House of Obsidian Book 1: Flawed Heart by Bella Jewel

House of Obsidian Book 1: Flawed Heart by Bella Jewel

190 pages

Contemporary Erotic Romance



Max was her everything, the only boy who really understood her. College was supposed to be a time for her to figure out what she wants to be. Max is something she never expected and the feelings he brings out in her scares her. He is handsome, sexy, popular and the only man to make her go crazy. Belle knows she doesn`t fit into his world of popularity but she cannot just let him go. Max is the one person who can make her do wild and stupid things like giving her whole heart to him. Problem is that now that he is her husband she is determined to keep him even when he pulls away. Can she though go on without him again in her life?

Max has done tons of stupid things but the only thing he did right was making Annabelle his wife. Problem is it takes one night to ruin his life and he knows Belle is not the problem. His life is not complete without her yet even though he messed up five years ago he still loves her. Belle is his whole life and even though he doesn`t deserve her he wants her more than ever. Seeing her again though and her secrets should make him mad but he wants her more than ever. Max knows he has a lot of groveling to do but Belle not in his life is not something he wants to go on one more day. There are secrets still in his life and knows that once his Belle finds out he might loose her forever. Can he sacrifice his happiness to see her smiling again and at peace?

So we meet Max in Pippa`s story a very small glimpse of this hot, sexy underground fighter and boy does Bella Jewel saved the best for the last. I have to say I loved Max and his brooding demeaner. Here is a guy who witnessed something horific and swayed away from his only sunshine, Belle. I loved that even though these two have been separated for five years once they meet the sexual chemistry and love is explosive between them. I have to applaud Belle for trying so hard to keep her heart intact but man one kiss from Max it`s gone to him again. Cannot wait for more from the House of Obsidian for if it has men like Max Bella Jewel has another hit.


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