Hard to Break by Bella Jewel

Hard to Break by Bella Jewel


219 pages

October 13, 2015

Contemporary Erotic Romance


Quinn is a grease monkey. Some girls are into shopping, shoes and sex. One out of three not bad but cars are her thing and putting them together from scratch. Other than her father`s auto body garage her life has always been centered around cars. Knowing that a man she admired for years is going to take it away is not something she is just going to sit back and watch it go away. Tazen is everything in a man she has stayed away from in her life. He is egotistical, arrogant, macho and yet she cannot stop kissing him. Quinn knows he is the enemy yet her father needs her right now. He has always been her best friend instead of a regular father and the business is the one thing to keep them together. Quinn knows she is being a menace but the garage is her livelihood only life she knows. Can she keep her legacy together or will Tazen win more than just the garage?

Tazen has worked hard to be where he is now. Life as a teenager was tough for him and though he is a businessman now there are things from his past he never wants to do again. He knows that the garage means a lot to Quinn but he knows when a business is sinking it is up to him to make it better. No matter how hard he tries Quinn is stubborn, annoying and yet he cannot stop kissing her. He has had his share of women before far more beautiful than Quinn but there is something about her that keeps bringing him back to her. Tazen knows he can never be the man she needs for she is not the usual girl you would expect. Cars are her thing and getting dirty to build one or customize just excites him. Can he convince his sexy dirty grease monkey how right they are for each other?

Omg I have to say Bella Jewel just gets better and better with each book she pops out. It was like Fast and the Furious come to life in this book filled with hot cars, sexy men and tons of passion that will rock you. I loved that Bella created a girl like Quinn so unusual from the typical heroines. Quinn is filled with no gene of a girl lol she is all tomboy yet it is because of this that makes her a favorite in my book. She is all talk yet can back it up unlike Tazen in her opinion. One thing you got to beware though when they come together watch out for they are explosive. Bella Jewel is one hot author you will get so attached in a second. From her first book I have been enchanted with her sexy men and story line she will never disappoint you. This book totally rocked cannot wait for more.


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