Letting Go by Barbie Garnet

Letting Go by Barbie Garnet

38 pages


3 1/2 moons

Emily Madison thought she had it all with Jake Gallagher. He was her everything and for no reason at all he dumped her. To this day Emily still has no idea what changed. One minute everything was fine and they were planning their future together. One thing for sure Emily is determined to forget about Jake even if it means being impulsive. All her friends say it is time to let go of the past and get her chance at love once again. Being impulsive is not something you would describe Emily and meeting a man like Colton Prescott scares her. For the first time she is not feeling sad, lonely or heartbroken but alive again. Can she trust a man like Colton into her heart?

Okay normally I am not into short stories but I am a sucker for second chances at love. There was so much more I wanted in this book and felt we didn`t get enough of Emily. One thing for sure I have to say that Barbie Garnet definitely keeping me in suspense for makes you wonder what really happened between Emily and Jake. Colton is a man I am happy to read more about in the next part of this book. For me if there was more it would have been a full five just felt there was so much more I needed in this book. Stay tuned for there is so much more from this talented author.


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