Tell Me You Need Me by Joya Ryan

Tell Me You Need Me by Joya Ryan


November 16, 2015


She is horny and craving only one man. It has been weeks since the last time she has had him and she is going crazy. No man has gotten under her skin like Search and Rescue guy Gage McGraw and she is not standing down with this. Everybody knows she is not a one man person and never before has settled down. Yet for some reason he is the one on her mind and the only one to get her libido going. Chloe has seen what love can do to a person making them like a fool, desperate for that pereson and not able to move on. Her mother is a big example of what love from the wrong person can do to you. Chloe is determined to not be like that a woman who is obsessed with romance and love. Instead Chloe is the type of woman that just wants sex in every way she can get it. Problem is though she is not a commitment type of gal Gage wants more than just sex filled nights this time. Can she get her week of sex without loosing her heart in the process for the first time?

In one word Gage McGraw is a rescuer. All his life he has worked to be the best at his job always searching the people that are lost. He knows Chloe is one person he is determined to rescue. It started of great just sex with her nothing else yet Gage is seeing that he wants more. Usually it is him who just wants hot, passionate and raw sex but lately he is seeing that she is the one for him. He wants this time the romance and a date with her. Not just any dates but one that shows her how right they are for each other. Everybody tells him Chloe is not the type of gal to just settle down and he is definitely not the one to stay in one place for more than a week. Can two people looking for different things get the happily ever after they both are searching for right now?

In one word for Joya Ryan is WOW. I mean just the first paragraph will grab your attention to a point where you want the ice bucket nearby. Joya Ryan just was like wow with the chemistry between Chloe and Gage. They argue, they rub each other the wrong way in some chapters yet through it all the passion between them just explodes. I loved that it was the man this time wanting the romance and boy does Gage really pull it all out. I mean I was saying yes yes in the beginning wanting to sometimes slap Chloe for saying no to him. Very hot and definitely an author you don`t want to miss. Loved it for it had it all that I look for a in a top 10 book. There is chemistry, romance, passion and most of all a woman who just want to ge tthe love that does not run away. Loved it.


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