Texas Montgomerys Book 6: Texas Hustle by Cynthia D’Alba

Texas Montgomerys Book 6: Texas Hustle by Cynthia D’Alba

244 pages


Contemporary Romance

November 24, 2015

4 moons

Porchia Summers is just trying to live a normal life. She has struggled to be separated from her parents and the bakery is her whole life. Porchia has no time for romance or distractions right now. Yet nobody told Darren Montgomery she was untouchable. Each day going to her bakery is one step closer to getting her in his life permanent. Porchia is the woman for him and his plan to get her in his life is seeming to be a little tricky. She has some idea that they are not right for each other because of their age. As every Montgomery in his family he is known to never give up and age is just a number to him. Porchia is his everything and even though she keeps denying the chemistry love will arise. Problems and obstacles are in the way but the biggest one for Darren is not having her in his life. Can he convince Porchia how right they are for each other no matter what secrets she may have inside her.

I have to say I love reading about Cynthia D`Alba and her Montgomery series. In each one we see small glimpses of Darren and just now it was like wow. I loved that no matter how hard Porchia plays Darren never gives up. The love he has for this woman is strong yet sweet as well. Now Porchia is the type of woman who is trying to be strong yet maintain her composure when there is trouble afoot. I loved that even though there is a man from her past threatening her she has Darren to lean on no matter how hard she denies it. Cynthia D`Alba just brings all the Montgomery`s together and tons of surprises that take your breath away. Have to say though he may be a cowboy at heart but Darren is one sexy guy worth having in your corner. Cannot wait for the others in this beautiful series.


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