Talking Dirty with the CEO by Jackie Ashenden

Talking Dirty with the CEO by Jackie Ashenden

187 pages

Contemporary Romance


4 moons

Christie St. Johns idea of a good night is being at home in sweatpants, wearing Ugg shoes and playing a computer game. She is not interested in men or sex at least until she met Joseph Ashton. It started off as an innocent game at chatting online and somehow has grew to a fury fire of passion and heat. Christie knows she is not his usual type of women but somewhere deep inside she wants to be for one night. She has no idea why this man brings out all her desires and needs yet cannot imagine a day without him. He was supposed to be just for research and nothing more. Yet all it takes is one night to make her see that Joseph is just like her just a person trying to fit in.

Joseph Ashton is not your typical billionaire. For years he has worked hard to be normal but lately is failing at being normal. Something is making him antsy and bored. Working every day in his company is making him see that he is missing out on life. Meeting Christie St. John was a fluke in nature. Something about her and being naughty has made him start feel alive a feeling he hasn`t felt in a long time. Christie is making him see that he can have a normal life only if she is there with him. The more time he spends with Christie is making him see he cannot go back to his boring life without her laughter and passion. Can he make it to his black and white world without her passion?

Once again Jackie Ashenden has created a hot, sexy and short novel that will make you wish you had your own billionaire. I felt for Christie and all her hangups in this book. She tries so hard to be normal that her own family don`t take her seriously. I was so disgusted the way she has been treated that it takes a good man like Joseph to make her see how worthy and special she is. I loved that Joseph tries so hard like her to be normal that he almost loses what is important to him. Jackie Ashenden did a beautiful job between these two people it was so easy to see them completing each other. Cannot wait for more of this talented author and what she has in store for us for each book she creates the reader will never be disappointed.


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