His Fantasy Girl by Nina Croft

His Fantasy Girl by Nina Croft

190 pages

Contemporary Erotic Romance

4 moons

He has waited all these years for his fantasies to come to life. It was a one night thing but that one night changed his life. It takes one near death experience for Logan to see what has been missing in his life, the fantasy girl. Now is his chance but like all fantasies there are huge surprises especially the woman and now a daughter. Logan knows he is not the committed kinda guy but something about Abby is making him second guess himself. He never thought that the wild woman that captured him that night will turn into a copper all prim and proper. Logan is determined to get under her skin and get his wild woman to come back out in the open again. Can a man like him get his happiness with his fantasy girl?

Abigail Parker is a good cop working on becoming a detective her dream career. She is determined to not let anything get in her dream especially a man from her past. Seeing the one man who let her get out of control in the flesh is making her realize it has been a really long time she has been with a man. Logan is definitely not the man she should be fantasizing about right now when she needs someone stable and committed for her daughter. Work and her daughter is all she needs right now yet nights with him is making her crave more than just sex filled nights. Can she get her dreams to come true when Logan is tempting her to be wild again?

Fantasies are supposed to be kept a fantasy yet in this book by Nina Croft all bets are off. I have to say Nina Croft brought out the hotness in Fantasy Girl getting you all hot and bothered. Logan is definitely a bad boy you want to take home and just savor. Here is a guy who because of loyalty to his family was sent away and now he has a chance to get his happiness again. I loved the chemistry between Logan and Abby it was really hot. Here is a guy who definitely has tons of fantasies and boy let me say Abby is in trouble with this guy. This is one book you don`t want to miss filled with sex, fantasies, hot sex and a chance of finding that love that has been missing.


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