This is One Moment by Mila Gray

This is One Moment by Mila Gray

New Adult



Didi is ready to start her internship as a therapist and her father is giving her a once in a lifetime time at his centre for injured veterans. She expected a lot of things but nothing prepared her for Sanchez, Dodds and most of all a man like Noel Walker. Her mother told her to not let her emotions get in the way but something about Walker has gotten to her. Being in the Marines is his whole world yet being injured and weak is not something you will describe him as right now. No matter how hard he tries to shut people out Didi cannot stay away from him. She knows inside the tough grouchy marine is a man who needs help and feel needed again. Didi knows it is wrong to be there for a man like Walker but with him she feels alive again and feels lost without him. Can she convince him that there is more to him than this feelings of lost and guiltiness?

A soldier never leaves another soldier. A soldier stays and makes sure everyone comes back. This is something that Walker keeps telling himself yet feels guilty for the things he did. Everybody tells him that he is a hero for saving Sanchez when an IED killed his whole team. He doesn`t feel like a hero just nothing but questions why they survived while others died because of him. People at the centre knows to leave him alone but for the first time in months since losing his vision he is feeling something and it is because of her. Though he cannot see her his other seven senses tells him Didi is beautiful and sexy. He`s never felt this kind of love towards a woman not even his ex-fiancee and it scares him. As a soldier with a disability he has nothing to offer to Didi yet he cannot stay away from her. Will he ever be the man she needs to be? Can he be there for Dodds and Sanchez when the time comes again for his help?

In one word for Mila Gray is FANTASTIC. I thought her first book, Come Back To Me was great but have to say this one just blew me away. I felt for Walker and what he is going through. His whole life has been trained to be a Marine and nothing else. The heartache and pain he goes through hit right at home. Walker feels he can never be the man he used to be and is weak a cripple in his eyes. Now it takes a strong woman like Didi to make him see what a fool he is. The love that Mila Gray created between these two is strong and beautiful at the same time. There is just so much to say about this book it is so worth buying. Mila Gray just brought this book to life in such a beautiful way yet passionate between them without it being raunchy. My heart though ached for Dodds for there was so much potential and in a way laughed when it came to Sanchez. This is what I love about Mila Gray that no matter the situation or who the character is it can easily come to life before your eyes. Just freaking loved this book and cannot wait for more from this imaginative and talented author.


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