Chaos Book 1: Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

Chaos Book 1: Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

433 pages

Ebook and Print

Contemporary Erotica Romance


She is temptation. A temptation he has been trying to ignore for so many reasons but main one is she is the daughter of the president of the Chaos Motorcycle club. The daughter of the man he respects and has taken him in. Yet the many times he keeps telling himself to stay away from Tabitha Allen Shy always goes to her. Yet the more he tries to stay away she calls him for a rescuing. Shy knows he has no chance with the Princess herself but he cannot stay away. Tabitha is definitely the girl that should have gone away yet she is turning to be an annoying beautiful woman to him. Shy knows that his time is running thin each time he is near her. Can he be the man she needs or will his brothers tear them apart?

Tabitha has never forgotten about Shy. He is the one guy she has tried to grab attention but always failed at keeping it. Shy is sexy, smart and a womanizer totally not the man for her. Problem is that even though she has tried to lead a normal life fate has something in store for her. Everybody tells her she should stay away from Shy but her body and heart wants him. She has tried to stay away from him yet her heart cannot stay away from Shy. Tabitha knows it is only a matter of time before the main honcho president of the Chaos and her father find them out. Can she keep Shy to herself a little bit longer before chaos really lets loose?

Once again Kristen Ashley has caught our attention in a series that will blow your mind. Right from the beginning Kristen shares us these two in different lights getting to know them as much as we can. One is seeing us a side of Tabitha Allen nobody has noticed. The vulnerable, sweet and well pissed off look because her happiness was taken away. Then we have hot, sexy and oh yummy Shy. These two are right for each other for one is looking for safety and to be loved the other is looking for something that has been missing all his Cannot wait for Book 2 in this series.


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