You are Mine by Jackie Ashenden

You are Mine by Jackie Ashenden

416 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Erotic Romance

4 moons

Zack Rutherford has been by her side for seven years. For seven years he has waited for his moment. The moment when his angel will open her eyes and see he has always been there. As a member of the Nine Circles Club he can have any woman with a snap of his finger but none compare to his angel. After all these years he still doesn`t understand his attraction towards her since she does her damnest to get him out of her life. He`s never met a woman like her filled with hatred, beauty, smartness and most of all a determination to push him away. By all counts he should be done with her but something about her past speaks to him that she has not let go of yet. She is hiding something and Zach is determined to be there for he no matter how much pushing she does. He knows that he expects more but knows in his cold heart that his angel can overcome anything with the right man by her side.

Eva King is a great hacker and loves her job. She also loves being part of the Nine Circles Club a group of mismatched billionaires including herself. There is Alex, Gabriel and then there`s Zack. Unlike the other members in the club Zack is the one she owes her life to for he was the one who rescued her seven years ago. He never asked or intruded in her life and she was okay by that until now. Somehow the last job in Monte Carlo has brought her past back to life. Now it is up to her to kill the past for good even if it means getting Zack close to her. For years he has been by her side and now that he is making his intentions known to her it scares the crap out of her. He is gorgeous, handsome, strong and he knows it but one kiss and touch from him and she is scared. He calls her Angel but knows she is no angel just untouched, broken and scarred. Can she be the woman he needs or will the past control her life again?

So I have been following the Nine Cicles Club since I was introduced to Gabriel and have been interested in the relationship between Zack and Eva. Through each book we see the attraction between them yet we also see the hatred in Eva for something we don`t know until now. I have to say Jackie Ashenden kept us in suspense through 2 books and wow. In a way I felt Zack and Eva`s relationship was like a cat and mouse game biding their time teasing us along the way. Zack is a complex man who even though came from a good family leads a whole different life. Now Eva I felt for her for here is a young girl but circumstance made her grown up quick and with no heart. These two are perfect for each other for one is so set to not fall for love or happiness and the other is secretly seeking for that love again in her life. Jackie Ashenden did a great job in showing us the real Eva King yet felt there should have been more of Zack. I mean I waited through 2 great books for his story and felt there was a lot more he was holding in. All in all it was a good book and finally seeing Eva for the woman se is meant to be was beautiful. Cannot wait for more of the Nine Circles.


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