there are times she still feels like a slave. The world is a scary place unsure how to talk, act or behave she feels like she is stuck in a cave with no way out. Tyke is everything to her but is afraid that she can never be what she used to be and always will be a broken angel to him. Can she find her way to herself to be the woman Tyke deserves to have in his life?

Man I have no idea how to describe this book but only one word comes to mind: ROCKED. Ever since I started reading about Bella Jewel I knew right away this author would become a favorite for me. Each story in this beautiful book set just blew my mind away. We have Krypt first in the series and here is a man who is just a man trying to lead a good life. Then we have the President of the Club, Maddox. By all Bella Jewel should have put this man dangerous and scary. Yet when you read about his love towards Santana he becomes a cuddly badass biker bear. Then we have Mack who by all counts is a lonewolf yet deep down you can tell he craves to be loved. In the end we have Pippa to close of this series and my heart breaks. Here is a woman who has suffered as a work slave and meets a man like Tyke who like her is living a shell of a life. Have to say Bella Jewel made it hard for me to just like one story for they were all great. The part I loved the most was that even though this is a club of bad, brooding, dangerous bikers called Jokers Wrath they are all part of a big family. Once again have to say Bella Jewel just ROCKED in this book set and if you never read of her books this is a great example of how she pulls you in. Loved it.

Iron Mike by Patricia Rose

Iron Mike by Patricia Rose

356 pages


Science Fiction Dystopian

5 moons

All Mike Sanderlin wanted to do was finish his video game and beat the other players. Problem is that his life as he knows it is going to change. Nobody knew they were coming or that one minute he would be arguing with his mother and then seeing her collapse to her death. No Mike is just your typical teenager and now everything is on his shoulder. Gone are the days of playing games with 3d guns and now he is just trying to stay alive and protecting his little sister. There is a new war going on and only certain people are alive. Mike knows the world he knew is gone. Animals are dying, people are dying and something out there is eating them. Freedom is no longer something you can have and each day is a day of survival. No one is safe anymore and it is up to Mike to find a way for them to all stay alive. Can they ever get the life they had before the attack?

This is a first I have read from Patricia Rose and have to say it blew me away. Reading about Mike and how fast he had to grow up was surprising. I mean at first it started off like he was just a whiny kid but we see a lot of him we never expected. Gone is the young teenager and now is a man who not only has to stay alive but protect everybody he sees including his little sister. Patricia Rose did a great job in showing us how quick things can change in one second. I loved that no matter how terrible things are Mike does his hardest to maintain his cool yet inside he is struggling like everybody else right now. Definitely hoping there is more of this book for the ending seemed like there can be more just hoping. All in all I have to say even though this is not my typical book genre it really pulled me into it. If you looking for romance and a happily ever after it is not in here but instead there is hope, second chances and most of all it is a book that shows us to keep strong and faith.

Hope Burns by Jaci Burton

Hope Burns by Jaci Burton

305 pages

Contemporary Romance

Ebook and Print

4 moons

It has been years since Molly Burnett has been home. She swore years ago she would never come back but her big sister is getting married and she is the maid of honor. All she had to do was be there for the wedding and leave nothing more. Yet she didn`t expect her old sweetheart Carter Richards to still live there in town. He was her everything when she was in high school and they both had big plans. Fate, however, had something different for them and even now the love is still there. Molly knows she can never forget about the past for even now it is still coming up after all these years. She knows it is not Carter`s fault for what happened but seeing him and knowing he still loves her is too much. Can she just go through this wedding and move on again with out losing her heart again?

They say time heals yet for Carter Richards it seems time has stopped. Well it did when he sees his sweetheart back into town. He knew she would be back and even prepared himself for the chance meeting but still was not prepared for seeing her beauty again. Carter knows there`s still a lot of unanswered answers to why she ran years ago but seeing her after all these years is still a shock to him. Molly was and is still his everything and seeing her again is making him see why no other woman has gotten to his heart for none of them was Molly. He knows he only has a short time to convince her they still belong together and there is nothing to stop him from getting his Molly. Can he though convince her how right they belong together and they deserve the life they dreamed of having one day?

Once again Jaci Burton has outdone herself and have to say finally we get to know more about Carter. From the previous two books all we see is a mechanic but this sexy man is so much more. I have to say Carter definitely kept my attention for this guy just seemed too good to be true. I loved that even though Molly had so much hurt from the past he is determined to make her see he has changed. Jaci Burton just created this guy with so much love, romance and definitely deserves the love of a good woman, his woman, Molly. Cannot wait for the other one in this series.

House of Obsidian Book 1: Flawed Heart by Bella Jewel

House of Obsidian Book 1: Flawed Heart by Bella Jewel

190 pages

Contemporary Erotic Romance



Max was her everything, the only boy who really understood her. College was supposed to be a time for her to figure out what she wants to be. Max is something she never expected and the feelings he brings out in her scares her. He is handsome, sexy, popular and the only man to make her go crazy. Belle knows she doesn`t fit into his world of popularity but she cannot just let him go. Max is the one person who can make her do wild and stupid things like giving her whole heart to him. Problem is that now that he is her husband she is determined to keep him even when he pulls away. Can she though go on without him again in her life?

Max has done tons of stupid things but the only thing he did right was making Annabelle his wife. Problem is it takes one night to ruin his life and he knows Belle is not the problem. His life is not complete without her yet even though he messed up five years ago he still loves her. Belle is his whole life and even though he doesn`t deserve her he wants her more than ever. Seeing her again though and her secrets should make him mad but he wants her more than ever. Max knows he has a lot of groveling to do but Belle not in his life is not something he wants to go on one more day. There are secrets still in his life and knows that once his Belle finds out he might loose her forever. Can he sacrifice his happiness to see her smiling again and at peace?

So we meet Max in Pippa`s story a very small glimpse of this hot, sexy underground fighter and boy does Bella Jewel saved the best for the last. I have to say I loved Max and his brooding demeaner. Here is a guy who witnessed something horific and swayed away from his only sunshine, Belle. I loved that even though these two have been separated for five years once they meet the sexual chemistry and love is explosive between them. I have to applaud Belle for trying so hard to keep her heart intact but man one kiss from Max it`s gone to him again. Cannot wait for more from the House of Obsidian for if it has men like Max Bella Jewel has another hit.