Fighting For Devlin by Jessica Lemmon

Fighting for Devlin by Jessica Lemmon


November 24, 2015


Devlin Cavalry is used to being alone. Ever since a child becoming an orphan he has been dealt a bad card in life. Going from being a normal kid to now running the bookings and dealings he knows his life could have been worse. The only thing lately that is making him feel like a normal person instead of doing illegal things is his little restaurant. Even though his clients come to the place to pay nobody knows his real business and determined to keep things like that right now. Problem is that life is starting to make him wonder if he can ever get out of it. Not only is the restaurant there for him but there is also Rena Lewis. The waitress in his place who is making him wish he was a better man than what he is right now. Innocent and naive she is opposite of the women he has had and wondering why she intrigues him like no other woman has done. Main thing going on right now for Devlin is trying to stay alive through all this stuff and figure out exactly what he wants in life.

Rena Lewis is barely making ends meet. She sucks as a waitress but Devlin`s restaurant is the only place with money right now. Everybody around her knows she is not cut out for waitressing but knowing she is close to Devlin is one bonus in her grueling job. Working this job is supposed to be her ticket to being a good person. Almost an angel but with a devil like Devlin distracting her in every way she feels like she is slipping. Rena knows that Devlin is hiding something when she sees him beaten to a pup and is lying when she questions him. He is unlike any man she has known and this scares her for the feelings he brings in her. Can she follow the rules in life and be good when Devlin kisses her with every breath in him?

Have to say I was quite surprised in this book by Jessica Lemmon. I was so used to her Bad Boys series and reading about Devlin just blew me away. In a way there are certain authors that can pull off the New Adult genre and have to say if Jessica Lemmon continues like this it will be another favorite to her already favorited books. Devlin is a complicated man yet one who is craving something that has been As an orphan never knowing love it hits him like a ton of bricks. Rena now seems almost like Devlin yet she is trying so hard to not mess up. Jessica Lemmon did a beautiful job in showing us no matter how troubled we are there is always hope. Devlin is a man who definitely needs hope right now for in some ways he is feeling lost and boy is Rena perfect for him in every way to getting a second chance.. Just loved it and cannot wait for more.


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