Major Misconduct by Kelly Jamieson

Major Misconduct by Kelly Jamieson


Contemporary Romance


What Lovey wants Lovey gets? Or so it seems all the time with her brother Duncan. He loves her sister but her moving in his condo not good. Lovey has no idea what to do right now. For being 24 years old she’s ready to sow her wild oats not ready to settle down. Her ex-boyfriend Richard didn’t get this and put the pressure on her. Now living with Duncan she expected some brotherly love not to be shocked by the most sexiest gorgeous hockey roommate Marc Dupuis to ignore her flirts. She knows it is wrong to make the moves on her brothers roommate but he is hot. Can she just leave things alone and this sex on a stick hockey player to be a good little sister?

Marc Dupuis is in a cluster fuck situation when he meets his roommates little sister. Duncan always referred her as a flake and always getting what she wants. Seeing her is like a punch in the gut seeing all her beauty and sexiness. There is a code every man friends with another man must uphold at all times and that’s not nail their little sister. Yet one accidental kiss from this woman and he’s neck deep in sexual frustration. One thing leads to another and now he wants more than just sneaking around her brother his best friend. After his last serious relationship he knows this thing with Lovey is more than just sex. Can he convince her that this is the real thing between them?

Kelly Jamieson you have made this readers favorite list. I have to say I’m really loving these romances involving sports especially hockey. Marc just got out of a serious relationship because he wasn’t romantic enough. Have to say wrong everything about him screams sexy and romantic. Even though it started off as just sex you can tell Marc is so into Lovey. Now Lovey is more than what she shows to people. She might play a flake but beneath this crazy flirtatious girl is a woman who knows what she wants. Together these two were awesome and can’t wait for the other players in the Aces team.


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