Wild Ride by Cathryn Fox

Wild Ride by Cathryn Fox

98 pages


Contemporary Erotica Romance

3 1/2 moons

What do you do when time flies by and you still have that one regret in your life? For Mac it is simple lasso that woman back to his life. Ever since high school Jess was the one for him. Their mothers were close but every time he tried to talk to her she closed off. His best friends are like him regretting the one that got away. He knows where she is and what she has been doing these years yet happy she hasn`t found anyone permanent. He might be a successful businessman now but there is one thing he cannot negotiate and that is love. Beneath the yoga clothes and all lies a woman made for him and Jessa is that and so much more. Can he convince her this week that the love he had for years ago has grown more?

Jessa has no idea why she is at a dude ranch or the man of her fantasies standing in front of her. It has been years she has seen Mac and even now he has gotten more handsome. Years ago she was the shyest girl ever in school and even now she is tongue tied around him. He says she is the one he has always loved but how can she be sure. Her journal is the only thing shows her real feelings, fantasies and yet through it all it is Mac in her journals. Mac who brought out all those fantasies years ago and Mac who even now is tempting her for that one week of nothing but passion. Can she trust him with her heart?

I have to say if you want a book that is hot, sizzling then Cathryn Fox is your woman. Right from the beginning you can tell Mac is so into her yet is nervous as well. In a way it was cute seeing him around Jessa. She is the one girl to make him feel like a teenager again yet crave her like a well blooded male. The sex between them is just beyond hot and have to say definitely grab a cold ice water. Cathryn Fox shows us that no matter how many years apart we have the love is stronger than ever.


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